Weekly Astrology Forecast | Week of June 15th, 2020 - keep in mind everyone is fighting a hard battle, Mercury retrograde, Solar Eclipse, re-thinking where we come from and where we belong, alarm clocks going off all over the place


This week, and really the next three weeks are some of the most important energies of 2020!

Can things get any weirder? I think they can!

We start the week nearing the mid-point of a protracted and hairy (nah, do you think?) Eclipse season, with multiple pivots we haven't/probably won't see coming - although we should have/could have seen them coming,

with Eris squaring Pluto (monkey wrenches the size of oak trees being tossed into systems, people who are feeling oppressed wanting to tear/burn the power structures down, in general the spaces where we feel we don't belong or feel controlled being uber activated),

with Mars moving over Neptune in foggy Pisces it is hard to know what is real/what is true/what move to make - we need to be seriously prioritizing our mental health AND we might find we are not always acting in our own best interests (babies tossed out with bathwater, bridges burned, our high ground scorched)

(that can start to pivot this week as Mars makes nice with Pluto and Jupiter, if we can take some intuitive action and apply some creative solutions and not try to control everything and overshoot and lose the ball on our neighbor's roof).

By Thursday we will have - Mercury, Venus, Pallas, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all retrograde. Next week we will toss Neptune onto the list.

We are being asked to clean up our mess. Maybe more than one mess. If we have been letting something play out to see where it takes us, now we know where.

And once we know we can't pretend we don't know.

We can see from the collective news we are not so much coming together as coming apart at the seams. This 3D world feels two sizes too small almost overnight and we are busy pretending those gaping button holes are ok with us.

The shirt's supposed to look like this. Right?

How do we fix it? Probably we don't. Probably we need a new shirt.

With a MEGA New Moon Solar Eclipse coming at the end of the week, within hours of the Summer Solstice, at an Aries point 0 degree Cancer (so with the world's focus on the same thing) opposing the Galactic Center and conjunct the United States' Venus/Jupiter conjunction (7th house of 'the other') - this one determined to bring the collective story-line into our homes ... and hearts.

Hang on loosely. BACK UP YOUR FILES. If you have important stuff to do, or just things you want to do - get it done early in the week before things start to back-shift and pivot.

The week, minus the Moons which we'll unpack in the dailies, plays out like this:

TUESDAY - Sun inconjunct Jupiter
THURSDAY - Mercury stations retrograde in Cancer (backing over 14-5 degrees), Mars sextiles Pluto
FRIDAY - Sun conjuncts North Node
SATURDAY - Mars sextiles Jupiter, Sun enters Cancer - Summer Solstice
SUNDAY - New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer (0 degrees), Sun/Moon inconjunct Saturn

Let's look at MONDAY although there are no exact aspects - other than the ongoing Eris/Pluto - since I probably won't do a daily.

The Moon is in Aries today. Busy as we would expect an Aries to be. She will square a retrograde Pluto at 6:21PM EDT, sextile the Sun at 8:10PM EDT and then go void off a square to Jupiter about half an hour later. She will be void the rest of the night.

The squares can magnify Martian qualities, maybe we feel the pressure of our back to the wall and the energy to make enhanced power moves/courage without reason (reason meaning sense here)/over-confidence. Over-doing. The Aries Moon is self-focused when at its best, so keep that in mind now. And Eris/Pluto - stay safe.

We will probably feel an internal push to get moving and, with Aries, maybe start something and it can take the tension/frustration of a square to FORCE US to get going. We can use this month's Waning Sextile - some positive flow between the Aries Moon and Gemini Sun - to START SMART. Stay in the moment. Just keep in mind the Aries Moon is answering to Mars in Pisces, so although we are pushing off (against that wall maybe) actual pushing is likely to be counter-productive. And the Moon is waning, so we are still in a closing cycle.

In a couple weeks Mars will be in Aries and Venus will be direct and we will be through the Eclipses and we will really get moving!

TUESDAY - the Sun inconjuncts (rock meet hard place) Jupiter. This might be something like we over-promise or we stretch the truth or get too preachy or big for our britches. Or someone else does. Or maybe it's us and we just think it's them .... either way maybe think twice before you get on your soapbox ... or hit send. The Moon will be exalted in Taurus now, so things can emotionally settle down/feel more balanced and grounded.

THURSDAY - Mars (in imaginative, compassionate and spiritual Pisces) is going to be making nice with both Pluto (today) and Jupiter (Saturday) both in Capricorn and keep in mind Jupiter and Pluto are going to meet for the second time this year at the end of this month, so this week's Mars transit will pull us toward that.

Here is where our intuitive action can make a powerful impact.

Good for working with our goals, power, authority. For best results just remember to move in the direction things are naturally moving, try not to push - Pisces is our mutable water sign and pushing will just push us right off course.

Also on Thursday, Mercury is going to station retrograde in Cancer - backing over 14-5 degrees between now and July 12th.

This "re-do" will be about your Cancer house theme, and collectively we will be re-viewing, re-visiting, re-doing, maybe re-novating a home, family, mothering/mother, home business, real estate, family business, re-location, security, patriotism (?) situation - for the next few weeks.

With many restrictions lifting, people will be re-connecting with family members they haven't seen in a while. We could find familial dynamics have shifted over the past few months. They say you can't go home again - this transit is probably when we find out! 

This retrograde will also be about our roots and security/what we need to feel safe. "Re"thinking where we come from/how and if we belong where we are.

As always with Mercury retrograde - expect delays, mechanical glitches, over reactions when things go wrong. People and situations from the past can re-appear. It's a good time to read the fine print. Twice. And double check that email before hitting "send".

Rushing ahead while Mercury is moving backward can trip us up, but there are powerful forces moving things forward now, so this transit will be extra tricky. Stay flexible. Keep moving.

This is our first Mercury retrograde since the North Node moved into Gemini (one of Mercury's two signs) in May.

The last two North Nodes, Leo and Cancer, (over the last three years) have answered to planets that do not station retrograde and now we are dealing with the planet with the most frequent retrogrades and a trickster reputation to boot, so we are going to have to get used to this two steps forward and one step backward thing.

Gemini is mutable air - expect to CHANGE YOUR MIND, even multiple times! Thinking we know all the answers assures we will be proven wrong. We don't.

THURSDAY - all work-day Void Moon. Keep this in mind.

On FRIDAY, the Sun (on his way out of town) is going to meet up with the North Node in Gemini (our collective way forward). Just noting the North Node hasn't moved at all since May - no wonder so many are feeling so stuck!

Now a light (Sun) is thrown on our best path forward (North Node).

It could be a bright spotlight we can't miss or maybe it's a tiny flicker that catches our eye and pulls us over to investigate a new direction. We might receive some confirmation we are on the right path or a gentle shove (or maybe not so gentle with the Solstice and Eclipse this week) in a new direction if we aren't. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, who has just stationed retrograde, so this could be something from the past or with a connection to the past. Get out and about. Talk to other people. They want to say yes.

On SATURDAY, Mars is going to sextile Jupiter - just like he did Pluto on Tuesday, so this could be all part of the same thing. Go with your intuition/the flow. Expand. You might just get LUCKY.

Keep in mind Jupiter is always asking us, "do you have faith in yourself?" and if we stumble around for an answer, he might ask, sandwiched as he is now between Pluto and Saturn in serious-as-a-heart-attack Capricorn, "is it fair to expect life to supply what you are missing?"

How much evidence do we need to see to know that we are valuable.

The Sun moves into Cancer. Solstice time.

Solstice means standstill. The Summer Solstice is the time when the sun halts its journey over the Tropic of Cancer on its tropical journey north - then after three days, turns in its tracks and begins its journey south. The time of symbolic marriage - we call this period Midsummer (Midwinter down under).

It's time to get up early and absorb the sunrise - at least one of the next three days if you can - there is much magic at play now. Remember our DNA carries the energy of our ancestors who celebrated the solstice all over the planet for CENTURIES.

This is powerful stuff. Set your intention for the new season of your life.

Light a candle and let it burn in the sunlight.

SUNDAY - OK here's the BIG MOMMA event.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer at 0 degrees - remember Eclipse events play out over the following 6 months and often work backwards, too. This Eclipse pulls us back to the last December/January Eclipse cycle - we talked about it HERE - the mama bear standing alone, precursor to the "time runs out" palaver, and, now we know, the day the Chinese informed the WHO of the first death from the coronavirus.

We had a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius two weeks ago and this one now would have most likely been a Solar Eclipse in Gemini - but with the North Node at a standstill at 29 degrees Gemini and this New Moon happening at 0 degrees Cancer - the very next degree - we move BACK into the Cancer/Capricorn polarities for one final Cancer Eclipse - not to see another one for 18 years.

This Eclipse is conjunct the United States Venus/Jupiter conjunction in our 7th house and the last time we had an Eclipse near this degree was the Eclipse in the summer of 2001, prior to 9/11. The Eclipse is opposing the Galactic Center. More chickens coming home to roost. They must be free-range because the coop sure as hell is full-up by now. This one is inconjunct Saturn, so rubbing against the rules/limits/authority, and with everything we have going on right now, it's likely to be MEGA IMPORTANT.

This is a cosmic re-boot, but at its heart - this is a Cancer New Moon, so we commit to nurturing what we want to grow.

We'll talk about this in its own post.

xo all

photo by the talented emptyredhead

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