Today's Astrology Forecast | Sunday, July 26, 2020 - the one where things start out smooth and easy and then get heavy and complicated, the galactic year begins

The Moon is in Libra now - nourished through relationships, balance, fairness, peace. She will trine Venus at 6:44AM EDT and then things get more tense as she starts squaring that Cappy pile-up (all retrograde) - Jupiter at 8:41AM EDT, Pluto at 1:12PM EDT and goes void at 9:08PM EDT off a square to Saturn. Squares speak of tension/frustration (and lead to the opportunities for growth that come as we work through them/experience them).

She will be void until she deep-dives into Scorpio at 12:11AM EDT.

So, something can start out smooth and easy and then get more complicated/heavy/uncomfortable fast (maybe our expectations are too high to start with). Clashing beliefs/power struggles when that Moon just wants everyone to play nice/keep things civil. 

That final square to Saturn, a limit/wall/rule - what we can't do/can't have.

Venus/Saturn can make it hard to feel the love. The love feels conditional - maybe it is hard to live up to certain standards. It can make it hard for us to connect to our own sense of worth.

Ending in Scorpio, maybe we get to see what's really going on under the hood (if we dare to look).

We merge. We purge. Whenever the Moon dives into Scorpio after a Libran square - especially late at night - it makes me think of the powers of make up sex, but also the ways it keeps things unresolved sometimes. All these planets are retrograde, so we are working the process with whatever we are dealing with.

Figuring out how to get along with other people/keep things in balance during very complicated times.

Yesterday was "the day out of time" based on the lunar/Mayan/galactic calendar system - 13 lunar months with 28 day cycles leaves that one day every year at loose ends - think 'hanging chad' here. Today, July 26th, starts the Galactic New Year and with the Moon in Libra and Venus (Libra's ruler) moving out of her shadow this week and answering to Mercury (out of his/her shadow tomorrow and ruler of the North Node this year) through Gemini - choices/changes/fresh conversations seems especially well-timed. This new year, will have its emotional roots in our relationships, our finances, our values (Venusian themes).

The New Year speaks of fresh energy/a fresh start and so do the ending of those retrograde shadow periods - both Venus and Mercury start walking fresh degrees.

Whenever the astro shows us the same thing in multiple ways - we can trust it. Things are changing. BIG choices are coming.

Keep this in mind.

Ultimately, Venus and Saturn are great friends. And relationships with people whose planets hit our Saturns are incredibly potent opportunities for growth. Such people don't fall for our "performance" and require we learn to be more honest. And then in the end, because we can't fool other people, we have to take up the problem ourselves ....

xo all - back with the weekly tonight!

photo by the talented WonderMilkyGirl

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