Saturday Night Mystery | the astrology of the Disappearances of Madeleine McCann and Inga Gehricke and a new suspect comes to light - part II

We talked about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann last week in THIS post.

Eight years later (minus exactly one day) five year old, Inga Gehricke, disappeared while gathering firewood during a family day trip in a forest in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Her family (Inga, her parents, two brothers and one sister) had driven about 50 miles from their home to meet friends for a barbecue.

This part is taken from a news source called, The Mirror, "Keen to help her parents, little Inga, in an adorable butterfly T-shirt and blue jeans, was carrying bottles of water to the table where they would sit down to enjoy the barbecue.The table was in a sun dappled clearing at the edge of the forest and as the sun started to fade in the sky, two of the other children saw her heading to the home of the family friends through the trees. Her heartbroken father said: "It was only 100 meters to the house. But she never got there." Police and local volunteers scoured the woods for days, but beautiful little Inga was never found.

The exact time of Inga's disappearance varied in different online sources and the details were very thin, but this chart, although a very late and critical degree, seems workable.

Inga is represented here by the Moon and the first house/sign on the cusp/Ascendant.

The Moon is in Libra, in the 12th house of endings/what's hidden/karmic story-lines (along with the North Node - fate). The Moon is answering to Libra's ruler Venus, here in the 8th house - the other house of endings, also secrets, death. The chart shows Libra rising, so again answering to Venus, in Gemini, so answering to Mercury also in Gemini and the ruler of Gemini. So, we stop here - 1st house, Inga's physical self and that dark 8th house.

Gemini could mean multiple victims, with Venus in Gemini, multiple young female victims and we know this is happening almost exactly on the anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance. The degree of this chart is very late - very strong/dangerous.

Like Madeleine's chart, the Moon is void.

With the Moon in Libra and Libra rising, it is not surprising Inga's appearance is rather textbook Libra - delicate, fair, pleasant facial features, light hair, kind or friendly demeanor, girl-next-store. The first house can also show us where the victim is and in this case, she is at a social event/the barbecue with other people (Libra).

On the opposite side of the chart - the descendant - we will find our perpetrator at the critical degree of 29 Aries.

Ruled by Mars in the perpetrator's 7th house (conjunct fixed star Algol - the demon star, Medusa's head - murder/mayhem - possibly the worst star in the sky).

Like in Madeleine's chart, the significator (Mars in this chart) for the perpetrator is near the Sun,

but where in Madeleine's chart they were exactly conjunct combusting the significator and making it (and the perpetrator it represents) invisible - here we see him not close enough to be blown out, but ahead of the Sun, out of bounds. Not restrained by the Sun's rules.

So, he catches a break similar to what he had eight years before that makes him somehow hard for authority (the Sun) to see/catch up with. Coupled with that Void Moon (waxing toward the Full Moon, whereas Madeleine's was waning) - he is hard to see/catch, yes again, but almost certainly in this case not impossible to see.

I would be surprised if he hadn't come to the investigator's attention in some capacity back in 2015. It's another Full Moon and like a dead-hearted werewolf or knife come to slice open the night he's right there!

Mars (the perpetrator) is in Taurus answering to Venus, again with Venus answering to Mercury in the 8th house, so we have an energetic loop between the 7th and 8th houses for the perpetrator and the Sun/Mars, although wide, powers it up.

The 8th house connection can not only describe his connection with whatever happens to Inga (the death pattern in this chart which we won't get into), but also describes him as a criminal-type person. Aries could mean he is quick to anger, hot-headed. A textbook Aries appearance is possible - quick walk, maybe with his head leaning forward, headaches/eye problems, slim hips, light hair, Arian features, fast, fidgety. He could use a weapon. I would wonder if he played with fire as a child. The final dispositor here is Mercury who is opposing Saturn in the 2nd house - showing the control the perpetrator has over the victim. He is in possession of the victim. Older. Maybe he even approached her saying he was a policeman (authority) or saying her parents had sent him.

With both victim and perpetrator tied into that 24 degrees Venus (and note the Moon - Inga - at 25 degrees Libra is exactly opposing Madeleine's natal Moon at 25 degrees Aries) which connects us to the 24-25 degrees Venus in Madeleine's charts.

(24 degrees Gemini is the home of fixed star Al Hecka- the tip of the horn of the bull - known for male violence, violent death, pedophilia and deviation - I would be very surprised if our suspect's birth chart doesn't have a strong connection to very near or exactly this degree)

Mars in the 7th can also describe the motivation of the perpetrator and here we see Mars is the ruler of the 6th house and Uranus. He wants to do violence/destruction/make chaos. This would not have been as planned out as Madeleine's disappearance. Uranus is spontaneous. He is reliving his crime of eight years before. Again he can't be contained/controlled - for him there is a need to be challenged by dark/hazardous situations. With the ruler of the 6th in the 7th (and Uranus in the 6th) maybe he is moving from one work situation to another or having unusual health issues. His day to day life is chaotic/disorderly. But mostly I think this just shows the impulsive nature of his actions and the chaos they unleash. The ruler of the 10th (Leo/the Sun) is also in the 7th again showing his control over the situation.

Like with Madeleine's charts I have added asteroid Christian (for the recently announced suspect, in jail on another offense) and asteroid Inga (in this case the closest asteroid to her namesake is Inge) and they are exactly opposing each other!

He is at the top of the chart, in control, again, and conjuncting expansive Jupiter. She, alone at the bottom, in Aquarius so in a strange place and Aquarius is answering to ancient ruler Saturn in Sagittarius (his authority over her, again that second house having possession of her and also maybe showing the vastness of the forest and it's foreign-ness or size to Inga, him taking her farther away) and modern ruler Uranus in Aries (in the sign and house the perpetrator rules).

As to Inga's final resting place we could look to Saturn - in Sagittarius, so maybe the forest/hills/high lands, maybe a farther distance from where she started out than they were looking or we could look to the 4th house (end of the matter) cusp in Aquarius - somewhere in the open air or high/hilly.

It is hard to imagine a more heartbreaking crime. Maybe some of the reasons so much has remained hidden is there are things here no one would really ever want to know ...

Inge's mother has said she knows/feels her daughter is still alive. That is because Inga is still alive. We don't really die when we die. I am sure she feels her daughter near her because she is near her. And of course, this post is just one person's interpretation of this chart, there are many interpretations that could point in very different directions.

There is another case, a teenage boy whose asteroid namesake at the time of his murder (which was fast and vicious and maybe our perpetrator's first victim) was exactly semi-sextile asteroid Christian - which you might remember, at 30 degrees, was his asteroid's exact connection to Madeleine's asteroid. Venus is also in Gemini when this boy is murdered and our suspect was living nearby.

Maybe we will look at that chart next .... then I think we will flip back to adult victims and stay there for a very LONG time.

xo all

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