Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, June 3, 2020 - a light on our relationships and our money, are we talking at or to each other, a stronger devotion to what feels safe and familiar, the need to suck the juice out of something

I was going to put up the Lunar Eclipse post next, but realize this day needs its own post/focus - these are big energies and it will pay off for us not to lose sight of them as the Moon leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius tomorrow and we start to build toward Friday's Full Moon.


The Moon, craving intensity and focusing us on Scorpian themes - life/death, merged finances, reproduction, sex, third party situations, taxes, insurance, other people's money and resources - has reached the middle of Scorpio now.

She will trine Mars at 11:44AM EDT, Neptune at 10:14AM EDT, inconjunct the Sun at 1:42PM EDT and move on to sextile the Capricorn planets while we sleep.

So, the early day is lunar water. We are made to go deep/move with what is happening/feel what we are experiencing.

This afternoon's Sun/Moon inconjunct is this month's Waxing Inconjunct - their last aspect before the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Friday. A final adjustment needed. Rock and hard place announcing itself so we don't miss it. The Sun is in multi-tasking and fast moving Gemini - communications, information, decisions/choices are coming at us fast and furiously. The Moon in Scorpio doesn't need to rush/wants to feel what is happening/suck the juice out of it - where is our power here? What do we miss when we rush through this experience? What is underneath the words?

At the same time the Moon inconjuncts the Sun, Venus, backing through Gemini, remember she (and so, we) squared Mars yesterday, meets the Sun at 13 degrees Gemini. This is her inferior conjunction, the midpoint of her retrograde journey. This is also the day Vesta moves into home/family/security oriented Cancer.

So, while the Sun/Moon are creating a kind of information overload/busyness vs the need to take the time to delve into something more deeply - Venus/Sun (in Gemini) are illuminating an understanding of what this retrograde is about for us. What have we been made to see?

This re-view/re-do with our relationships, money, values, self-esteem - how are our values changing? what do we really want? what and who do we love? how do the ways we make and spend money need to change? can we connect any illusive dots between our self-esteem and our money? have we re-connected/re-committed to something/someone from the past? does a relationship still support who we are? does a relationship with something/someone we used to love need to end?

Keep in mind Venus is still retrograde and while she is retrograde (especially in Gemini which rules multiplicity anyway) we are going to be attracted to/want DIFFERENT things. This attraction might not last when she stations direct toward the end of June, so it is best to try out new things, but not buy the farm right now, if you know what I mean. If it is something that will be hard to un-do later when she stations direct, it's not always such a good idea. But it is a good idea to try out new things/new ideas.

This is a good day to re-look at our relationships, our money, our values and resources - with the Sun's light focused here, and the Moon in Scorpio requiring we look deeper, we will see what we need to see. Whether we want to or not!

Does this inspire? Does this drain? Does this feel fresh/old, open or closed? What do we want now?

In Gemini, we can see how what we notice reflects/becomes who we are. How we talk to/at each other.

This is also the day Vesta moves into Cancer. With the queen of the hearth focused on our actual hearth until August 11th - we bring our focus (the kind of intensity that keeps us up at night) to Cancerian matters. Home, family, mother, mothering, home business, family business, real estate, our safety and security. Something here (and/or the theme of our natal Cancer house) will require our devotion now.

This won't feel casual.

It will need to feel safe. It will need to feel familiar to procure our devotion. The challenge with Vesta is that she excludes everything other than what she is focused on so intently. So, this plant blooms, while this one dries up. And the focus of her attention can become too extreme - think smother mothering here. We could also be reminded of familial obligations now. Patriotic fervor is possible, too.

We can see where all this fits into the collective storyline as battle/social distancing lines are drawn over every inch of ground

(among the myriad rallies and protests here in central New Jersey we even had one among high school seniors - some who wanted a graduation ceremony standing across the street from others thanking the administration for not having one)

and the Sun and Moon move toward their opposition and a square to our Mars in Pisces (spiritual warrior) on Friday.

Hang in there everyone.

xo all

photo by the amazing anyannti

We have a dear neighbor, a man of a different generation and style of moving through the world, who is good friends with hubs. Their friendship somehow managing to survive their deep political divisions until this week.

Hubs is like, "I never knew Joe was such an asshole". Joe, no doubt, says the same thing at his own dinner table. Or maybe something like, "I never knew George was such an idiot."

Joe's thinking is something like "it's horrible an innocent black man has been killed but this destruction of property needs to stop" and hub's is like "it's terrible this destruction of property is happening, but this killing of black people has to stop".

This is the nut of the thing right. The same words, but they mean such different things. Our beliefs/perception creating what we see even when we are both seeing the same thing. And then one "side" claiming a few bad apples, and not allowing the other side to claim the same. How do we get along when people think so differently?

Everyone needs a seat at the table. THE TABLE. Not the kid's table in the livingroom.

This is part of our journey over the next 18 months of the North Node in Gemini.

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