Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, September 22, 2020 - ... and venus was her name (and no, she doesn't belong to russia), excellent time to start something


The Moon is in Sagittarius now - we are nurtured and nourished through adventure, by what is foreign to us, by making something bigger/taking something further. Her only aspect a (brakes off/opportunistic) trine to beneficial Venus (in Leo) at 1:33PM EDT. Optimism. Hope. Good feels.

Venus is coming moves off last night's rock and a hard place with Jupiter (in Capricorn) - which will be followed over the next few days by Neptune and Pluto and Saturn - relationship, financial, self-esteem complications. 


The Sun leaves Virgo for Venus-ruled Libra - giving us our Autumn Equinox (Spring down-under). A time of RE-BALANCING.


With the Sun leaving Virgo and moving toward these Cappy and Aries squares and literally/figuratively "falling" now, this can be a good time to pare down our to-do list - tense energies ahead/sinking Sun can leave us less motivated and require we either adjust our goals or get further out of whack by martyring ourselves. Feeling burned out and anxious over small things are signs something needs to give.


The chart for the Equinox will influence the next six months; in Libra focused on our relationships, women, beauty, fairness and balance.

With the Sun in Libra a light gets tossed on OTHER PEOPLE. Relationship imbalances will be felt. 


And keep in mind we move through life casting our shadow (what we reject from ourselves) onto other people, so often (maybe always) it is our own shadows we are seeing now. The parts of ourselves we have rejected, "I can see I'm not like this, by attracting someone who is like this." Or maybe something like "I'm not going to deal with this, so you deal with this and then I can blame you if you screw it up." 


Which sounds mean and lazy and few would actually say this out loud (this is mostly all an unconscious thing, of course), but is really more about overwhelm/perfection, and we all do this all the time. 


Changing things isn't about judging anything. The death of our most prominent female jurist here in the United States is powerful on multiple levels. And especially not about judging ourselves. Mercury in Libra (although yes, kind of "judgey") can make us just the right kind of "detached". And with the North Node in Gemini our main job here is to stay flexible/curious "isn't this interesting that I am responding like this or this other person is showing me this part of me that is totally triggered by this" - ack!


Remember this year everyone/every piece of us, gets a seat at the table. It is our job to SEE what we are denying (the situations that need to be re-balanced, maybe the places we have give our power away) and those energies will make themselves known one way or the other. 


We don't have to/want to make ourselves nuts here. 


This is the 3D world's separation consciousness/polarity. How life works. But this is an important week. We want to be responding and not reacting - which also means paying attention to the small things so they can become big things, but also BEFORE they can become big things (when I say small is big this year, we are talking about challenging things, too).

The first aspect the Sun will make in Libra (the chart and its first aspects set the ball rolling, so this one matters) is an inconjunct to Ceres in boundless Pisces. That smother mothering thing. We could create an imbalance through forcing unsolicited help onto someone or maybe someone does require our self-sacrificing care and this creates the imbalance. We need to re-balance this somehow - if we don't want to feel resentful or engender resentment in others. The Sun brings things to light, so we can see the situation CLEARLY. Libra doesn't always bring the answers (we have Mercury about to make a long retrograde through Scorpio for that part), but the imbalances are clearly shown. Any over-giving/over-receiving within our relationships will show up to be looked at. 


Then she trines the North Node - a smooth energetic toward our best future.


There is lots of good stuff in today's chart, too (which influences us until spring). The Sun and Venus are in mutual reception - empowering each other. This is not only influencing our natal Leo and Libra houses, but also energizing our natal Sun and Venus positions. Love, happiness. 


Venus is in between her inconjuncts to Jupiter and Neptune. Now inconjuncts are pressurized situations, so we need to be smart within our relationships/with our money/our self-esteem. If things are good now, that is very good news for you. If things are challenging now, we are going to need to figure this out - make some changes. 


The best case scenario here - we own our own crap.


The Sun enters Libra on the 22nd (because of Leap Year this year we get this MEGA added bonus of this happening a day early) - a master number, but also the number of self-sabotage if we are afraid to reach for that mastery. We need to do some stretching. 


This is a great time to start something related to business/design/beauty/other people.


The optimistic Sag Moon is waxing. The Sun enters Libra (9:31AM EDT) and crosses the Aries point (our collective focus) on the 22nd - the actions we take are made WIDER, more able to reach the public and be well-received. 


Then the Moon in Sag (our beliefs, legal situations, education, travel, the media, publishing, weddings, politics, marketing) trines Venus in Leo (love, money, our values, self-esteem, children, what our heart wants, our center stage, romance, creative projects) this afternoon pulling it all together.


xo all


photo by the talented shamanski

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