Weekly Astrology Forecast | June 29th - July 5th, 2020 - second chances, eat or be eaten, daddy backs into the garage and lands in the barcalounger, the beginning of the end of that two year Capricorn situation, smart moves, change is good


Sooo - this is the week Jupiter meets Pluto in Capricorn for the second time (of three) - the middle transit of any three-peat with Pluto is the one with the decimated landscape, but we know that already because in some space in our lives we are standing on it. Ground cleared.

AND this is the week of the final Eclipse on the Capricorn/Cancer axis (last of nine over the last two years!).

AND the week daddy Saturn comes back home to Capricorn for basically the rest of the year.

It's Cappy on steroid time!

So what did last year (and 2018!) and the first six months of this year teach us that we can use in the last half?

Something about resilience maybe ....

It will roll out something like:

TUESDAY - Jupiter conjunct Pluto (24 degrees Capricorn - this is the 2nd of 3), Sun conjuncts Mercury and squares Chiron, Mercury sextiles Uranus
WEDNESDAY - Sun sextiles Uranus, Mercury squares Chiron, Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn, Pallas conjuncts Pluto
SUNDAY - Capricorn Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (13 degrees) - FINAL ECLIPSE of NINE (Cancer/Capricorn axis) over the last two years. 

Yes, we have alot going on this week. Again.

On TUESDAY, Jupiter meets up with Pluto (the 2nd of three conjunctions in 2020) at 24 degrees Capricorn. They first met on April 4th, so an issue from that time period is RE-ENERGIZED.

And keep in mind all three Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions are also conjunct asteroid Pallas - wisdom, courage, smart moves, recognizing patterns, creativity, sometimes father/daughter stuff ...

This could be a SECOND CHANCE for success with our career/goals/the structure of our life in the world (or with our natal Cappy house theme). With BOTH planets retrograde in Capricorn we might be returning to old employment/old responsibilities as we re-vise, re-imagine how we feel now about success and power.

Jupiter/Pluto can support the powerful work we do to understand our role in our life and grow into it. It can support, sometimes via challenge, our ability to fight for justice, our personal ambitions and our potential to thrive under adverse circumstances. Keep in mind it is up to us to re-frame, to translate our experience into something we can work with and negotiate from there.

On the other hand we could just get steamrolled.

Or maybe we have taken in too much and now face near self-destruction trying to get rid of it?

There will be cats and there will be mice today and it might be best to avoid getting eaten. Meow!

This will also be about our Capricorn natal house theme. Where is 24 degrees Capricorn in our natal chart? You will know this area because it has been a strong focus of your life for the last couple years!

Before Jupiter and Pluto met in April - they had last met in December 2007 (in Sag) and before that in December 1994 (in Scorpio). Do those dates sound familiar? What was going on for you back then?

This is such a fortuitous aspect in a natal chart

(and Bill Gates has one and will be back in the news no doubt or is that already happening?)

it was once hard to wrap our minds around the negative collective potentials. Not so much anymore.

Although in some ways they are just too enormous to be considered. Collectively this is an expansion of power. In Capricorn, most likely - traditional structures of power. This aspect takes us back to the "time runs out" January palaver, when Saturn/Pluto met at 22 degrees, but not as exactly as the final one at the end of the year will. For some, financial gain (especially with Venus recently direct), maybe for others the realization that our hands in someone else’s pockets or theirs in ours will not stand for long.

There could be some kind of major impact this week on the world as we know it.

Expanded and powerful ambitions realized? The destruction of truth/faith? Financial shake-ups.

Whatever this is - it's a catalyst for enormous change.

In the meantime and at the same time, the Sun meets a retrograde Mercury - shining a light on a conversation/idea/information. Clarity. Mercury is sextiling Uranus - pulling us forward into the future, a new story, change is good. The Sun is also squaring Chiron, so something that comes to light here is going to hurt/trigger an old wound. Bring something painful to light.

With the Sun in Cancer this could be about a collective Cancerian matter - home, family, mother, mothering, home business, family business, safety, structure, what feels like home, who feels like family, patriotism - or a matter regarding your natal Cancerian house theme. 

This pulls us back to June 6th - maybe when we heard these words, had this conversation/this idea/ received this information the first time. But we know alot more now than we knew then, that's for sure.

For some people this will be about a local community issue, a transportation issue, tech issue or sibling situation.

On WEDNESDAY, it is the Sun's turn to sextile Uranus. Keep in mind every Uranian event arises from coercion to maintain the status quo, which ultimately produces a personal earthquake. In this case - we have this Uranian opportunity - midweek. A spotlight on change - a smooth move into something new. A new way of being ourselves/making money/working with existing resources. The Sun is in cancer, so again Cancerian themes can be highlighted (or our natal Cancer/Taurus house themes).

At the same time, a retrograde Mercury, who has just moved off the Sun and his/her own sextile to Uranus, squares Chiron - the conversation/idea/words hurt. This could, of course, be all part of the same thing as yesterday and happen yesterday. Or maybe today we are re-thinking it. Talking about it (this is not a new issue) again. Hard conversations. Hearing what we don't want to hear. Words hit a tender spot. Ouch.

This is also the day Saturn moves back into Capricorn. With Saturn (limits) out of Aquarius (the people) - and with the quarantine restrictions hitting just as Saturn moved into Aquarius we could have seen a lessening of the virus restrictions/quarantine, but the opposite is happening in some of the U.S. (and this makes sense with the astro now, too - it's complicated and alot is happening).

With Saturn back in Capricorn, we return to March 20th.

Keep in mind, we are still moving backward - revising, reworking, etc - our careers, goals, father issues, old responsibilities, commitments. If Saturn ie authority/the old power structure thinks this is the same Capricorn he/we left back in mid-March he is sadly mistaken though (and will find this out on this weekend's Eclipse!).

Wise warrior Pallas meets Pluto (she'll meet Jupiter on Saturday, so this could be all the same thing or what happens now expands then). Strategy, courage, expansion, power. Smart moves. Re-analyzing the situation. Dots connected in new ways.

A focus on what we can control.

Pallas and Pluto are both retrograde, so this won't be an entirely new battle - this is more about revising the battle plans - and keep in mind they met back in early April. 
Back later in the week with the Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse post - those Cappy loose ends and our two year Capricorn house storyline is getting wrapped up ... expect a big post by sign!

Let's be gentle with each other (yes, even the people we don't agree with). Get enough rest. And move your body because Mars has come home to Aries people!

xo all

photo by the talented Kistyna Vyslouzilova

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