Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, July 29, 2020 - strutting our stuff, expanding our reach, recognizing an opportunity, seizing the day, adjusting to old rules and strategies

The Moon moved into optimistic Sagittarius at 3:25AM EDT - nourishing us through the big-picture, adventure, expansion, travel, education, religion, the media, publishing, politics - for the next couple days.

Her only aspect today this month's Waxing Trine (brakes off) to our powerful Leo Sun at 3:46PM EDT.

This speaks of our ability to confidently step into the spotlight, have faith that things will work out, recognize opportunity, have an adventure - live LARGE.

If you need to bring attention to yourself/to something you have created - here's the energy for that.

The only fly in the ointment (yes, always a fly, maybe the ointment wouldn't be the ointment without the little buggers) - is a square between Mars and a retrograde Pallas at 16 degrees (Aries/Cappy). We want to move ahead/do what we want to do, but maybe there are certain old restrictions/rules/codes of conduct/thinking about how things should be done that we need to adjust to. 

If we have been in the lalaland of Venus/Neptune which can make us feel kind of numb - this aspect, as annoying/stressful as it might be because it brings tension/frustration - can get our ass moving to push through re-vised plans/strategies with re-newed enthusiasm, passion and initiative.


xo all

photo by the talented Art-de-Viant

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