Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, June 16, 2020 - limits, change, re-balancing our partnership agreements, valuing ourselves, caution with rushed decisions or over-doing, back up those files

The Moon comes into Taurus at 5:35AM EDT, the sign of her exaltation.

Our focus turns to our resources, our money, our products, what we value, stability/security, where we turn for comfort, what grounds us, maybe the literal ground beneath our feet. Her only aspect, a square (tension/frustration) to a retrograde Saturn in Aquarius at 7:28AM EDT.

Do we feel seen/heard? Are we valuing our resources? Using our money wisely? If not, we could feel it now via a Saturnian reality check. This could also be about a challenge with a friend or group or actual Aquarius person (strong Uranus). Or maybe a social obligation needs an adjustment. This is Taurus/Aquarius and fixed squares don't like to budge.

(there is also a conjunction to change-maker Uranus at 12:15AM EDT - so maybe we figure out a way around this Saturn in Aquarius through change/leaning into the future?!)

How are the bonds we are tangled up in, especially the unspoken obligations, affecting our values? Our security/money/resources? Our happiness/comfort? Our physical health?

This is also reflected (remember repeating patterns/archetypes are especially important to pay attention to) in a retrograde Venus making her second trine to Juno (first was mid-April) - so we are revising our agreements, especially partnership agreements. Bringing something into greater balance - this should go smoothly as long as we keep conversations light/not heavy or overly emotional and we focus on being fair.

What else? The Sun nears the end of his days in Gemini where he (as us) has been collecting and scattering energy - so much to do, but so little focus. The Sun in Gemini is answering to Mercury who is strong and still at the degree of her/his retrograde station (Thursday) - have you backed up your files? checked your oil? called your sister?

Mercury will bring us back over the news/information (in Cancer maybe private family or home related conversations) of the past two weeks again and then station direct on July 12th and we will go over this stuff again when it will be decided/finished.

Eris is still exactly squaring Pluto - anyone feeling left out, or any part of us feeling left out, is going to be acting out BIG time against oppressive systems.

This will be exact until about July 7th (in play through the rest of the year though), when Pluto finally backs off that 24th degree of Capricorn.

The last time Eris squared Pluto exactly was in January 1909 - we had the first women suffragette hunger strikes in prisons, the first International Women's Day and the formation of the Women's Tax Resistance League - their slogan "No Vote. No Tax". 

Kind of the last century's equivalent of "No Justice. No Peace". Interesting, right? Note - women didn't actually get to vote in the United States until 1920.  Also note, white men had been voting for 150 years by that time and black men for 50.

This is also the day the Sun inconjuncts Jupiter. We talked about that in the weekly:

"the Sun inconjuncts (rock meet hard place) Jupiter. We don't want to over-promise or stretch the truth or get too preachy. Time to think twice before we get on our soapbox ... or hit send."

This is also a need to pay attention to the details and accuracy and think through what we are doing - maybe especially with our work ... and, of course, our words. Note Jupiter's tendency to make everything appear bigger (sometimes better) than it actually is.

Choose carefully. 

xo all

photo by the talented LichtReize

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