Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, September 10, 2020 - that rainy day feeling, less said, words that trigger and wound, confusion, deadlines, perfectionist claptrap, being honest with ourselves

The Moon in Gemini squares the Virgo Sun at 5:25AM EDT then goes on to square a retrograde Neptune at 8:16AM EST. Stress. Frustration. That rainy day feeling. For some, a need to rest. 

The Moon's square to the Sun is this month's Third Quarter Square - Gemini/Virgo. The tension between quick, light information/communications, day-to-day activity and a more intense/obsessive focus on the nitty gritty details. A fast choice might be required before we have all the facts. Or a quick fix. Our Sun in Virgo likes to take his time and do it right, but Gemini says just snap to it and figure it out. Virgo caution/practicality vs Gemini speed/haste. Our critical eye and too high standards can be challenged by deadlines. 

However this shows up, it leads us to a square with Neptune, in Pisces, our last and final mutable sign. 

Changes are needed, maybe especially in application of our perspective, and changes are tricky. 

Here, our Moon (our emotions) could be adjusting to the dream, the need to escape/avoid, an ending. Or maybe we just need some extra sleep! And if you are sleeping through this aspect - make sure to notice your actual dreams, which could be interesting and useful. 

Gemini can be exhausting for Pisces. Chit chat. Chit chat. Run here and there. Feeling washed out. 

Keep in mind Neptune square the Gemini Moon speaks of deception, misinformation and misunderstandings. Be sure people are hearing what you are saying and that you are actually listening to what others are saying to you - doubly tricky now with our masked mouths

We can't believe everything we hear/read/see today. We might not even believe everything we are saying. 

With all this Gemini/Virgo it will pay to keep up with what Mercury (ruler of both signs) is up to. 


Mercury (at 7 degrees Libra) opposes Chiron - the Wounded Healer at 7 degrees Aries. This is kind of repeating the other aspects, so pay attention. Words can be painful. We need to think before we speak and take the other person's feelings into consideration. Sharing our thoughts with our journal might be better than an actual other person! Trying to be polite/pouring pink paint over a hurtful situation, probably isn't going to work but neither is any of that bullshitty passive-aggressive critical "honesty". Keep language real. 

If it isn't kind and if it isn't important maybe just zip it for now. People will be unconsciously filtering our words through very old and very deep woundings and the potential increases for unnecessary pain during already painful/challenging times.

Know other people's words will trigger us. Use the Gemini Moon to lighten the "pain" (that could feel like anger with Mars at station) - stay curious, "isn't it interesting how mad/hurt I am getting over this conversation/this information/these words?". Also, this would not be the day for any kind of conflict negotiation/not the day to call your sister, yes that sister :)

Think about it like this - we don't have to be honest with other people now (say that thing we know will hurt) - we have to be HONEST WITH OURSELVES. Why do we think we need to say it?

However this shows up for us, if we look ahead we can see Mercury's next stop (not that he/she actually stops) is an inconjunct with change-maker Uranus, so hasty words/hurtful words could create unexpected and unpleasant results later. Or maybe needed changes, although they will be challenging and require adjustments - it's all in the way we look at it. As it always is.

Some words will not/cannot be avoided. Humor will help. 

xo all

photo by the incredible Julie-de-Waroquier

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