Today's Astrology forecast | April 4th, 2020 - how have we used our power the last 12 years, what is growing, what needs to hit rock bottom, making something a bit more solid, another new chapter begins

The Moon (in fiery Leo) is void for most of the day until she moves into Virgo at 5:18PM EDT. Her only aspect today is a square to Venus (now in Gemini for the long haul) at 7:08PM EDT.

So most of the day we have fun-loving Leo and then tonight maybe some emotional tension/frustration.

The Virgo Moon is nurtured by things being practical/concise/done right while Venus in Gemini wants to try new untested things and has a hard time with practical AND they are both answering to mystical, but foggy, Mercury in Pisces. 

The big news today though is we have Venus trining (brakes off) Saturn (0 Aquarius) and the BIGGEST news - we have Jupiter meeting Pluto at 24 degrees Capricorn.

Since Jupiter/Pluto is one of the biggest aspects of the year, and with the planets' upcoming retrogrades they will meet three times, let's unpack this one first.

Something to keep in mind here, is that although these planets are exact today, they have been building toward this day all year, and even at the same degree for days - and after we 'move on' from today and they aren't exactly exact anymore they will still be close enough to engage each other, basically for the rest of the year.

Jupiter/Pluto is immense power and transformation. Our biggest planet - Jupiter expands. We grow through enlargement/breadth (as opposed to Saturn who teaches through contraction). Good things get BIGGER and sometimes bad things, too, the way situations have to reach some kind of bottoming out before we can get up again. Pluto takes things down to the ashes, so they can rise like the phoenix, in a new form.

In our natal charts our Cappy house has been laid nearly bare already. Most of our Capricorn planets criss-crossed by deadly Pluto for months or even years (the transformation of any planets at the very end of Capricorn are still ahead of us). They are all in various stages of the death/rebirth cycle. 

What Jupiter does at this point depends on where we are in this cycle. And we are all exactly where we need to be. Exactly where we are needed. Some things can't be rushed.

Our Cappy situation grows/expands/accelerates. Jupiter brings the opportunity to make something as big as it can possibly get/to go as far as we can possibly go. This can bring success or the kind of 'hitting bottom' that precedes a new start.

We are closing out a twelve year cycle that began in December 2007. What were you starting/doing in December 2007/early 2008? Jupiter/Pluto met at that time on the Galactic Center (28 Sagittarius). There is a complete and final ending here.

AND there is a new beginning at 24 Cappy.

So, how have we worked with our Plutonian energies these last twelve years? What secrets have come out? How have we used our power? What have we merged? What have we purged?

We'll talk more about this as we move through it and in the big picture post.

At the same time we have Venus (freshly minted in curious/wordy/tricky/versatile Gemini) trining sober Saturn in Capricorn. So, Mars hit the wall with Saturn at the beginning of the week - was that just the beginning of the week? why does that seem like a month ago? I am aging in dog years now folks (have I said this is all happening conjunct my natal Mercury) ..

And now Venus (relationships, love, money, self-esteem, our values) gets the nice trine.

Venus is Gemini can have us all over the place and Saturn focuses on one solid thing. What matters most? This isn't about a lifetime commitment to someone/something, but sometimes we have to narrow our focus to get something done.

Make a plan. A schedule. Make something more solid. Seek out a mentor. Trines are smooth energies, we will want to do this, the right thing won't be something we have to push ourselves to do. Venus is in changeable Gemini for the long haul with her upcoming retrograde, so nothing will be a solid long-term commitment right now, but it will pay off for us to make something a bit more solid.

For the collective, the last time Jupiter met Pluto here in Cappy it was 1771.

In the United States - which didn't quite exist yet - we had the drumbeats of war and the Battle of Alamance, a pre-American Revolutionary War battle between local militia and a group of rebels called "The Regulators" in present-day Alamance County, North Carolina. 

If you are an Outlander fan - a wonderful series of books, by Diana Gabaldon, turned into a mini-series on Starz - you know they had this very battle in this week's episode! 

Anyway, we will talk more about this in the big picture, which for some reason has been like pulling nails to write .... hopefully the next post in the series will be up tonight. If it still doesn't want to come out, I will get the Full Moon in Libra post up a couple days early and of ourse we have the week ahead post tomorrow which looks like, you guessed it, another big week!

Enjoy the Leo Moon today!

xo all

photo by the amazing Natalia Ciobanu

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