Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, June 1, 2020 - focusing on what matters most, compromise, a need to be fair and balanced, talk about it but keep the conversation light, seeing without judging

I will get the weekly up tonight or maybe the Lunar Eclipse for Friday post because the weekly is all about building to that anyway!

Last week, Mercury connected with the Galactic Center (black hole at the center of our galaxy - our homing signal- and opposing all the duality we carry at the end degrees of "the sign of the twins" Gemini) and we had the largest solar flare we've experienced since 2017. Evolutionary light energies interacting with our physical, emotional and mental frequencies. With the creation energy calling everyone back into oneness - divisions have been made bare and painful.

This week we are building toward Friday's uber-powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees Sagittarius. People with planets or points between approx. 12 - 18 degrees of the of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) are scheduled for/or experiencing huge wake-up calls in some area of our lives. We are being pushed to clear old karma very, very rapidly as old timelines fall away and new timeline options tighten up.

We talked about June in broad terms HERE.

The week rolls out like a freight train:

MONDAY -Vesta conjunct North Node
TUESDAY - Venus squares Mars, Mercury enters shadow
WEDNESDAY - Sun conjuncts Venus
FRIDAY - Mercury sextiles Uranus and squares Chiron, Lunar Eclipse 15 degrees Sagittarius
SATURDAY - Sun squares Mars

The Moon is in Libra today - nourishing us through partnership, a need for things to be more fair and balanced, a need for peace. She trined the Sun at 5:27AM EDT- this month's waxing trine - Gemini/Libra.

So we have that Gemini energy - communications, conversations, information, for some people this will be about siblings, local community or transportation situations and this energy is harmonizing/brakes off with equality, compromise, other people.

Keep in mind Gemini's need to keep things light and Libra's ability to push things under the rug. What might look like avoidance (dealing with surface issues, not going too deep, etc) is actually exactly what is needed. If we can compromise and allow both sides of a situation - there is truth in all sides - to be seen/heard, things can flow more smoothly today.

The other thing we have happening that is exact today is Vesta meeting the North Node at 29 degrees Gemini. This makes me think of that question about what you want on your tombstone/obit. What's most important? We ignore what's most important at our own peril now, so let's not do that. That's why you read stuff like this. Here's your heads-up.

The vestal virgins kept the community fires going or the community died - what is that important in your life? Situations can pull our attention there. 

Happening at the end of Gemini (information, communication) this could be about making a conscious choice/decision and then moving forward with that lunar trine. Vesta is following Mercury's footsteps from last week, so it can connect back to something from then. Keep in mind world events are mirroring personal events and vice versa - what needs to come together in your own life? Where are you not practicing what you preach? What do you say is very important and then not give enough time and attention to? Think - what do you want your tombstone/obituary/the people you leave behind to say about you.

If we aren't where we want to be then our current ways of thinking/communicating are not working. It's that simple and that complicated.

Time feels stretchy, but also sped up ... am I the only one burning almost everything I try to cook? Any Julia Childs-like skills I ever possessed went the way of the old Earth. 

This is all happening while the energies oppose the Galactic Center - we are on a journey back to ourselves, and this leg of the journey (Age of Aquarius) will make us more individualistic/detached. It's really not about coming together - although it can be - but instead about figuring out where we stand and how to stand up.

xo all

Sorry I didn't get to the weekly last night, my keyboard space bar is sticking and making it hard to type the long run-on sentences I am so fond of writing for you. Hopefully something is open around here today and I can buy a new one. I spent a half hour last night trying to give my space bar a little bounce with some plastic strips I'd cut from an ice tea bottle, followed by taking apart a couple pens for their springs, followed by staring off into space and thinking about the astronauts, followed by remembering I had half a cream cheese bagel in the fridge and tossing in the towel. Just another nut in the nuthouse here, folks.

photo by TheFoxAndTheRaven

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