Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, June 2, 2020 - relationship stress, imbalances, power struggles, sparks flying, the week heats up

Here's where the week starts to heat up.

Tomorrow Venus conjuncts the Sun, passes the Earth. The Moon is in Scorpio. Holy sh*t!

We wake with the Moon still in Libra - we are nurtured through partnerships, balance, fairness, peace with the Moon here, but our groove will be challenged right out of the gate as the Moon begins squaring the Cappy planets -

first Pluto at 3:22AM EDT (power struggles, emotional pressure, jealousy, compulsion) and then she goes void off a square with Jupiter (6:39AM EDT) both retrograde, so old/challenging situations. Choices made, maybe long ago, coming home to roost. Authority, work, relationship struggles. EXPANSION. And with all this cardinal energy - the need to start/start over, but then poor timing for this somehow, so frustration.

The Moon will be void until lunchtime (12:06PM EDT) when she dives into Scorpio - the sign of her detriment - moving toward a square with a retrograde Saturn which perfects at 2:37PM EDT. This is restricting/kind of depressing. The Moon in Scorpio wants intensity/truth/power - Saturn in Aquarius is detached/authoritative. Another retrograde planet. More old situations. Purging/merging. Painful cost cutting. Eliminating the dead wood. Coldness. No soft place to fall.

We are kind of needing to hit rock bottom before transformation, so maybe here we go, yes, we go there, no matter who gets hurt. Including ourselves.

Pallas retrogrades backs into Capricorn. She, like Saturn, briefly tested the futuristic/detached Aquarian air and then pulled back to earth. We (as she) weren't ready. The need here for our strategies to create greater stability and not just pull us forward, the need to re-make our plans, to re-think our next move. To plan like a general/CEO.

Mercury (in sensitive Cancer) squares Juno (in fairness/balance/justice seeking Libra). Relationship imbalances are felt. Visible. Words trigger. We are feeling what we are hearing/saying/reading. This could be communication or information about a home/family/real estate/home business/mother/family business/security situation that is creating a partnership rift.  Tension/frustration. The need to adjust. Rewrite the contract. Is this fair? With Mercury, moving into his shadow degrees today for his upcoming retrograde THIS WILL BE IMPORTANT and not ironed out in one press of the hot iron - we will be re-thinking/re-working this over the next few weeks. Pay attention.

The big news today is Venus (retrograde in Gemini) squaring Mars in Pisces. If we can remember back to before Venus turned retrograde and Mars was in Aquarius - Mars and Venus were so close to a trine (getting along/getting what we wanted) they/we could almost taste it, but then Venus slowed, her retrograde pulling her back and they never connected.

Now, instead of the smooth trine, they connect via a challenging square with Mars in unfocused, but feeling, Pisces and with Venus rethinking what she wants/what she values. Needing to re-balance her books.

Mars, not on the same page anymore, floating untethered/nostalgic/without a clear mission. Intuition/divine timing the only thing working, but not his cup of tea. Still pushing against water. Mars being Mars he just can't resist the push. Or maybe he's given up, immersed in Netflix marathons, napping on the sofa.

Venus, still undecided, tasting a little bit of everything, taking another look at the FACTS. That relationship/financial/values/self-esteem issue. A conflict between what we want and what we have to do to get what we want or between getting along and getting what we want. Or between the information and what we intuitively know. Sex/intimacy might help, at least for the moment, but change your position.

Venus wants to talk about it/think about it again. Maybe Mars wants to escape/for all this to be behind him/to take a nap or another drink. Maybe he cries out for the good old days. At the same time Venus is sextiling Black Moon Lilith (rebellion, the empowerment of the underdog/feminine energies) - so what we want isn't going to be cookie-cutter, isn't going to be controlled.
BML is the energy of the outsider. This is the energy of the future - the Age of Aquarius - the need to be who we are. Not who we are needed to be to fit in, the transcendence of the need to fit in. No kumbaya around the campfire (apologies to the lovers of that musical), but maybe kumbaya moments. A hard and painful process of detachment.

All these players are inside all of us, so this could all be an internal situation or acted out through us and the other people in our lives as we all play our parts. We can see this energy is so well mirrored in the collective news.

Remember we bring all parts of ourselves, all pieces of the situation and all people to the table this year. Nothing can be built on anyone else's back. Or else next year - when we have multiple Saturn/Uranus aspects - the split is going to break us in two.

This is Gemini season. Small moves. One idea/sentence taking us to the next. We aren't writing a novel, even if we are writing a novel - we are writing this chapter. We are writing this page.

Keep it small. Keep it local. Keep talking. Thinking. Seeing. We don't have to change what anyone else believes - it's not our job, it's not our lane. We each get our own lane. This is not about having everyone do the same thing or think the same way. That's actually the last thing we need right now.

Relationships are being tested. Power dynamics are changing. Stay flexible. If you must fight, fight fair. Know the other person is feeling what you are saying. And what you are not saying. Stay in your heart. Keep it relevant. 

xo all

Eclipse post coming next!

photo by the talented 7oretta

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