Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, June 10, 2020 - liberating words, brainstorms and hare-brained ideas, everyone gets a seat at the table, twists and turns, all day void moon

Get it done early!

The Moon, in freedom-loving and unconventional Aquarius goes void at 10:35AM EDT off a trine to the Sun - our monthly Waning Trine, this month Aquarius/Gemini.

This speaks of moving forward/into the future with an open mind and by allowing all voices to be heard. It's a time for liberating language and surprising connections. As long as we don't expect ideas/communication/the information to be settled just yet, and understand this is part of a process, headway can be made now.

Think both brainstorms and hare-brained ideas here. No one can tell which-is-which right now, so everything/everyone gets a VOICE.

Just keep your words thoughtful/intellectual. Focused on facts/ideas and not emotions. Keep it short and sweet - well, it doesn't have to be sweet - but know attention spans will be short. It's a time to share new concepts and objectives (out-of-the-box stuff), voice your opinion AND allow other people to voice theirs. Skip that final part and you'll have a real mess to clean up later.

Keep in mind yesterday's admonition about the baby and the bathwater and don't allow yourself to speak in a way that derides the people you don't agree with or who don't agree with you.

After talking to the Sun, the Moon will be void ALL DAY, so stick to routine matters and don't launch anything into the world you want "something to come of". Do the stuff you do over and over anyway or work with something that already exists for best results and you will find the void most stretchy and productive. No impulsive purchases. Roll with any twists and turns since nothing will come of them either.

We are in the Eclipse spin cycle and it's a long one this month - stay flexible. Seek variety. And smart, unusual company.

xo all

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