Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, June 11, 2020 - confusion, what we used to love, feeling our way through this, healing conversations, what do we value now, a need to rest and recharge

The Moon is in mystical/magical "I need a nap" Pisces now, turning our focus to less practical pursuits - artistic, spiritual, compassionate/charitable, endings, healing, the past, rest. She will square a retrograde Venus at 10:34PM EDT (avoid things like constructive criticism, passive/aggressive language) and then, if you are still awake, change things up when she sextiles Uranus at 11:20PM EDT.

The big news today, with themes that echo, as important themes often do - we have the Sun squaring Neptune (Gemini/Pisces, 20 degrees) and Venus sextiling Chiron (Gemini/Aries, 9 degrees).

Sun/Neptune can be exhausting, especially if we have been busy/dealing with information over-load. Neptune is like the Sun is seeing through water - so nothing is clear and crisp. Information can be uncertain. This is not the best energy to make a clear-headed decision. Squares are tension/frustration - the necessary kind that causes the energies to wrestle and shift.

Keep an open mind if you are espousing magic to muggles or the nitty-gritty details of something to wizards. And this could be happening inside us - some right-brain/left-brain fighting or fatigue.

The good news, Venus (retrograde) is making her second healing sextile (opportunity) to Chiron.

This is a repeating aspect and Venus is at her second pass here (two of three), so, we are going back to something from mid-April for another look/feel. Maybe we are talking/thinking again about a Venusian issue - love, our money, our resources, our values, beauty, women/a woman, or our self-esteem.

The stuff we are still corded to from the past is pulled back into our life via a conversation/situation/interaction.

Maybe we are reconciling with someone/something we used to care about or maybe an idea from the past resurfaces now to see if it can catch our attention/our heart through better timing.

Just keep in mind tonight's lunar square and keep any conversations/communications light and loving. Venus in Gemini is not looking for a deep commitment now, and we have one more pass at this left in mid-July.

Also keep in mind, with Sun/Neptune there aren't any flashing green lights (well, there could be, but we probably can't see them clearly either) - we can't see how this will all work out/or maybe how to make it all work out, but we know (!) any delays will only prove helpful.

Like fog or heavy rain on a road trip that requires the stop at a diner for a cup of coffee and then we miss the ten car pile-up.

The ways through a Neptune square are - forgiveness, compassion, time/patience (the way water erodes rock), going with the flow, letting go, waiting things out/rest, creative outlets, art, music, meditation, prayer (God, our muses, our ancestors, our past life superpowers are standing by).

Neptune may make facts and details confusing now, but our intuition/creativity is operating at a level something like Superman's x-ray vision. On the other hand, if we are just feeling the wipe-out part of Neptune, and not so much the inspiration - the healing will come through rest and letting things go now. Hydrate. Get in or near water.

Either way, let's be kind to ourselves and each other. We really are all in this together.

xo all

photo by the talented GretaTu

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