Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of June 22nd - June 28th, 2020 - Neptune retrograde, Venus direct (!), Mars into Aries - is our place in the world where we left it or has it moved, I think we are going to find out!


Yes, another HUGE week.

I will just copy and paste that in here every week, until, oh, I don't know 2023 maybe!

We start the week in the energy of this weekend's uber strong/uber impactful Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse and Solstice focusing us on a beginning/ending/beginning regarding our Cancer natal house theme or the collective themes of -

home, family, our roots, mother, mothering, our ancestry, real estate, country, patriotism, home business, family business, our need for safety and security, our moods and emotions, the root of the matter, what is home, where do we belong, who are our family

and keep in mind Mercury is retrograde in this same area of our chart/life asking us to go back over something here - to re-view, re-do, re-work something.

Then, another planet goes retrograde - more looking backward. Are we surrounded by ghosts, or are we surrounded by ghosts?! The circumstances and people we feel we are done with, but who, one way or another are not so done with us! 

More dues to be paid before we move on. 

I think I am going to sew some deeper pockets into my pants ... 

Then one personal planet stations direct - TADA! - and one personal planet charges home to his own sign - another TADA!

But, is our place in the world where we left it or has it changed/moved? I think we are going to find out.

The week ahead rolls out like this:

SUNDAY - Summer Solstice, Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse (0 degrees)
TUESDAY - Neptune stations retrograde, Mars squares Galactic Center
THURSDAY - Venus stations direct
FRIDAY - Mars squares the North and South Nodes (as he exits Pisces)
SATURDAY - Mars enters Aries - for the rest of the year! - crossing the Aries Point
(squaring the 0 degree Cancer Eclipse point and sextiling Saturn)

Here we go!

SUNDAY - See the Solar Eclipse New Moon post HERE

TUESDAY, Neptune stations retrograde at 20 degrees Pisces (he will be retrograde until November 28th, when he will station direct at 18 degrees Pisces). Yes, Neptune moves so slowly we will spend five months going back and forth over two degrees!

(the last time Neptune stationed retrograde at 20 degrees Pisces was on June 23, 1856)

Collectively a retrograde Neptune means more realism, less imagination, our illusions are highlighted and then dimmed. It should help. It should help us to see straight. Our blurry visions will gradually come into focus as the tide goes out. We can revise/review our dreams.

Since Neptune rules viruses we should see a further lessening of the spread of the virus now.

On the other hand if we are depending on an illusion/those rose-colored glasses to get us through something/to make life bearable - Neptune retrograde can make things almost too real/too naked/less buoyant. Because again ... the tide goes out and we can see those colorful rocks at our feet are actually plain old rocks after all.

If we are directly impacted by this retrograde (if we have planets or points in this 'red zone' of the mutable signs - Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius) - certain situations can intensify.

If our boundaries have become too thin, if we are too pie-in-the-sky idealistic about something, if we are believing in things that have no basis in reality, if we are escaping/indulging in addictive behaviors - we won't be able to avoid the ramifications of this stuff any longer. This can also be about the theme of our Pisces natal house.

If we have drained ourselves through too much Neptune - delusion, escape, self-sacrificing, compassion fatigue, turning the other cheek - and are exhausted - we will need to figure that out. Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. The elephant behind the sofa will be standing on the coffee table.

And with Chiron in Aries, we are the ones who will have to make things better for ourselves. 

Keep in mind as always with Neptune - there is also powerful magic here. Pray, meditate, listen to music. Neptune rules not only what we have put away, but what is behind us. Our ancestors, and every good decision we've ever made in every life we've ever lived - is lined up to assist us through these times. Just ask.

Also on TUESDAY, Mars (finishing up in Pisces) is going to square the Galactic Center (our homing signal, center of our Milky Way Galaxy).

Squares bring tension/frustration. The need to adjust, but these are mutable signs, so maybe that shouldn't be too hard. Maybe!

Mars is a personal planet so a contact with the Galactic Center can take the collective energies and make them PERSONAL. Mars in Pisces is like "I want to do this" (maybe escape/sleep/dream/dance the day away!) and the Galactic Center is all like "no, you came here to do that." Or maybe Mars has his blinders on as he barrels toward Aries and the Galactic Center (homing signal) is like "don't forget about this!" - some Piscean ideal/act of forgiveness/compassion/bit of magic up her/his sleeve, etc that we need to adjust to/deal with first.

Heads up Wednesday/Thursday has a very LONG Void Moon (10:30AM EDT Wednesday to 1:05PM EDT on Thursday).

On THURSDAY, TA-DA! Venus stations direct at 5 degrees Gemini!

As Neptune stations retrograde and Venus stations direct - relationship and financial issues gain greater clarity and can MOVE FORWARD.

Money that was held up will start to come in. Job searches can end.  

Maybe people will start getting their hair cut again!

Note - Venus won't be covering totally new ground until the end of July, but it is good news she is direct before Mars squares the Nodes of Fate and before Mars gets into Aries!

We have been back and forth over what we want/our relationships/creative projects/financial issues - we have one final pass over the next month and we get that final pass without a delusional Neptune and with a strong Mars in his home sign.

Venus's retrograde has made clear to us what we want; what we value.

The story isn't over - she is still covering old ground, but the re-examination is over.

Do you still want to do this/be in this situation/with this person or people/make money in this way? Is this still beautiful/loving/FAIR? Do you still value THIS?

On FRIDAY, Mars, at the final degree of Pisces squares the North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius.

This is a CROSSROADS. Maybe a quick decision is needed. The North Node is in Gemini - small moves/conversations/ideas create big changes.

Are we going to stay with our old beliefs/thinking we KNOW/thinking bigger is better/farther is fancier than what's in our own backyard (South Node Sag) or are we going to move in a new direction (untested) based on new information/ideas/choices/new questions/new conversations/going smaller/getting closer (North Node Gemini).

What's it gonna be?

Keep in mind, Mercury, the ruler of the North Node is retrograde, so this NEW might not be totally new. Mars in Pisces is intuitive action. A spiritual warrior. Or else he's asleep or he's drunk. If we are awake and sober we are 2/3 of the way good already.

Do what you can. As well as you can. Without making yourself and everyone else batsh*t crazy and  without any particularly lalaland kind of hope. Hopeful is good, of course, but don’t rely totally on hope (Jupiter is retrograde and in his fall in Capricorn), there are not a million open doors, but there is at least one. There is always at least one. So ask for what you really want, take the steps, make the effort. Look for facts. Read between the lines. Do your homework.

On SATURDAY - Mars, the God of War and Passion and Anger and BEGINNINGS comes home to Aries for the first time in over two years

and due to his upcoming retrograde will be here FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR. If this can't wake up our Aries natal house, we had better stick a fork in it, because it is DONE.

Mars loves to be in Aries, because he can be the most himself here, but since he is the God of War - this 'most himself' thing has some issues with it to start with and also there is the whole 'we have six months of this' thing. On the other hand, even with multiple planets still retrograde including Mercury - we are going to want to get moving.

He crosses the Aries point (0 degrees of a cardinal sign, squaring the Eclipse degree from last weekend and activating that) - this brings our collective attention to SOMETHING, so the world, our hive-mind, will be focused on some NEWS.

A collective crisis point maybe.

Mars immediately sextiles Saturn, retrograde at 0 degrees Aquarius, so there is support/stabilization for our actions. Stepping into a responsibility. Keep in mind he is squaring the Eclipse degree from last Sunday - post HERE - so activating THAT.

And we are building toward next week's second meeting of Jupiter/Pluto and will be feeling the bigness of THAT.

So, the end of the week is super-charged.

Back with some dailies.

xo all

photo by the talented catgottongue

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