Today's Astrology Forecast | Saturday, August 1, 2020 - a serious Saturday, leaning into change, intense conversations, spilling the beans, power struggles, words matter, watch your mouth, ruminating, mind games

The Moon is in sober and winter-ruled Capricorn now - we are nurtured by rules and boundaries and how many cans of peas we have lined up in our cupboard. A serious Saturday for some.

Her aspects are a mixed bag.

She trined Uranus at 2:55AM EDT (she will square Uranus during the Full Moon in two days, so maybe we get a prequel to that, but things move smoothly now as opposed to the Moon's jagged square from Aquarius - this one is our goals/ambitions blending with change/the new, in earth, things are practical/stable. Uranus rules lightning-bolt moments, so we might even wake up with a new idea).

Lean into the new.

Later (5:22PM EDT) the Moon moves into a testy square with Mars in Aries. The challenges of the Mars/Cappy square (big post coming!) is going to rule the rest of the year - with the Moon replaced by Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn (!), so it might be enlightening to see what we are feeling around this time. There could be a push to do something/react. Tension/frustration. Fights for power. Then the Moon meets a retrograde Jupiter (release!) at 7:57PM EDT and finally sextiles Neptune (some kind of kiss and make up/sleep on it/escape/ending) at 8:55PM EDT.

The big news as the Moon moves through her Cappy machinations is we have Mercury (news, information, ideas) in feeling and sensitive Cancer move into his/her exact opposition to Pluto (power, secrets, life and death, finances, sex) in realistic and cold-as-ice Capricorn.

This is about INTENSE conversations. Compulsion. Paranoia. Emotional manipulation. Fear of what we might lose/fear of what we have to know and then we can't not know. Oppositions come from outside us, so through other people and external situations/events, and challenge us- but this is all mirroring ourselves back to ourselves. How do we respond? What is the highest ground we can reach for? This is Cancer (home, family security) vs Capricorn (work, ambitions, security). We may feel pressured to speak out or to shut-up. Our thinking can get compulsive/extreme/we can go over and over something and make ourselves nuts. Are things really as life and death as we are thinking?

The Cappy Moon's reality check can help sort this out. Anytime Mercury contacts Pluto - deep insights are possible, just keep in mind if you start to go too dark (the Cappy Moon can makes things kind of depressing) - this is a transit, ie transitory.

Our words are a superpower now and can have a lasting impact on other people - keep this in mind and don't be a jerk.

There is alot happening today and next week will be HUGE.

The next act of the "play" titled 2020 (with tickets pricier than Hamilton and an endless number of front row seats and leading characters) probably kicks off with this week's Full Moon. I might skip the Saturday Night Mystery to work on the Full Moon post and will get the mystery up later because I've found a good one.

Take care of yourself today. Keep in mind that North Node in Gemini. Cultivate curiosity. Maybe a study in the lost art of conversation is needed.

HERE is a course of Daily OM that looks interesting.

I am going to take it. Take a look. Give it a think.

xo all

photo by the amazing sollenafotografie

(an interesting update on an old Saturday Night Mystery, a mom (Suzanne M.) who went missing on Mother's Day on an alleged bicycle ride - I was anticipating some big news this past week as Venus returned for the third time to the space of the original 911 call. Investigation Discovery put up a video on the case (which got hundreds of thousands of views, so I guess that is big - remember this is Venus in Gemini ie news about a woman) - but then inexplicably pulled the video the next day. Maybe because it included inaccurate information (?) because it had subtitles like "last seen on a bicycle ride" when no one actually saw her on a bicycle, this is a statement from her husband of what she was doing and that authorities "do not believe the husband is involved" - what - that can't be right?! Anyway, not the news I was expecting, but the astro still proves accurate since the case, at least for a day, reached a large audience, and I assume it will get re-vised and re-released, but Uranus gave it some wonk.)

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