Weekend Astrology Forecast | Saturday, June 13, 2020 - Sunday, June 14, 2020 - Mars/Neptune start a new chapter, merging our actions with what the world needs, a wet spark is better than no spark, watch your boundaries


We are between Eclipses (next Eclipse June 20th/21st), between powerful outer planet transits - January 2020's Saturn/Pluto conjunction and December 2020's Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, and throughout the year dealing with the powerful three-peat of Jupiter/Pluto (next up June 30th). Any of these would be BIG and having everything happening at once is earth/life-changing, hence our troubled minds and nervous bellies.

I didn't get a post up yesterday, but we had an overload of Pisces/Neptune -  the Moon (in Pisces) trined Mercury in the morning and met up with first Mars and then Neptune last night. That was a whole lot of water/emotion and this continues into Saturday.

For many of us this could be way too much Neptune/Pisces for our mental health at this point.

We may need to find some solid ground here. Maybe physical work/activity. And give Neptune his due with some time spent with art, music, in water, extra sleep, relaxation, meditation, prayer. Use both. Balance.

Our intuition will be high now (unless we are clouding everything up with addictive substances like sugar) - movements/actions where we come from a HIGHER PLACE are supported - ie forgiveness, compassion, making art, making music, making space for something bigger/connecting to come into your life, making amends, wanting to do the right thing because it is the right thing and not needing credit, reaching toward God/our higher self/our ancestors.

Doing stuff out of guilt, playing a victim/martyr, self-sabotaging addictive behaviors, disappearing/hiding escapist actions - this is the stuff that will blow us off course in these drifting waters because this stuff is supported too, in the sense there is nothing here to stop us, and I know it's the weekend and some steam must be blown off - just use some common sense when navigating all this.

Mars meets Neptune every couple years and ends/kicks off a cycle - so what do you want to do with this? How can we merge our actions/what we do to get what we want with something greater than ourselves/with what the world needs/with what we came here to do? With our Pisces natal house theme?

We talked about Saturday and Sunday in the weekly:

"SATURDAY - Now, we're at the Quarter Square Moon already - Sun in Gemini, Moon in Pisces.

This is the pressure point in between last week's Lunar Eclipse and next week's Solar Eclipse. Maybe we are rethinking information/decisions. Things will not be so cut and dried/black and white now. Questions will just produce more questions. There won't be just one way forward/one answer that will fix everything. With Pisces, sometimes we have to just let go and trust bigger hands than ours are steering this ship.

This is also the day Mars, making his way through foggy Pisces, catches up with Pisces ruler Neptune.

Mars (from Sagittarius) squared Neptune back at the end of January. Something here might connect back to then.

Maybe we are taking action on our dreams. Men (Mars) could be transcending (Neptune) what it means to be masculine - this is the potential for some spiritual warrior high vibe stuff to be happening.  

We might need to turn the other cheek/fall on our sword. 

Sometimes when Mars meets Neptune our actions just kind of dissolve into nothing.

Or we might kind of float into a situation that is dis-empowering. We are diluted by foggy thinking, indecision, our escapist tendencies. We could be self-sabotaging, self-sacrificing. The victim. With Mars in Pisces we can't push, but the Sun's in fast moving Gemini, so we can't move like a slug either.

What house does Pisces rule in your natal chart? What is the 'theme' of that house?

Keep in mind this is a space where your boat is not so tightly anchored to the dock anyway/where it has always paid for you to go with the flow. Now here comes fiery Mars (although he feels a bit exhausted to me) to help you reach for higher ground. Tippy toes. Fingers toward the skies.

Mars may be tired (and a little wet), but he's always got his spark.

And a spark will get us farther than no spark.

Just keep your personal boundaries and prioritize your mental health with this.

And SUNDAY - The Sun in Gemini is semi-squaring Uranus and inconjunct Pluto.

So, we are alerted to some potential future problem as we move the conversation/our ideas (for some people this could be about a local community or sibling or transportation situation) toward something new and maybe liberating and at the same time we have this rock and hard place with a retrograde Pluto - so trouble with authority/power. Maybe someone else is trying to manipulate/put us in our place through information/words. Maybe our choices/decisions are blocked by someone/something more powerful. Pluto always creates the feeling of life and death, so this could be stressful. Try to keep a lid on any words/conversations that might be too far out there and could kick you in the ass later. Be willing to adjust."

Go with the flow, but don't let yourself get lost at sea. You still have that compass your grandpa gave you for third grade Girl Scouts for a reason. Venus is retrograde - we don't even know what we want yet, let alone know what actions to take to get it/get there. Mars in Pisces can't push without just floating away from his intended course, so, of course results that come in now will be hard to pin down. There is right timing with all of this that we just can't see yet. Have faith.

Back with the Saturday Night Mystery - looking at the Madeleine McCann case (recently back in the news), and, also looking at its connections to another case - a missing little girl named Inga in Germany.

xo all

photo by the amazing anyaanti

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