Weekly Astrology Forecast | Week of June 8th thru June 14th - in between the eclipses, adjusting, reaching higher, rethinking decisions & information, spiritual warriors, dissolving ambitions, some long void moons, get some extra rest


In 2012, when my life was totally falling apart I got back into astrology (after a long absence) - more or less, because I wanted to "know what was going to happen". Maybe we all want to see what's coming/what's next. Hanging our heads out the window like a dog in a speeding car. 

(or is that just me?)

Of course, astrology, being the language of archetypes and patterns has always worked best in reverse. It's not a crystal ball. And I'm no Madame Marie. Of course, "knowing what's going to happen" is highly overrated and so pre-2012 anyway. 

Now we study the charts (ie the flight patterns), but seem to most often fly by the seat of our pants telling ourselves there is a "reason for everything".

Even though the one thing I do know for sure (I think) is that it's not so much there is a reason for everything as there is a use for everything.

And there seems to be some crazy paradox at work here where we are called to acknowledge how little we are in control and simultaneously required to get a grip ...

So, where are we?

We are in between eclipses. Really almost ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. Venus is retrograde as well as half the other planets. Relationships are tricky. Uber Gemini. Uber Neptune. So, the need for information/decisions, relationship/finance issues, but also the awareness, if we are smart and paying attention, and I know you are - that not all the information will be true and not all the decisions we make are going to be sticky. 

Hang on loosely. Here we go.

MONDAY - Venus square Ceres
THURSDAY- Sun square Neptune, Venus sextile Chiron
SATURDAY - Mars conjunct Neptune, Quarter Square Moon
SUNDAY - Sun inconjunct Pluto, Sun semi-square Uranus

MONDAY - Venus (backtracking through Gemini) squares Ceres (in Pisces).

This speaks of tension/frustration between what we want and the stuff that is out of our control. Some things just can't be had right now. Also too much nurturing is going to feel smothering not loving - keep this in mind. These are mutable energies. Adjust. We will be back here in mid-July once Venus is direct.

THURSDAY - The Sun in Gemini (20 degrees) squares Neptune in Pisces.

This is a potentially draining aspect. Our energy/vitality can be low now. We might need extra sleep/rest. Water - to drink, soak in, sweat out.

Our thinking/words or another person's words could be unrealistic or misconstrued. There could be tension/frustration between the fine print/details and the fuzzy/feel good dream. Between what's most likely true (because nothing is really certain right now) and what we want to be true. Disappointment is possible. Rose-colored glasses. Deception.

At the same time we have Venus (also in Gemini) sextiling (opportunity) hurting/healing Chiron in independent and fiery Aries.

Maybe we are coming to an understanding with someone or something. Maybe we are able to see the beauty in something when we couldn't see it before. Maybe we can see the difficulty to overcome, but have the sense, too, that we can overcome it (be brave!). This is healing by making peace within a relationship or with a woman or with our bank account or with our face/hips/hair. Healing by making it fair. Talk is good now, although maybe not so cheap.

SATURDAY - Now, we're at the Quarter Square Moon already - Sun in Gemini, Moon in Pisces.

This is the pressure point in between last week's Lunar Eclipse and next week's Solar Eclipse. Maybe we are rethinking information/decisions. Things will not be so cut and dried/black and white now. Questions will just produce more questions. There won't be just one way forward/one answer that will fix everything. With Pisces, sometimes we have to just let go and trust bigger hands than ours are steering this ship.

This is also the day Mars, making his way through foggy Pisces, catches up with Pisces ruler Neptune.

Mars (from Sagittarius) squared Neptune back at the end of January. Something here might connect back to then.

Maybe we are taking action on our dreams. Men (Mars) could be transcending (Neptune) what it means to be masculine - this is the potential for some spiritual warrior high vibe stuff to be happening.  

We might need to turn the other cheek/fall on our sword. 

Sometimes when Mars meets Neptune our actions just kind of dissolve into nothing.

Or we might kind of float into a situation that is dis-empowering. We are diluted by foggy thinking, indecision, our escapist tendencies. We could be self-sabotaging, self-sacrificing. The victim. With Mars in Pisces we can't push, but the Sun's in fast moving Gemini, so we can't move like a slug either.

What house does Pisces rule in your natal chart? What is the 'theme' of that house?

Keep in mind this is a space where your boat is not so tightly anchored to the dock anyway/where it has always paid for you to go with the flow. Now here comes fiery Mars (although he feels a bit exhausted to me) to help you reach for higher ground. Tippy toes. Fingers toward the skies.

Mars may be tired (and a little wet), but he's always got his spark.

And a spark will get us farther than no spark.

SUNDAY - The Sun in Gemini is semi-squaring Uranus and inconjunct Pluto.

So, we are alerted to some potential future problem as we move the conversation/our ideas (for some people this could be about a local community or sibling or transportation situation) toward something new and maybe liberating and at the same time we have this rock and hard place with a retrograde Pluto - so trouble with authority/power. Maybe someone else is trying to manipulate/put us in our place through information/words. Maybe our choices/decisions are blocked by someone/something more powerful. Pluto always creates the feeling of life and death, so this could be stressful. Try to keep a lid on any words/conversations that might be too far out there and could kick you in the ass later. Be willing to adjust. For now, we might have to pick the least worst thing.

The Moons are looking pretty good this week, but we have some long voids because the planets are all bunched together now. Keep in mind this post is written for the days when things are most exact, but we can feel them as they are building and unwinding, too.

A heads up for the long voids - Monday 2:06PM EDT to 8:54PM EDT, Wednesday 10:35AM EDT until 5:32AM EDT the next day, Saturday 8:45AM EDT to 5:03PM EDT.

xo all

photo by the amazing anyaanti 

I learned tonight the Minneapolis City Council will vote to de-fund and dismantle the police department. 

I learned this through a CNN headline, which may or may not be actually accurate, and I haven't had time to read the article and then read between the lines within the article to find out. It's so exciting/though totally alarming that I almost don't want to read the article to find out it's not true. 

When I heard "de-fund the police" I thought it meant "cut funding" (and maybe it does), so at first I was like what the actual f*ck - this can't be right. No police? How would this work? What would this look like? We police ourselves? 

(would I get to carry a concealed weapon and arrest anyone who looks kind of rapey? I should toss in here I don't actually live in Minneapolis)

And even though I know the BIG ideas right now are not totally likely to happen (they could do it with small steps though over the next 18 months) with a Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse answering to a debilitated Jupiter and all this Neptune, I am still pretty excited. 

Because this is the first thing I've heard since "time ran out" in January, and I have no idea if this is brilliant or totally insane at this point because I think my brain is still quarantined from the rest of me, that hasn't been about 'getting back to normal' - finally something BRAND NEW. 

Because the world actually is BRAND FREAKING NEW and I suspect this whole slow down is divinely timed, so we don't screw this New World up in record time. 

Dismantling/de-funding of the local "police state" by a city council vote? In a major city like Minneapolis? 

They are calling it a transformative new model of public safety. This could be the greatest first experiment of the Age of Aquarius to replace the crumbling patriarchy.

Fly or fall - it could be brilliant. 

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