Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, September 30th, 2020 - the reality police stop for a beer, the drunk at the end of the bar goes to work, intimate conversations, financial disclosures, talking about sex



The Moon in illusive and magical Pisces met Neptune at 1:00AM EDT, then sextiles a retrograde Pluto at 7:49AM EDT and finally goes void off another sextile to Saturn at 1:29PM EDT. Rise early


Get things done before the void. 


Pisces (the Moon) and Capricorn (Pluto and Saturn) sextiles are opportunities for making our dreams into something solid, to bring magic/compassion to the mundane, reality to our confusion. If we are drifting, here's a rock we can grab onto. Or maybe better said, because this is Capricorn after all, here's a responsibility/a reason to get out of bed/put our brush to the canvas/our words to paper/our ass on the mat.

Our Pisces natal house is where we are born with a direct link to God/the Universe/our higher selves/our past lives/our ancestors. So, this energy brings assistance to this Capricorn situation. It's here to help.


The Moon will be void until 10:47PM EDT (when she moves into Aries and readies us for tomorrow's Full Moon), so most of the day is good for production, doing things we do all the time. Expect some twists and turns (that nothing will come of) and for time to get STRETCHY.

We also have Mercury (in Scorpio, now) meeting up with Juno (3 degrees) who slipped out of Libra, where she's been for what felt like a lifetime, into Scorpio when we weren't looking. This is about deep/intense conversations within partnerships/commitments. With Mercury's upcoming retrograde we will have this aspect twice more over the next couple months, but here's the kicking off point. They are together here - of like mind about a financial/intimacy situation. Or maybe with Mercury in Scorpio, a secret (Juno was Jupiter's long-suffering and vengeful wife, committed to keeping the marriage together at all costs) comes out. 

With Mars in Aries (remember Mars holds all the cards now and for the rest of the year, or maybe that should read - all the "aces"), not to mention Chiron, this is all about self-actualization. And self-actualization can be messy. And painful. If we've been playing too small and most of us have, our taking up of 'more space' means other people's toes will be stepped on. And they will be stepping on ours. There is alot to work through here. A new dance to learn. Not all partnerships/contracts will survive.

For today, there is support this morning for progress/getting things done, then a period to chill out this afternoon/tonight. Once the Moon moves into Aries she starts heading toward tomorrow night's Full Moon in Aries. This is peak/culminating energy. How will you use it?

xo all

photo by the talented Anvanya1981

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