Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, September 11, 2020 - let go and let God, not being a doormat, not running off to Vegas and marrying a stripper, allowing ourselves to be inspired, putting the matches on the high shelf

The Moon came home to Cancer at 4:23AM EDT - we are nurtured through home, family, mothering for the next couple days and our attention goes there

In normal times (if there is such a thing), a Cancer Moon mostly feels good because Cancer being the Moon's jam, is the time every month we can count on to feel pajama and apple-pie comfortable, but this year, with the pile-up of oppositional planets in Capricorn, she (and we) don't get this benefit. There is still apple-pie. Sometimes. There are still pajamas. Maybe more pajamas in 2020 then any of us will care to remember, but the apples are too tart, the jammies kind of scratchy. 

And so it goes for our emotional Moon (as us) now - a mixed bag, as she moves through most of the day unaspected, then squares Mercury at 10:48PM (tense, late night conversations) and sextiles a retrograde Uranus (change is good) at 11:57PM EDT. 

Tomorrow and Sunday will be a mixed bag emotionally, too. Big girl pants on. Keep them on. Get a belt if they start to sag. Sleep in 'em.

The big news today is the Sun's annual opposition to Neptune. 

Neptune has been in Pisces since 2011/2012, so this has been happening with the Sun in Virgo for a few years. Solar oppositions behave something like Full Moons do in the lunar cycle - things come to light, to a culmination, with Neptune, worn away over time like rocks by water; to a DISSOLVE. With Sun opposed Neptune it will be hard/not possible to know just what is totally REAL. 

Virgo/Pisces. Let go and let God. Letting go of our ideas about the way something needs to be or look for us to be able to feel good/breathe/exhale. We don't need to be right. We don't need to be perfect. Everything can't be fixed and everything shouldn't be. Life is imperfectly perfect and that is OK and even as it should be. 

We don't need to serve others at the expense of ourselves. This aspect is great for self-sabotage, so watch for any sacrificial or escapist tendencies to be exposed. 

Mars is retrograde, conjunct Eris and Black Moon Lilith, who herself is exactly squaring Saturn now. WARNING lights are flashing all over the place. Be careful. Take care of yourself. Don't play with matches because you will get burned and so will everyone else. 

If a virus stealing our breath, authority stealing our breath, masks stealing our breath and forest fires stealing our breath - hasn't yet taught us that our breathe is valuable (plant a tree), that WE matter - there are many more rabbits (that look and act more like dragons) that can be pulled from cosmic hats this year. 

The key to this final chapter of 2020 is Mars. 

Mars retrograde holds all the card now. 

He's the dealer. 

And he will make all his moves with Eris by his side (Mars' angry sister; Goddess of discord/terrorism - the piece of our soul that got lost/forgotten in the telling of other people's stories). We will reclaim her and Black Moon Lilith - as uncomfortable and treacherous and SACRED as this work is - we will do it. By mid-2021, this piece of us/piece of the world we have had to hide/un-acknowledge in order to fit in/survive in this world for lifetimes and lifetimes will be OUT IN THE OPEN. 

This will mean different things to different people. For now, Mars is retrograde - life is an inside job.

Things are going to get deeper/more personal. This is the story of our personal will. The chapters that didn't make it into the his-tory books, whatever those stories may be. Maybe the stories of what our heroes did to win that we don't talk about in polite company. Maybe the photos that didn't make it into those pretty photo albums on our mother's coffee table. Often the seeds of our deeply buried ANGER. And fear.

Today though is Neptune's day. Good for forgiveness work. Poetry. Meditation. Music. Prayer. Allowing ourselves to be INSPIRED. 

Tempers will be hair-trigger with Mars at station. Everything that matters and everything that doesn't, is dry weeds by this time and leaning precariously toward the match ... keep this in mind. 

We will start to feel quite a bit better when Jupiter stations direct on Saturday night (EDT). 

xo all

photo by the amazing iNeedChemicalX

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