Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, June 26, 2020 - a new plan, our heart and head together, smothered conflicts rise to the surface, the end of the line, choices, decisions, the shorter/closer road less traveled

The Moon (in Virgo) trines Uranus in fellow-earth sign Taurus at 5:44AM EDT (making an emotional commitment to change/a new plan, coloring outside the lines) and then sextiles a retrograde Mercury at 10:17AM EDT - (good news, stabilizing information) they are in each other's signs and strengthening each other - our heart and head working together! 

Mars at 29 degrees Pisces squares the North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius.  T-square with the missing leg in Virgo - cue the Moon!

Frustration. Tension. Smothered conflicts rise to the surface.

A crossroads (while we are still in the Eclipse spin cycle?!)

This is Mars (as us) on his last day in dreamy Pisces. He won't be back for a couple years. In Pisces, we've fought, not like gunslingers or even well-memorized debaters, but as magicians, or maybe as deadly sharks. We can't tell up from down, if the tide is in or out, and maybe the right hand knows what the left is doing, but if he does, he’s not talking.

The game plays out with us or without us. Every move that is not a move is actually a move. And sometimes that's called self-sabotage and Pisces rules that, too. In Pisces we grow or shrink to our advantage/disadvantage and succeed or fail because of or in spite of it.

And with Mars here, most of the work has been done while we sleep anyway.

So at 29 degrees Pisces, he is literally AT THE END.

The final degree of the final sign.

Something could feel like it's now or never/like a last ditch effort is needed (and maybe it is, but keep in mind there will be no pushing in Pisces). Maybe we have come to the end of the road with something, taken it as far as it can go. Or maybe our imagination is FULL of it and now it needs to be made real or erased like something on a chalkboard.

But before we can get out of these Piscean waters, Mars has this one last job to do. He, as us, must get past this square to the Nodes of Fate.

We are at this crossroads and it's not comfortable. We get here by "square" which forces our hand, puts our back against the wall, and in Pisces we can make a decision without even knowing we are making a decision, so STAY AWAKE.

Do we move toward our Gemini House - collectively this is about asking questions, staying curious, moving fast, keeping things small and local and conversations light, making new connections, valuing facts over feelings, making new stories* - see this post HERE or the weekly HERE -  or do we stay in our Sagittarius house (remember the South Node is where we actually are) - our entrenched beliefs about what we know, what we think is right and best, the idea that bigger is better, that the grass is greener over there, that a book is better than a blog, that a college degree is more important than street smarts, our ideas about what expansion means, etc. 

This doesn't mean expansion is necessarily a bad thing, although it could be, but it's time to ask ourselves why something needs to be bigger!

Big ideas are still needed (maybe?! maybe not!), but it will be the small steps and day-to-day conversations/thinking/action that gets us there. And I know we have been talking about the 'long game' for years, and yes, we are still playing it, but it will be the faster/shorter moves that move things forward now.

If we are choosing between something short term and something long term, for most people, and keep in mind I can't see your chart and with Mars in Pisces you have to move intuitively, but in general the short term would likely be better.

(this new stories thing * makes me think about the statues coming down - the statues are our old entrenched beliefs about "heroes" who were really only ever human, the 'taking down of the statue' is the new story/the new history being made - we aren't destroying/ignoring history, so much as we are making new history - think about this in your own life. What statues need to come down now? This is the Age of Aquarius, the age of equality and information, even too much information, and during a year of our great "humbling", heroes on pedestals - will fall.)

Pisces, Gemini and Sag are all mutable signs, so stay flexible. And keep in mind they form a triangle with Virgo in the space of that missing leg that would create a much more stable square. And the Moon is in Virgo, today, helping us out. Stay grounded. Logical.

This is not a restaurant. The restaurants are closed. This is not like ordering dinner, but more like making dinner from leftovers. We are the cooks, but we don't get to choose just anything. We have already done a bunch of things (like saved that pastrami and baked that sour dough) that got us into this position.

So, what are we going to make?

Clever co-creation. Working with reality.

This is also the day a retrograde Mercury - who rules the North Node! - trines Ceres in Pisces. Here's a clue for those who enjoy puzzling their way through things (and remember facts in astrology are found in triplicate). She/he first trined Ceres back on June 7th. So, we are saying/thinking/hearing something AGAIN. Ceres rules nurturing, mothering, things outside our control, season of life issues. And Mercury is in Cancer - collectively ruling our home, family, mother, mothering, home business, family business, real estate, renovations, security, safety, our tribe.

Maybe what we do at this crossroads connects to this revised information/conversation/idea.

Keep in mind we are still in between Eclipses - we still have a final Capricorn Eclipse to get through, and the second of three Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions and Saturn is about to step back into Capricorn.

So, we make a move, it's not a big move, but it's still a move. We can do it unconsciously and drift into something unintended or intuitively and move in a fast-paced, more open and lighter direction.

xo all

Heads up - as Mars heads into Aries, we are soon to be JOLTED AWAKE (and did we even notice we were sleeping?!) - you won't have to set our alarm. It's come preset and the clock is ticking.

photo by the talented emznocedo

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