Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, July 30, 2020 - overblown words/ideas, confrontations, differing points of view, adjusting, working the process

The Moon continues her journey through fiery and hopeful Sagittarius - trining Mars at 10:01AM EDT (go, go go - we are fired up!) squaring a retrograde Neptune at 3:20PM EDT (this could take some wind out of our sails/have us second guessing ourselves) then goes void at 8:07PM EDT off an opposition to Venus.

Mercury (at 20 degrees Cancer) opposes a retrograde Jupiter and trines a retrograde Neptune.

From the weekly:

"Maybe we are thinking (Mercury) big (Jupiter) and having lots of ideas. But not everyone is in agreement here/not everyone is on the same page. Or maybe we don't have the relationships/money/resources to make this stuff happen. It will be easy to slip into a Neptunian delusion, so keep your feet on the ground. Meditate. Create. Pray. Ask your ancestors for guidance. 

We are looking at the trees, but the forest is pressing in on us, too. Or we are looking at the forest and a tree branch hits us in the eye. We might have misinterpreted something because we have been glossing over the facts to make everyone comfortable and we can't not see them. We could have over-promised and now that is biting us in the butt. We could easily over-promise now. We (or someone else) could be all talk and no action.

At the same time, Venus, out of her retrograde shadow now and covering the last few degrees of Gemini for the first time, inconjuncts (rock and a hard place) powerful Pluto, retrograde in Cappy. Gemini/Capricorn is the difference between keeping things light and flexible and getting serious/committed. So how do we make that work? Adjustments are needed and then not everyone will be happy anyway.

Or maybe situations conspire to remind us of the dead values/relationships/resources we are carrying around or have hanging over our head. I said in 2019 that anything 'dead' we were still carrying in 2020 was going to feel like it was eating us alive (ideas, jobs, relationships) ... have you checked your ankles for bite marks lately?"

The order this all happens is important.

Mercury will oppose Jupiter at 10:17AM EDT - Mercury is in Cancer - and he's been here a very long time and probably growing tired of feeling his way through words and every conversational landmine - and keep in mind he is answering to the Moon (this is why we can't make a decision, see what is true/fact - because our brain/thinking is answering to the  Moon who changes signs every couple days!) and the Moon is in Sag answering to Jupiter and Jupiter is squashed in Capricorn - and moving backward.

So, here is big words/conversations - opposite ideas/points of view - interpersonal/social interactions can be challenging. If you are trying to iron some kind of negotiation out today or come to a decision with something important well good luck with that. Or maybe this is more home/inner life vs work/outer life drama and whatever it is it will have its roots in the past and be OVERBLOWN.

By 2:45PM EDT when Mercury trines Neptune we might be waving a white flag or maybe here is where our imagination (and this could be a good thing or maybe not) takes over. Pray. Meditate. Talk to wiser energies. Then the Moon, in hopeful and adventurous Sag, and remember she has already trined Mars (action/passion) and is moving toward an opposition to Venus (and an opposition is exactly what it sounds like and this is our two biggest feminine energies), moves into her square with Neptune - tension/frustration - everything is not as it appears to be! And I am just realizing Black Moon Lilith is at 20 Aries today, so toss our rebellious feminine/pissed-off outsider energy into the mix!

There is an intensity/maybe a tendency to make a mountain out of a molehill - to think our delusions are facts (on all sides) or that we know more than we do. Things could seem to make sense when they don't make sense/cents. There could be confrontations.

By tomorrow we should have a clearer head/our goals more grounded in reality.

The Moon will be in Capricorn and making easier aspects, so if something can wait one more day - let it wait. This doesn't mean we don't have to move through today's machinations - today is a process that moves us to tomorrow.

We can't skip steps by hiding, but we don't need to toss ourselves onto the train tracks and wait for a locomotive either ....

xo all

photo by the talented elly lucas

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