New Moon in Cancer | July 20th, 2020 - a second chance, endings and new commitments, the one that's like a New Moon and a Full Moon happening at the same time, the one where the porpoises spring from our fingers

On Monday, July 20, 2022 at 1:32PM EDT, the Cancer Moon meets the Cancer Sun at 28 degrees giving us another New Moon in Cancer (we had one at 0 degrees Cancer in June). Two New Moons in the same sign is very unusual and, I think, indicative of a need for MORE TIME here.

This one is EXACTLY opposing a retrograde Saturn (in Capricorn - and with Saturn ruling Cancer's polarity sign - making this kind of like a New Full and Full Moon AT THE SAME TIME) and EXACTLY sextiling Sedna (in Taurus - we'll have to think about what this might be about).

Cancer rules home, family, our roots, mother, mothering, our ancestry, real estate, country, patriotism, home businesses, family businesses, the root of the matter - our emotional security - and, of course, the theme of your personal natal chart's Cancer house - this is where we get the new beginning - YES, AGAIN. The first one was at 0 degrees, so now we are all the way to the very end of Cancer to 28 degrees.

It's like, oops wait up, we need ANOTHER shot at this! A second chance.

(For some people this SECOND CHANCE will be about nurturing and maybe especially self-care - are you taking care of yourself?! Or maybe we are trying to rush through the wee beginnings of something? Saturn can slow our roll - help us, over time, create something longer lasting.)

It's not an easy Moon, by any stretch of our imagination (which if you are feeling anything like I am is already stretched quite thin). With the Moon and Sun, opposing a retrograde Saturn there is stuff from the past that still needs to be dealt with. A stop sign. Limit. Rules. Authority. Ending. Unfinished business. Maybe a need to set boundaries. Maybe a commitment begins or needs to end or a responsibility needs to be stepped into or dissolved. There could be regret. Fear.

That strong Saturn opposition tells us this New Moon beginning (keep in mind, this is part ll, we've been here before, but not exactly right here) comes with a pronounced ending/outcome/responsibility and with Saturn retrograde, this won't be a total surprise, we'd have to be half-baked (and we are, but we aren't) not to see this one coming

(something could connect back to early March when Saturn was first at this degree and we will be back here again at the end of November).

Collectively this would be a new beginning with that home/family/inner security situation connecting to an ending/responsibility/limit connected to our career/public life/outer security situation.

It's like we finally get mom and dad on the same page/in the same room/on the same sofa and here's the boss yelling "everyone get back to work!" and the kids are like "what about us?". This will show up in different ways for different people, but most likely external responsibilities/pressure will impact our personal lives over the next month and especially the next couple weeks.

OK let's unpack the chart!

The Sun and Moon are meeting at the critical final degree of Cancer. This is the first Cancer New Moon we've had in a couple years that hasn't been an eclipse and this one should put a definitive PERIOD to the end of this summer's eclipse season. Stick a fork in her, she's done. YAY for that.

Having two New Moons in Cancer in a row suggests there is something here we need extra time to nurture. Lining up with Saturn as she does (that darn opposition!) denotes heavy responsibilities, possibly an ending (yes, I know this is supposed to be a New Moon, sorry!) - there is maybe something here about what we just CAN'T have/can't do/can't say.

BUT this is still a New Moon/new beginning.

So, if one door closes another door will quickly be opening!

This could be the virus restrictions/the virus itself/the virus ramifications (that Cappy pile-up) interfering with any actions/fresh start we are desiring or people wanting to be focused on home/family, etc and instead needing to worry about job security and paying the bills. Also a second chance, a temporary opportunity because remember Saturn is retrograde, to use authority/restrictions/responsibilities while prioritizing home/family/safety to reduce the virus's ramifiactions. We get another shot at prioritizing what matters most/determining what is most valuable. Balancing this stuff.

We are learning to accept/live with certain restrictions and insecurities and figuring out HOW TO KEEP MOVING FORWARD anyway.

At the same time we have Mercury applying to a sextile to Uranus - this is exact on Wednesday and we have the Moon/Sun exactly sextiling Sedna and Saturn exactly trining Sedna.

Sedna is a dwarf planet named for an Inuit Sea Goddess - her story is of a woman betrayed by her husband and then her father whose death birthed the sea creatures she later ruled/protected. Yes, we are talking mythology again - stay with me!

She wanted so much to believe in the promises of a comfortable, easy life (from the trickster bird she would marry) she didn't look too closely at the fine print. When she called to her beloved father to bail her out of her predicament, he came to her, but then later, when his own life was threatened, betrayed her also - in a most gruesome way by chopping off her fingers as she clung to their boat before drowning.

She seems to connect to our "victim" story, father/patriarchal issues, loss connected to not seeing the way something is simply too good to be true/to last.

In Taurus, this could be connected to our money/resources and is making me think of what is happening in the United States with cuts to the pandemic unemployment program that are being voted on this week in Congress.

Maybe the sextile/trine (softer aspects) will make the "cuts" (from father/government) less drastic/easier to take.

Whatever happens - because the things outside our control are outside our control - keep in mind what the Inuits tell us happened to Sedna when she lets go of her victim story/fears that she couldn't take care of herself ... she moves into her immortal identity/her soul .... she gives birth to all the creatures in the ocean.

(yes, she ends up dead, but we almost certainly won't and now there are dolphins, people ... dolphins!)

Building at the time of this New Moon and exact on Wednesday we have the third of three sextiles between Mercury (in Cancer) and Uranus (in Taurus) - so new conversations/information about our money, our resources, our values and self-esteem. There could be positive news if we have been insecure about our money/resources and/or indicate the final conversation in this area - just don't go all 'Sedna seduced' with promises of an easy/comfortable "happily ever after".

Bottom line and you know I like words way too much to want to "cut" to that - whatever is started now will require time, responsibility, dealing with boundaries and rules. Things that seem too good to be true will be and there could be cuts and cut-offs and feelings like we are being tossed overboard.

The day after the New Moon we have that final Mercury square Chiron - maybe a need to stand up for ourselves, situations conspiring for us to know we can take care of ourselves no matter what happens, our vulnerabilities triggered by words that HURT.

Almost immediately Mercury moves into a positive aspect with "expect the unexpected" Uranus. We are talking about what's next/looking to the future. Opening to new ideas. Changing our mind.

The overall vibe here, is the repeating nature of the Moon - THE SECOND CHANCE - and the Moon/Sun powerful conjunction - remember the Moon rules Cancer, this is HER New Moon - opposing that retrograde and restrictive Saturn (which can feel heavy so hang in there) with Sedna urging us toward the birth of our immortal identity ...

I am not guaranteeing porpoises and jelly fish will spring from our bloody fingers if we get 'cut off' but some good is going to come from this -

if one door closes another door opens. 

That's just how this works.

And with the Sun at 28 degrees Cancer we know it's almost Leo season, so hang in there - just having the Sun in his home sign is going to make all of us, regardless of our situation, feel BETTER!

xo all

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