Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, September 25, 2020 - big girl pants on, stay in your magic



Going to disappear for the weekend to look at/think about October's cray-cray energy and I am launching a new jewelry line and need to get pics taken and descriptions written. 


The Moon is in Cappy today, the sign of her detriment since she's a Cancer-girl (answering to a retrograde big-daddy Saturn with his bags packed for home - you know that "vaca" is ending feeling? Well, that's Saturn now. Do we need to be dragged from our hotel room on that last weekend kicking and screaming for the drive back or is our head already filled with the projects we are going to do when we get home/get back to work? Something like that - our choice - sort of, kind of, maybe. Saturn isn't so much about choices though.). 


The Moon (as us) is challenged by Pluto, Saturn, Mars and Mercury. It starts around lunchtime and continues until she goes void at 11:36PM EDT. Big girl pants on. Looks like a hard day. No soft corners, but there IS a nice sextile to Neptune in the a.m. - good for creative work, healing, magic - so use that. Another day to get things done early with others and then hunker down for some solitary work later - if this is possible. I know it might not be.

On Monday, Saturn stations direct. And, even though it will take him some time to get back up to speed (things will continue to feel stuck for a while), it will be game on. DADDY'S HOME.

For now, we still have the Yod - pointing us toward our Leo house - what we love/how we are here to shine/our children and creative projects. Vesta is in Leo, too - making something here sacred/able to keep us up all night. What's that about for you? And today, Vesta is making her inconjunct to Neptune. 


This is helpful in the sense all challenges are helpful because they help us see what really matters/what is most important. 


We must find a way to keep the flame (the thing we are determined to keep ALIVE) from being doused by these Neptunian waters (delusion, escape, exhaustion), at the same time giving Neptune his due by pretty much doing these exact things (!) - using our imaginative, getting some extra sleep, getting near or into water, staying in our magic, taking some needed escape from this thing we are so focused on. It's true of all energies that the negative side is always the positive side taken to the extreme. The Sun is in Libra now - keep things balanced.

Take a breath. 


I usually feel these energies the prior day and yesterday didn't feel so challenging to me as this day today looks on paper. If it's hard for you, know the Moon is fleeting. This too shall pass.

By tomorrow the Moon will be in humanitarian Aquarius for the weekend - good for groups, our causes, working with tech, detaching from the Cappy heaviness. On Monday morning she will be void in the a.m. EDT - so feel free to sleep in a bit - and then drift into Pisces to start the week.

Back in a couple days.

xo all

photo by the talented DarkGomo

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