Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday June 25, 2020 - fine-tuning emotional situations, getting organized, painful experiences pushing us to change

The Moon is Void until she moves into grounded and organized Virgo at 1:05PM EDT - time to clean up that Leo party!

What needs to get done? Small steps. Details. The Moon is answering to a retrograde Mercury in Cancer now, so we could be going back over something.

The Moon makes a fast inconjunct over to stodgy Saturn in Aquarius - so the day favors independent work. Avoid being too inflexible, critical or judgey. 

The Moon sextiles the Sun (Virgo/Cancer) at 9:33PM EDT - this month's waxing sextile.

We are fine-tuning emotional situations from the past. What do we need to feel safe/nurtured? What needs to be done/organized? Think dotted i's and crossed t's. Virgo also rules our health and we are in the middle of powerful Eclipses (one more to go); the last one, conjunct Asteroid Hygeia, ruler of healthy practices - this includes hygiene, but is not exclusively about hygiene - what are we eating? is our home clean? organized? can we find what we need when we need it? Start small - where is the flashlight? Where are the batteries?

Count the cans of beans. We will need them later.

Virgo/Cancer opportunities won't be about leaps into the unknown (and we have the South Node in Sagittarius warning against this right now) - small steps over the wobbly bridge and we'll make it through.

Vesta (from 9 degrees Cancer) is squaring Chiron and sextiling Uranus. Something that used to keep us up at night/keep us safe (feeling nurtured) has reached a painful need for change. Squares to Chiron trigger very old woundings, so maybe not having what we think we need will create the impetus for us to move in a new direction/make a change. With Vesta in Cancer, smother-mothering is possible - let's avoid squashing their little wings, OK, mamas?

The big news - Venus, after her 40 day and 40 night re-examination of our values/relationships/money, stations direct/is a morning star again. Answers/money will come in. Decisions will be made. Knowing where we stand and deciding where we are standing are par for the course as Venus stations. We know what we have (maybe buyer's remorse for any big purchases in the last few weeks). If something/someone we once loved re-appeared during this retrograde period, here's where we find out if that love will be sticky or was loose ends in need of tying off.

Venus not only rules our relationships and our resources/money/values. Venus rules beauty. Think about the things you do to make yourself more beautiful.

Then think  about what you are doing when you actually feel more beautiful.

Dancing? Swimming? Cooking? Being kissed by a child? Turning a stranger's head? Do you need someone else's eyes to see you as beautiful or is the mirror enough? Do you even need the mirror? Do you get what you want? Only what you need? Or less than that?

How comfortable are you with receiving?

If we have been out of touch with our Venus/not knowing what we want - hopefully the last 40 days with Venus in Gemini, the sign of variety/choices, has brought something into greater clarity.

Remember Venus will continue to cover old ground until July 29th, so we get one final pass with this with Venus direct.

Make it count.

xo all

big energies and a big post coming!

photo by the talented PineApplePioneer

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