Saturday Night Mystery | the astrology of the Disappearances of Madeleine McCann and Inga Gehricke and a new suspect comes to light - part I

On May 3, 2007 at 8:30PM while vacationing in Portugal, Kate and Gerry McCann, having put their three children to sleep (four year old Madeleine McCann and her two year old twin siblings), left their vacation villa for dinner with a group of other vacationing parents at a restaurant fifty yards away. They planned to return to the room and check on their children every half hour.

They have stated they left the villa's patio doors unlocked, so they wouldn't wake the children when entering through the locked front door. At 9:05PM, Madeleine's father returned to the room, and although noting the children's bedroom door was in a slightly changed position, confirmed all three children were asleep.

At 9:30PM, Madeleine's mother rose from dinner to check on the children and another guest and friend, going to check on his own children, volunteered to go and check for her which he did. He later admitted he never actually opened the bedroom door fully, so could only see Madeleine's siblings and not Madeleine herself.

At 10:00PM, Madeleine's mother returned to the room to check on her children. As she reached for the bedroom door, it slammed shut. Opening the door she noticed an open bedroom window, could see Madeleine was not in her bed, felt the icy terror of her discovery and the nightmare/search for Madeleine began ...

Over the years, there have been a few leads, but nothing that has ever amounted to anything solid. Madeleine has never been found.

The parents (especially Madeleine's mother, Kate) and even other dinner guests have been under suspicion at various times, based mostly on media speculation and the police's inability to see the 'most likely' suspect clearly (we'll see why as we dive into the charts).

Last week, German police announced a man named Christian (they withhold last names for privacy reasons), in prison for another crime, is a suspect in this and another unsolved case of a missing young girl, Inga Gehricke. In both cases his name surfaced during the investigations, but for one reason or another he was not looked at very closely.

Let's unpack the charts.

We'll start with Madeleine.

(note - there are about 100,000 asteroids discovered to date and about 5000 of them have been named - I have added asteroid Madeline, McCann and Christian - the closest to the names of the victim and suspect - to these charts)

The first chart shows the 'event' of Madeleine's parents leaving the room for dinner.

The Moon is waning from the prior day's Full Moon in her detriment in murky Scorpio and is now Void in the first house - this is important because it helps set the stage for the suspect's invisibility and suspicion falling on the "mother".

The Moon in Scorpio is answering to ancient ruler Mars in the 4th house of home/family and conjunct Uranus - foreshadowing the violent and chaotic disruption that is coming, but we aren't there yet. The base of this chart - that Neptune at 21 degrees in Aquarius - the sleeping group of children, at home, but not really at home; in a strange place. 21 degrees is an important (and not uncommon) degree of loss. Neptune (ruler of Pisces - the final sign, endings) is exactly squaring Madeleine's natal Sun at 21 degrees Taurus.

Mars is at 21 degrees Pisces and ruling the chart (note Mars is at 20 degrees Pisces as I write this and was conjunct the event chart's Mars when the German suspect's story was announced).

Madeleine's Birth Chart
Madeleine's natal Sun (21 degrees Taurus) is conjunct her natal Ceres in the 8th house (death) which at 23 degrees Taurus is exactly conjunct her mother Kate's natal Moon (23 degrees Taurus) in the 12th house of loss and endings, karmic unravelings.

(In the myth, Ceres' precious daughter, Persephone, is abducted and raped by Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. And to clarify this would mean the Moon was exactly on top of Ceres as Madeleine was born.)

The Moon in Scorpio is also answering to modern ruler Pluto (dark, hidden, taboo, death/transformation - aka the lord of the underworld) exactly 30 degrees from the Moon from that second house of what we value/have ownership of and responsibility for.

Notice Chiron (that old, deep wounding) conjunct Neptune (endings/the past/karma) and the North Node of Fate conjunct Uranus/Mars (the traumatic action). Note Ceres (mother) in the 5th house of children in Aries, the other house answering to that chart-ruling Mars.

If we look over at the descendant/the perpetrator we see Taurus at 14 degrees (at 14 degrees Taurus we find the fixed star Almach which is the foot by which Andromeda is chained to the rock awaiting her fate at the hands of the sea-monster and the fixed star Menkar, the nose of the sea-monster said to bring "danger from beasts").

The ruler of that Taurus 7th house is Venus (at 24 degrees Gemini - note Venus is in Gemini right now and Mars is in Pisces right now mirroring this chart).

Venus is in the 8th house (transformation/death) and answering to Mercury in the 6th in Taurus, so back to Venus. We have this mutual reception between the 8th and 6th houses. So, the house of death and the house of activities/planning. The perpetrator has been/is watching. Maybe since the previous day when Asteroid Madeleine moved into semi-sextile with Asteroid Christian. Note the Sun is moving toward an exact conjunction with Mercury - blowing Mercury out/making him combust/invisible. Venus is opposing Jupiter, home in Sagittarius. So maybe our perpetrator is a foreigner, but that Mercury looks like he's a local - so maybe both somehow. Asteroid Madeleine - sandwiched between the perpetrator's two signs - Venus and Mercury. This event/this outside person closing in. Notice the 25 degree Venus on the descendant (the other/the enemy) of Madeleine's birth chart! Saturn at the top of the chart shows us the public judgement that is to come on this moment - remember we are still on the first chart - the sleeping children left in the villa.

Now, let's move ahead to the 10:00PM chart - what has changed?

Notice the Uranus/Mars is now at the bottom of the chart/the home/the base of the matter - the chaotic violence has happened. Madeleine is no longer sleeping. Notice the Moon (representing Madeleine now) is in the 12th house now at the critical 29th degree of Scorpio - she is gone/disappeared. The Moon about to move into Sagittarius, which rules long distances, so we know she is getting farther away from this chart every minute.

Pluto (death/transformation) has moved into Madeleine's first house of herself, along with Sag's ruler Jupiter (the chart has moved to Sagittarius rising, so Jupiter represents Madeleine here, too) with Jupiter trining Saturn (death, karma).

Reality/fear/sobered up - the authorities are called in.

Venus has moved from 24 to 25 degrees Gemini, exactly sextiling Madeleine's natal Venus on her descendant.

The descendant is in Gemini now - answering to Mercury in Taurus answering to Venus in Gemini. The mutual reception - strength of the perpetrator continues.  

And now the Sun is exactly conjunct Mercury (the perpetrator) - he is combust/invisible. 

I think the power of that Void Scorpio Moon, coming right after the Scorpio Full Moon and that combust Mercury has helped this guy remain invisible and caused the authorities/media/public to be looking in the wrong places/tricked. 

Mercury also rules the top of the chart, that 10th house- he is feeling omnipotent/in charge. Because sadly he is!

Asteroid Christian has moved from the 6th house of planning/preparation into the 5th house of children (stolen childhood, the monster in the closet). Asteroid Madeleine is conjunct the descendant - in the control of the perpetrator. Asteroids Madeleine and Christian - are exactly semi-sextile (30 degrees apart) at 6 degrees Gemini and Taurus.

I don't know what the random chance of this is, but I would think rather low.

We would need Christian's birthchart to tie him in here positively, but his named Asteroid is interacting with this chart and exactly with Asteroid Madeleine. His picture in the news is literally a textbook Gemini appearance - someone quick, chameleon, if male there is sometimes something almost feminine/gentle about appearance, a youthful appearance, well-set body, slim, long hands and arms, piercing eyes, a local person or someone working within the community. He was living in the area. He sold his vehicle the very next day. A very Mercurian/Gemini move to protect himself. The Void Moon, continuing to perform in Scorpio, hid his horrible deeds and the combust Mercury made him invisible to the Sun (authority/the light). That Gemini could mean multiple perpetrators, or multiple acts/victims.

After analyzing Madeleine's chart it is easy to see this guy is a good possibility, but it was only after looking at the chart of the disappearance of another beautiful little girl - a five year old girl in Germany named Inga Gehricke who went missing while hunting for firewood during a family camping trip - that his guilt becomes a VERY strong possibility. At the time of Inga's abduction (which we will see next week looks more spontaneous than Madeleine's and happens very near Madeleine's abduction anniversary) Asteroid Christian is exactly opposing Asteroid Inge (the closest asteroid to her name)! He is again living in the abduction area and note these abductions happened in different countries and 8 years apart.

And we have transiting Venus in Gemini at EXACTLY the same degree in both cases.

AND this is the degree of Madeleine's natal Venus.

And her natal Venus is EXACTLY conjunct her descendant - 7th house cusp of other people.

AND we have a retrograde Venus in Gemini right now (as well as Mars in Pisces and Jupiter conjunct Pluto, all mirroring Madeleine's abduction/murder) and Venus will be back to this 25th degree in the beginning of August.

Maybe some long avoided justice?! Let's hope so.

And, God willing, some small bit of peace for these families just by finally knowing what happened to their precious children.

As to what happened to Madeleine McCann's remains we can look to the ruler of the 4th house/the end of the matter - Pisces/water or we can look to Saturn (in Leo) - fire, maybe he put her body into the water and burned other evidence? Maybe we could move the chart ahead and look at what he might have done after the abduction, but this guy is the monster we warn our children about. The one under the bed. The one we have to think isn't real or none of us would ever sleep ever again. I'm not so sure we really want to know ...

We will look at beautiful little Inga's disappearance chart next week.

xo all

(there is also a theme right now about scapegoating and through Neptune we are back to the days of the witch trials and what happened to Kate McCann and her family has had the feel of the witch trials - let's hope all of that can be put to bed)

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