Saturday Night Mystery | the astrology of the death of George Floyd - his connection to the United States chart and Rodney King, control, anger, more reasons to rise from the sweaty sheets of our death bed

The mutable T-Square energy of the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius - that we talked about HERE - squaring that Mars in Pisces (with Saturn retrograde in Aquarius) at the very heart of this event requires us to keep moving. 

Boxing with shadows/struggling to manage our lives in the midst of profound unknowns and uncertainties. No choice but to feel our way through this thing with equal shots intuition and courage.

Through the process of the last few months - the virus, the waiting/distancing, the anger that follows the waiting, the army that follows the anger (iChing cycles) - and it's now, through understanding THIS EVENT, our anger/sadness, another way to understand our connection/disconnection with other, another way to understand/acknowledge OUR WILL TO LIVE.

George's death is a zeitgeist moment - a collective reckoning. 

In the midst of such senseless violence it is important for us to not only be thinking about the questions of race/the power we give away to authority, etc, that this brings up for all of us, but collective healing will also come through our ability to re-think/re-work any violence we have done to ourselves.

To release any destructive myths we are carrying.

There may be a very long list of "don't let the door hit ya's on the way out" we need to make - to ideas, people, places, things we did/didn't do, alliances, groups, fictional must-haves and obsolete goals/commitments. Love starts here.

For now, let's unpack the chart. 

George Floyd died on the streets on Minneapolis, Minnesota on the evening of May 25, 2020. The life choked out of him by police officers who had been called to the scene over George's alleged attempt to use a fake $20 bill at a local convenience store. His death was officially recorded at 9:25PM CDT, but we know from the video and from EMT transcripts that report how long they attempted to revive him, that his actual death was quite some time before this. I've backed up the time to 8:46PM CDT - to better represent his actual time of death and synchronistically speak for the 8 minutes and 46 seconds his neck was held down (which I didn't realize until after this chart was cast).

Let's unpack the chart.

The signifiers for George in this type of chart are the ascendent and the Moon.

The Moon is in the 8th house of death in the sign of Cancer, her home sign. Cancer is the sign of the mother and George was heard to call out for his mother as he died.

Sagittarius is rising on that first house cusp, making the ruler of the Ascendant, Jupiter. Jupiter is in the 2nd house in Capricorn, caged in by Pluto and Saturn - surrounded by power, death, authority and control.

Jupiter is in Capricorn, weak in the sign of his fall, answering to Saturn in Aquarius in that same 2nd house. Saturn (authority) controlling the people/public (Aquarius). Saturn (as well as the 4th house cusp) can also show where the "bones/body" ends up and here in the 3rd house we know George was transported away in a vehicle (we can also see he had passed away by the time he was put into the vehicle) and taken somewhere locally. Saturn also rules the 'knees'.

Aquarius's modern ruler is chaotic and rebellious Uranus, seen here at 8 degrees Taurus (the exact degree of George's natal Ascendant and also the exact natal Ascendant degree of Rodney King!). Jupiter is applying to an inconjunct with Uranus, showing not only the "out-of-the-blue" nature of George's death, but the chaos/rebellion this chart is unleashing.

The ruler of the first in the second is often seen in kidnapping charts, showing the victim is "in the possession" of someone else, in this case authority/those in control/the police. This also speaks of (remember the second house rules our resources, what we own, our money) the situation involving money; the counterfeit $20 bill. The second house also rules the throat.

The Sag Ascendant also describes the victim here - textbook Sag physicality (not a Sag Sun sign) is a person who is kind of larger than life, with a well-proportioned body, might be tall, might be overweight, strong, brown hair or possibly bald, brown complexion, oval face, high forehead, handsome, well-spoken.

Jupiter (George in this chart) is exactly conjunct the U.S. birth chart's Pluto - set for the July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence signing (which, keep in mind, was in the early days of the American Revolution) and affirmed "all men are created equal". Pluto will be back here in February 2022, so this event - George's murder and its aftermath - is setting up a timeline marker that will be activated and involved at that uber powerful conjunction in 2022.

This is not an event that will just fade away. For America - this is a very big deal.

If we move over to the opposite side of our chart - to the Descendant we will find our open enemy/perpetrator. The sign ruling the 7th is Gemini and we find the Sun here conjunct the Descendant. The Sun represents ruler-ship, the people in power, the police. There are four planets/points in Gemini representing the multiple perpetrators and Gemini, itself, showing more than one person is responsible/involved with what is happening.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury shown here in the 7th house, so strong in his home sign. Stronger than our victim since Jupiter is in Cappy, the sign of his fall.

Mercury also rules Virgo, shown here on the cusp of the 10th house. So we have the ruler of the 10th house of authority (also the public attention this will garner) in the 7th house of the perpetrators. We now have three indicators the perpetrators are authority/the police. When you have three separate indicators in a chart saying the same thing - it can always be taken as a fact.

The Gemini Descendant also describes the perpetrator's physicality - Gemini physicality is quick, a quick tongue, chameleon, a youthful appearance, well-set body, slim, long hands and arms, piercing eyes, a local person or someone working within a community.

With that Sun on the Descendant - the perpetrator can be shown to be bigger/brighter than the actual person/people involved - in this case this is about the police/authority. There is a person/people here, yes, and they are responsible for their own actions, but there is something larger playing out. A larger system having responsibility. With the Sun here (Leo's ruler), the people involved (perpetrators) are kind of playing a role. Following orders. Following the leader. To me, this aspect makes it clear this isn't just a few bad apples, although they could be a few bad apples - this is a systemic problem.  And the Sun is squaring that unfocused Mars in suffocating Pisces. Self-sabotaging/karmic actions on the part of the perpetrators.

There are about 100,000 asteroids and about 5,000 of them have been named.

When we place asteroid "George" (the only George with just the one word name) in the event chart - he shows up in George's first house (the house of his physical self) conjunct the "cork out of the bottle" centaur Pholus and when we place asteroid "Derek" in the event chart (there are three of them all with various last names) - two show up in the 8th house of death, one EXACTLY opposing Jupiter (George's planet ie ruler of the first house) and the third Derek asteroid is EXACTLY on the IC of the chart (4th house cusp) - the end of the matter. Derek representing officer Derek Chauvin.

We could keep looking, but since we know what happened here it might be more enlightening to look at how this event chart and George Floyd's birth chart compares to the U.S. chart and, maybe not surprisingly, to the charts of Rodney King.

Let's look at the U.S. chart first.

Remember the two planetary signifiers for George in the event chart are Jupiter (ruler of the 1st house/the Ascendant) and the Moon.

At the time of George Floyd's death, Jupiter, was precisely where Pluto was when the United States Declaration of Independence was signed -

the document that declares "all men are created equal" -

this chart has been shown over and over again to be activated when important events happen in the United States. Pluto rules power, transformation, death/birth.

Both charts also have Sagittarius, Jupiter's sign, rising on the horizon.

Bringing optimism, hope, courage, confidence.

The Moon in George's chart (George), is almost exactly (and maybe exactly because we can't know the precise time he died) conjunct the Sun, in the U.S. chart.

Zeitgeist moment indeed!

We also have the Ceres/Mars conjunction during George's death (Ceres in with Mars exactly in the top chart, I forgot to add her before printing) precisely where Ceres was in the U.S. birth chart at 8 degrees Pisces. Remember Ceres was at the January Pluto/Saturn palaver in Cappy when 'time ran out' and now she meets Mars at precisely this time in Pisces.

Ceres is going to station retrograde and cross this degree two more times over the next few months. Ceres is about things outside our control, grief, season of life issues (changes outside our control), mothers, Mother Earth. I think one day astrologers will name Ceres the ruler of Taurus - this would make Ceres the ruler of George's natal chart.

We have Mercury in George's chart conjunct the U.S. natal Mars, showing important news of a violent act. And we have the U.S. natal Mercury exactly conjunct Pluto in George's chart - news of death/transformation. The media's role is HUGE here - and this is not just about the videotaping, but about the way the story is framed within the different network/news outlets' paradigms.

George's Venus (his natal ruling planet being a Taurus rising, he is also a Libra Sun) is conjunct the U.S. Mars (anger, passion, violence). Both charts have Chiron in Aries. Uranus in George's chart is exactly inconjunct the U.S. Uranus, and transiting Uranus, at 8 degrees Taurus, at the time of George's death is exactly conjunct George's natal ascendant at 8 degrees Taurus! Uranus rules the future and groups and causes and chaos and disorder and liberation.

The number 8 (the number of power and associated with the Strength card in tarot) appears multiple times. We have Mars and Ceres at 8 degrees Pisces, Uranus at 8 degrees Taurus, Chiron at 8 degrees Aries and Asteroid George at 8 degrees Capricorn (which is the degree of the South Node at the time of January's big 'time runs out' pow-wow and the degree of outsider Eris in the U.S. birth chart).

George's birth chart has Mars on his ascendant and a Sun/Uranus conjunction - and these are the big aspects in Trump's natal chart (Trump also has the North Node on his conjunction).

More interesting astro-significance is George's astrological connection to Rodney King.

Like George, Rodney was born with an 8 degree Taurus Ascendant. George's natal Chiron (very old/deep wounding) in the center of King's troubling Aries stellium in his 12th house. The L.A. riots happened with Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in Pisces (just as we have now). King's North Node is conjunct the Sun/Venus in this week's Eclipse chart. King passed away during the last Venus/Gemini retrograde - the summer of 2012 (from a drowning unconnected to his police beating - have I said this man had a crazy intense 12th house). And George, of course, has died during this Venus in Gemini retrograde which connects us back to the summer of 2012.Also, at the time of the Rodney King beating Sagittarius was rising at 12 degrees and Saturn was at 2 degrees Aquarius. At the time of the George Floyd's 'official' death at 9:25PM - Sagittarius was rising at 14 degrees and Saturn was at 1 degree Aquarius - for the first time since the 1991 King beating.

There are also differences in the charts that indicate much, much more will come from this event (in terms of positive change) than we had happen in the early 90's. At the time of the King beating, Saturn was opposed Pluto, and it took us until this event when Saturn is joined with Pluto and starting a new cycle to get the real and lasting change.

How we respond (and not react) to chaos in 2020, will probably determine what we are dealing with in 2021 when Saturn and Uranus start squaring each other (authority/rebellion).

Our blindfolds are being removed, slowly (Neptune is still providing the fog, ie anesthesia, maybe we would all run stark raving mad without it) as we see/feel our way through what our old paradigms have tried to keep hidden.

Back tomorrow with the weekly.

xo all

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