Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, July 28, 2020 - decisions, commitments, getting stuff done, what we have been avoiding, fated choice points, moving forward

Our deep and probing Scorpio Moon makes all smooth aspects today -

she trines Mercury at 5:04AM EDT, sextiles a retrograde Jupiter at 11:07AM EDT, trines a retrograde Neptune at 11:17AM EDT, sextiles a retrograde Pluto at 4:05PM EDT and finally goes void off a sextile to a retrograde Saturn at 12:01AM EDT (our Sag Moon, tomorrow will make good aspects, too!).

The end of the week will get more challenging, so take advantage of these energies while you can. Good for communication, making progress with old projects. Dealing with old emotional issues. Scorpio brings focus/intensity. Good for work/goals. Being productive. Getting things done.

Venus - our money, our relationships, our  values and self-esteem - comes out of her retrograde shadow (starts walking new degrees at the end of Gemini) and forms the focal point of a Yod (Finger of God) with the Moon and Jupiter/Pluto.

Fated energies are woken up around love, money, our values, our resources - choices, decisions, forks in the road.

What have we learned the last few weeks with all this back and forth of Venus in Gemini ABOUT WHAT WE REALLY WANT/VALUE?

Once we make a decision/once we commit - life can gather our muses/our support system behind us - they rub their hands together, "Oh boy, now we've got a project!". But while we are all wishy-washy, doing some cray-cray yoga position trying to keep every door open, they can do little besides stand around, hands on hip, amused by our predicaments.

The Scorpio Moon is bringing the intensity - the feeling like it's now or never or maybe an actual dead-line. Jupiter/Pluto are bringing us back to an old opportunity/project/goal, maybe something we left dangling - Venus brings the NEW, in Gemini, maybe something with a Gemini theme - communication, words, ideas, writing, teaching, learning, something connected to our local community, to education, to transportation. Lighten things up. Think local. Think flexible.

What house does Gemini rule in your natal chart? What is the theme of that house?

If we are avoiding any "facts", because mostly our problems are self-created through avoidance right now, stuff could be nipping at our heels (whether these are puppy nips or alligator bites depends on just how much we have crammed under the bed and is clawing its way out). If we have been covering up any "facts" they could come out now. 

After today, Venus will start working through her inconjuncts (rock meet hard place, dealing with reality) with the Cappy planets as she makes her way to her conjunction with the North Node (our best collective way forward) on August 5th - destiny is calling folks.

So, it's not really like we decide and that's it - no, because everything isn't up to us and we have all these inconjuncts before we get to the North Node - but, we all know by now everything isn't up to us - but in some ways, yes, we decide and that's it.

The doors ahead may only still be barely open. But our decision closes other doors/tosses some of that sh*t behind the sofa into the rubbish bin/makes space for what we need/want to find us. Maybe creates the breeze that blows the doors we have left, open a bit more.

And, we might want to get something figured out before Mars starts squaring the Cappy planets in mid-August!

Working on a BIG Mars blog post because that Aries/Cappy square is going to explode,

but in the meantime if this "decision-time" thing isn't ringing any bells for you - think about what you have learned over the last few weeks about what you value most. About your close relationships - especially partnerships. About your money/resources. About your self-esteem. About your Gemini house theme? What's dangling? What can bite you in the ass later if you don't take some action now/make some decisions/check under the bed?

Keep in mind, our ability today to use that Scorpio Moon for focus/depth - because in general focus can be challenging these days - choose to look at what is working/growing and not what is falling apart! 

Turn off the news/the distractions/the chatter. 

The gold is right in front of us (with its roots in the past, so what did we miss?) and we will see it as soon as we take our eyes away from what we think we are losing.

xo all

photo by the talented Tanja Moss

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