Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, June 18, 2020 - not trying too hard, going with the flow, taking intuitive action, clarification, empowerment, in between eclipses and in the dark of the moon

The Moon, exalted in comfort-loving Taurus, trines a retrograde Pluto at 6:00AM EDT and then goes void off a trine to a retrograde Jupiter at 8:05AM EDT. She will be void until 5:00PM EDT when she moves into Gemini, and then trines a retrograde Saturn at 6:34PM EDT.

Although void most of the day and in her balsamic phase, in Taurus, the sign of her exaltation, she continues to perform. 

Just keep efforts focused on things started before Mercury started walking his/her shadow degrees (June 1st) because while we slept EDT, Mercury (communication, ideas, thinking, fast moving gizmos, transportation, siblings, our local neighborhood) stationed retrograde at 14 degrees Cancer.

She/he will be sitting on this degree for the rest of the week - so prepare for more gears to shift, things to slow down/get more intense maybe. A sitting Mercury can be very dangerous. Drive safely. Keep a cool head.

With Mercury in Cancer - we will be re-vising, re-doing, re-viewing, situations related to our natal Cancer house theme and the collective themes of home, family, mother, mothering, real estate, renovation, our security, safety, history, ancestry, patriotism, early-early childhood, how and where we belong. There are also themes here about appreciating the wee beginnings of things, the times and spaces in between, the times we "don't know what is ahead", also taking care of our physical bodies. Cancer naturally rules the 4th house of where we begin and where we end up.

From the weekly:

"With many re-strictions lifting, people will be re-connecting with family members they haven't seen in a while. We could find familial dynamics have shifted over the past few months. They say you can't go home again (astrology says we ALWAYS go home again - of course, we won't be the same people when we get there) - maybe this transit is when we find out.

This retrograde will also be about our roots and security/what we need to feel safe. "Re"thinking where we come from/how and if we belong where we are.

As always with Mercury retrograde - expect delays, mechanical glitches, over reactions when things go wrong. People and situations from the past can re-appear. It's a good time to read the fine print. Twice. And double check that email before hitting "send"."

Use clear language - we need to be doubly sure people are understanding what we are saying (with this prolonged period of Mercury in Cancer, they will surely be feeling what we are saying) and that we are understanding other people, because wires get crossed now. In Cancer, emotional wires, too.

I am going to do a post tomorrow with the big picture - this collective Pluto transit/our 5D planet pulling us up along with her - and gather some of this together.

It used to be evolution was slow - one life at a time. We would be born (3D), forgetting what has come before this life, evolve through living, then die (4D), process and repeat. With the Earth in 5D now, everything is happening faster. All the stuff we are holding onto that literally can't/and doesn't exist in 5D makes this process painful. It doesn't have to be painful - but like most Plutonian growth (called the dark night of the soul transit, but it's actually a multi-step process - that is just the step we remember most!) there is often pain and almost always a time of "void" involved.

We are not going crazy (the world isn't either) - we are being collectively humbled - we are WAKING UP! And like chess pieces on a board game, we are exactly where we intended to be when this happens.

OK - back to today, so we have Mercury retrograde now - that means Mercury, Venus (but just for a few more days), Saturn, Jupiter, Pallas and Pluto - are all retrograde. Mars is direct. Uranus is direct. Neptune is direct, but standing still and preparing to station retrograde next week.

Trying to push through our plans/agendas with all this backward pull - would take a "Herculeon effort" unknown even to Hercules.

That said - we have some nice momentum today - despite the Void Moon (because it's in Taurus and had some powerful aspects) and a retrograde/still Mercury - because we have Mars sextiling Pluto. So, we had the Moon trine Pluto and then Mars sextile Pluto. Keep in mind here that Pluto is retrograde, so moving backward, from our view here on Earth, very, very slowly. 

Now, Mars is in Pisces, not his favorite place, but if we can take action in Piscean ways - this sextile to powerful Pluto can be very, very helpful.

Piscean action looks like - compassion, forgiveness, let go and let God, meditation, art, imagination, music, going with the flow. We can empower ourselves (Pluto) without having to push/manipulate/dominate the situation or other people. This can be a real and permanent (having a before and after quality) transformation.

With Pisces, action can take on a life of its own - think of the way water moves when acted upon - so we make a move and it impacts other people/situations and KEEPS GOING.

Pluto, in a smooth aspect like today, can be clarifying, empowering, sustaining and rewarding!

So, take some intuitive action today (no pushing, no manipulating) - especially good for things started before June 1st.

xo all

The Solstice is approaching and that is a good time for a vision board, but in the dark of the Moon and with all this Pluto, I am feeling the need to make a box. A strong box and fill it with things - a time capsule kind of thingie - and put it in the ground. Deep. Maybe you are, too?

photo by the amazing emptyredhead

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