Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, June 30, 2020 - second chances, questioning our beliefs, stepping into our power, getting to the root of a home/family situation, winners gotta win

We talked about some of the possibilities for Tuesday/Wednesday in the weekly HERE

There is alot going on. Let's flesh it all out a bit by adding in the Moon. The Moon is in Scorpio now - we are nurtured through intimacy, intense experiences, getting to the bottom of things, truth, solving puzzles, merged money, empowerment issues, powerful (maybe spooky) women.

She will trine the Sun at 10:19AM giving us this month's Waxing Trine - Scorpio/Cancer. The waxing trine - brakes off - is building on last week's Eclipse in Cancer and finishes up with the Eclipse in Capricorn at the end of this week.

(Keep in mind information/a conversation/whatever comes to light now - because the Sun is meeting Mercury and squaring Chiron - can be painful - keep moving through this! It is OK to be vulnerable/ it's helpful, but we don't want to be wallowing. We aren't victims here.)

Scorpio/Cancer is emotional intensity.

Getting to the root of a family/home/security situation. Psychological insight. Maybe understanding or feeling a need for power. In water signs, we are feeling all the feels here.

The Scorpio Moon moves on to oppose Uranus (in Taurus) at 11:21AM EDT. This can lead to breakthroughs/breakdowns/break-ups. Unexpected stuff. Changes. Keep in mind, a retrograde Mercury is sextiling (opportunity) Uranus for the second time. New ideas. Fresh conversations. Re-think it. A second chance (and this is supported by Jupiter/Pluto) at something serious.

Their money/our money. Their resources/our resources. Their values/our values.

Try again. Say it AGAIN.

Just a few minutes later, the Moon will trine (brakes off) Mercury retrograde.

So, the Moon is supporting everything else that is happening (kind of repeating everything written for TUESDAY in the weekly and giving us the Jupiter/Pluto intensity through the Scorpio Moon). The old/new information/conversation/idea (for some this will be about a sibling, transportation, tech or local community issues) is smoothly integrated.

Pay attention to what is said - and with Scorpio involved - what is not said!

Reconnect. Revive an old idea.

And, of course, we are in the energy of Jupiter/Pluto (for most of the year really but very strong right now). Expansion of power. This isn't the Saturn/Pluto that stopped time. This is our other Pluto transit. The three-peating one. And this is the re-peat part where do the "re's" - re-vise, re-do, re-think.

We are questioning/re-imagining Jupiter - and Jupiterian people/situations (Sags, our beliefs, religion, the media, publishing, politics, legal issues, travel, education, weddings)

We are questioning/re-imagining Pluto - and Pluto people/situations (Scorpios, intimacy, finances, divorce, life/death, third party situations, reproduction, power, control).

And, of course, happening in Capricorn this pulls in all the Cappy situations we discussed in the weekly, which again is HERE.

We ARE NOT standing still while we do this.

Mars is in Aries, there is no standing still. The skies offer courage/confidence. The Moon is waxing (growing). 2020 is halfway over now. This is the last day of Saturn in Aquarius until the end of the year.

What do you want to do with the rest of 2020 - not all of this is in our hands, but some of it is!

In a year focused on small moves (that Gemini North Node) this is the energy to make a BIGGER one.

This isn't a leap off a tall building, there is too much retrograde energy for that, but a brave and confident STRETCH!!

We can have deep emotional insights today. Where is your POWER? What do you need? Reach for it. Reach further. Reach AGAIN. 

(not in a grabby way like a demented octopus, but it's yours - STRETCH )

xo all

photo by the talented Jaime Ibarra

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