Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, June 22, 2020 - news, communications, taking action, the second time's the charm, get things done early, storm clouds tonight

The Moon is home in Cancer now, staying BUSY. She meets a retrograde Mercury at 4:01AM EDT (news from the past, getting back to work), trining Neptune (making the dream come true) - strong and still at station - at 4:21PM EDT and then finally opposing, first Pluto (retrograde) at 10:18PM EDT and then Jupiter (retrograde), at 11:28PM EDT.

So, a focus on Cancerian themes with news/communications/maybe commerce driving the morning, that trine to Neptune in the late afternoon could make us extra emotionally sensitive and prone to blurring the boundaries between us and other people/wearing rose colored glasses - excellent energetic though for Neptunian healings, dreams, art, compassion, meditation, music, talking to your ancestors. The late evening will be more prone to power plays/challenges. The Moon just wants to be comfortable/protected and old situations (maybe involving career/authority/our Cappy house theme) are creating intensity. Home vs work? Our cocoon vs the big bad world? Maybe something around what we need to keep/what needs to go? Decisions asking to be made (but maybe not tonight).

This is also the day Mars (finishing up in Pisces) sextiles a retrograde Pallas (in Capricorn).

Intuitive actions (we won't need to push) in support of old goals/or through traditional methods solve problems and create opportunities.

This could be something we tried/thought about before, since Pallas is retrograde and remember Pallas is our wise, warrior energy and Mars' sister. So, Mars (as us), likely frustrated by now, after spinning his wheels in Pisces for the last few weeks and about to come HOME to Aries, can maybe move something forward or leave something behind with an ease and diplomacy he is usually lacking. Pallas recognizes patterns/utilizes strategies - retrograde in Capricorn, this won't be anything new (the problem or the solution), but now with her brother a little more "live and let live" in dreamy Pisces - their combined efforts can work. Smoothly. Easily.  

Take some action. Maybe something you have tried before or something in support of an old goal. Things can fall together. 

(think of the energy like this - hot-headed young upstart cooling his heels on vacation meets brilliant diplomat cooling her heels in retirement at the bar by the pool. Both themselves, but not themselves, too. Out of their element. Right? They chat. The upstart leaves the bar, inspired to be smarter. The diplomat leaves the bar, inspired to be a little faster/more passionate. And if they haven't had too many margaritas something comes of this merger that is bigger than their little chat or the tequila. Even if they never meet again. Opportunity has knocked.)

Just do things before those challenges to the Moon start to hit late tonight.

And know, if they do hit you and leave you feeling lonely/depressed - that these feelings are transitory. The Moon changes faster than a wirey six year old getting into a bathing suit on his way to the pool.

Lots of changes this week. Hang in there.

xo all

photo by the amazing Natalia Ciobanu

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