Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, June 29, 2020 - relationship tension, seeking balance and fairness, long Void Moon, Jupiter/Pluto the re-fining of power part where we might get eaten

This is going to be an important (should we say wild?) week for many people.

We start the day with the Moon in partnership and balanced/beauty focused Libra making some tense aspects early in the day (EDT) - she squares a retrograde Pluto at 8:55AM and then goes void off a square to a retrograde Jupiter at 9:02AM (with Jupiter and Pluto backing into the same space late tonight). The Moon is void until she dives into Scorpio at 6:48PM EDT. She squares a retrograde Saturn at 7:01PM EDT. Old roadblocks. Authority, power issues. But mostly the almost all-day Void Moon rules the show. Use it for production/process (ie things we do all the time, so we don't have to do things over again when the Moon is direct, which can happen with new things). Time can get stretchy. Expect some twists and turns. This would not be the day to start something you want something 'to come of'.

As if this wasn't enough potential for tension/frustration within relationships - the Sun (in Cancer) is squaring Juno (in Libra). Relationship imbalances/power struggles will be felt. If one partners feels all Cancer-comfortable (cared for and safe) and the other doesn't - this is no longer going to work. If one partner is 'mothering' the other partner - this is no longer going to work. If one partner is acting like a big baby - this is no longer going to work. And by 'no longer going to work' what I mean in Libra is that pink paint cannot be tossed over a partnership/contract problem and it called cotton candy. Because the amusement parks - those are closed, too.

In the meantime, the drumbeats in the background will be late tonight/tomorrow's (EDT at 1:48AM) exact meeting of Pluto and Jupiter (24 degrees Capricorn), in play all week and all year - the second of three we have throughout 2020.

This is the one with both planets retrograde. 

Collectively Capricorn rules structure/security in the world, the underpinnings of society, our careers, authority, responsibilities, goals, ambitions, your boss/your father, bureaucracy, the process of putting our 10,000 hours into something and getting good at it. The ladders we climb, fall from and lean against the wrong buildings.

We are making our own luck (Jupiter) with this one through intense (Pluto) efforts - the kind of efforts that are 'like our life depends on it' and sometimes it might. Push too hard and take things too far though and there could be a reckoning with an equally strong opposition force. So think - confidence/energy/stepping into our own authority. Some things can expand and others can meet the demolition ball. We have to trust life here. Have faith. This energy is good for SECOND CHANCES with goals/ambitions.

How are your plans for world domination going? Or are those someone else's plans? This is powerful energy and there are forces in the world who think the world is a better place when we (the masses) can be controlled. When those with the power get to keep it. The North Node is in Gemini - ask more questions, listen, look for facts. Real facts, not media manipulated information. And this isn't about conspiracy theories. With Jupiter/Pluto there ARE actual conspiracies!

Keep in mind we are still in the Eclipse spin cycle with the final Eclipse this weekend. Mercury is retrograde. Venus is direct, but still covering old ground. Mars is full steam ahead in his home sign of Aries. Most of the outer planets are retrograde (minus Uranus).

This is a "re-doing, re-viewing" time, but Mars is clamoring for some new action.

And new action there will be!

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xo all

photo by the amazing sollenafotografie

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