Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, June 9, 2020 - roll with any unexpected changes, seeing the benefit in any crisis, giving both the wise old general and the smart newbie their due, nourished through change and being ourselves

Our Moon moved into Aquarius last night wanting to focus on groups, causes, friendships, internet situations, change, liberation, the goals that bring us into connection with other people, being ourselves - we get a little more detached from our feelings/are able to take a step back and see emotional situations from a little more distance.

This a good day to do something DIFFERENT.

Interact with different people. Think about different ways to make money/use our resources.

The Moon will square Uranus at 1:29PM EDT bringing something unexpected/disruptive (maybe involving money, women, our values, resources, self-esteem, purchases), but it should all settle down smoothly/quickly, or maybe we'll see the benefit in the change/crisis turned opportunity here - as she moves on to a nice trine to a retrograde Venus at 3:14PM EDT. 

If we have something we don't want to do today, we really won't want to do it now! The Aquarius Moon can help us disconnect from the things we are not really that attracted to and that trine to Venus help us move toward what we are.

In the meantime, Pallas, recently retrograded back into Capricorn is inconjunct the North Node in Gemini at 29 degrees. Old strategies, ways of seeing the world are not going to work right now. They don't allow us to 'do our Gemini' - stay small/flexible, talk, think, listen, have a lively conversation, do the multiple things at the same time Gemini demands of us. The old rules and limits need to be adjusted. AND the new words/thinking needs to take into consideration the old rules/limits. A give and take is required to get anywhere, and, yes, no one is going to feel like they get exactly what they want, but this should be small and flexible adjustments, not some big thing.

Don't toss the baby out with the bathwater (babies don't like that so much and you'll probably toss your back out, too).

With Pallas here, we can think like a general, plan two moves ahead, but Cappy can also get us too focused on what isn't working or the dragons around the next bend (which may or may not even be there by the time we get there). The Gemini North Node just wants to move and explore different things - focused on the facts as we know them, yes, but not so deeply focused that we take too long for the small, fast moves and lane changes Gemini is requiring of us.

We are coming down from that Full Moon in Sag square Neptune/Mars so we may have thought something was going to be better/bigger than it was.

Just make the small adjustments between the old/safe and the variety. Give Saturn, ruler of Capricorn (the old devil) his due, as the reality checks happen, but keep an eye/attention on those new opportunities - that variety - that we need to stay sane and involved as we move through this time.

Does that make sense?

xo all

photo by the talented Rose Onyxis

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