Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, June 19, 2020 - needing peace and beauty, a light shines on the road ahead, a short primer on these collective Pluto transits, 3D to 5D

The Moon in communicative/multi-tasking Gemini now - reporting to a retrograde Mercury - met up with a retrograde Venus at 4:39AM EDT. Moon/Venus (even in curious and easily stimulated Gemini) could favor us with some emotional harmony, artistic sensitivity - we need love, security, peace, beauty, women. Affirmations can be particularly potent now. We could be talking/thinking about the past and the future.

The Moon cruises through the rest of the day (tomorrow she will hit squares to Neptune and Mars) and the Mars/Pluto sextile from yesterday is still in play, especially this morning - so use that to get things done.

The Sun meets the North Node (29 degrees Gemini). We talked about this in the weekly:

"Now a light (Sun) is thrown on our best path forward (North Node).  

It could be a bright spotlight we can't miss or maybe it's a tiny flicker that catches our eye and pulls us over to investigate a new direction. We might receive some confirmation we are on the right path or a gentle shove (or maybe not so gentle with the Solstice and Eclipse this week) in a new direction if we aren't. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, who has just stationed retrograde, so this could be something from the past or with a connection to the past. Get out and about. Talk to other people. They want to say yes."

Keep in mind this is happening opposite the Galactic Center - our homing signal, magnifying its significance. In Gemini - the other side of a situation/person could be exposed under the Sun's bright light. Maybe our thinking shifts. A decision might be made now that we can only see the significance of later. 

For some people, Gemini situations show up through the local community, transportation or technology situations and siblings. 

I wanted to get a big picture up, but still need to write a Solstice/Eclipse post for the weekend, so will just say this.

The planet (Age of Aquarius) has moved from 3D consciousness to 5D consciousness. The January Saturn/Pluto conjunction (which included Mercury and Ceres) was like a shut off point after the 2012 activation that was itself a kind of shut off point after the Harmonic Convergence.

Time ran out. Cords were cut. It used to be easier to stay in our old/unresolved stories because we were corded to them. Now, all the stuff that can't exist in 5D is being purged. It actually doesn't even exist anymore, but in another sense, because we are still imagining it there, it does.

This is manifesting as a collective Pluto transit and if you have ever had a Pluto transit/an awakening you will know it happens in stages - now, I don't mean to generalize because not all people get all stages, but in general it goes something like this -

sometimes, not always, there is a catalyzing event (ie break-up, job loss, illness, death, etc and obviously not everyone who has this happen is having a Pluto transit), then a brief period of euphoria/happiness/power surge usually lasting a couple/few days - cords cut/lightness. Then the dark night of the soul stage - this is kind of an emptying. Sometimes a humbling. Some will feel this as depression. Then a stage of 'void' where we aren't connected to the old world anymore, but the new world hasn't started.

The dark night/void stages can last a few months to a couple years depending on whether Pluto is retrograding over the point in our chart he is activating

(I had a one pass Pluto transit over my Venus which is on the Galactic Center and though challenging it was still much harder to have the three-pass over my Mercury that lasted over two years and is just completing).

This is followed by a kind of reality/grounding and then finally a reintegration into a new/transformed life.

This is how we wake up and it's also how we die. So a Pluto transit is basically what happens when we die, except we don't actually die.

Now we have these transits personally based on our natal charts (ie our blueprints) and we have these transits collectively, too - the Saturn/Pluto was a one pass transit (thank God!), so all this stuff was sped up and we are all in various places in our lives dealing with its fallout.

We also have, and are in the middle of, a three-peat Pluto transit which is Jupiter/Pluto, so the reason it feels like multiple things are happening is because, YES, multiple things are happening. We had the first pass of Jupiter/Pluto in April and we have the second pass at the end of this month and the final pass the end of the year. We could look at the three passes as - devastation, the void and grounding/rebirth. Collectively, things get more complicated because we are dealing with many other shifts at the same time.

But the real backstory here is a shift from 3D (Age of Pisces, life on planet Earth followed by afterlife followed by life on planet Earth) to 5D (Age of Aquarius - which might relate somehow to 5G to people still living in 3D, but it's hard to see this yet) for the planet.

Now, some souls are choosing to stay in 3D and keep playing this game for a while longer and some are 'waking up' in 5D (a new game, I guess), so how this split is going to actually work no one knows!

We can't see what's around the corner because we 'see' what we think we are going to see and that won't work with this shift. We don't get to know our next step. We'll know our next step when we are taking it. Sounds confusing, right? Yes. That's why there are no easy answers/fixes right now to our 3D problems. I hope this is making some kind of sense.

And obviously I could be totally wrong here because we can't really know. And I may be crazy, but not crazy enough to say that I do!

Maybe this increased polarization is us leaning into our authentic/individuated selves - we agree with each other here/we disagree with each other there - and of course, the rising energies for an age of equality (not patriarchal or matriarchal) - which whether this will be a utopia or dystopia or maybe something in between, is still being decided based on our choices/actions/beliefs as we move through this.

We will talk more about this in a bigger post.

Let's get through this next Eclipse.

In the meantime, for today, there is that lovely Moon/Venus - we have to appreciate all the lovely now - and the Sun/North Node - an opportunity to see/think/decide a bit ahead, so pay attention.

Back with the Eclipse post.

xo all

photo by the amazing thefirebomb

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