Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, April 8, 2020 - mountains out of molehills, long void moon, good for routine stuff, time gets stretchy, healing through stepping back, taking care of ourselves, independent action

Coming off last night's big Full Moon - situations/relationships could be frustrating/maybe feel overwhelming this morning as the Libra Moon clashes with first Pluto (8:17AM EDT) and Jupiter (8:49AM EDT).

She then goes void until her dive into deep Scorpio at 4:17PM EST - focusing us on Scorpian themes for the next couple days - other people's money, taxes, loans, sex, intimacy, life/death, divorce, reproduction and nurturing us through depth, substance, power, getting to the bottom of things, merging and purging.

In Scorpio, she will square Saturn at 6:02PM EDT (tension with limits/authority/deadlines) and then tomorrow afternoon she will square Uranus (liberation/the future/change/rebellion). With Saturn in Aquarius (except for the time he backs into Capricorn during his retrograde this year) and Uranus in Taurus - fixed signs that square each other - this is a pattern that will be playing out now and throughout 2021 - authority controls/limits/focus on the past followed by rebellion/change/a focus on the future.

We are in for quite a ride during these Scorpio (and Leo!) Moon days.

In other parts of the skies we have Mars (in Aquarius) sextiling Chiron (in Aries). This is healing through stepping back/staying a bit detached. Maybe things aren't as bad as we first thought. As we gain some distance from the situation - which Aquarius allows us to do - we get a new perspective. Both Aquarius and Aries are independent signs, so this could require some time spent alone or some actions taken alone.

Coming off that big Libra Full Moon and with the Moon in Scorpio starting late this afternoon - we want to watch out for jealousy, compulsion, manipulation, taking things too personally, analyzing something to death.

Today's long void Moon is good for routine action or taking a break. Time gets stretchy. Know the Moon going void off that square to expansive Jupiter could mean we (or someone else) is apt to make a mountain out of a molehill. Chill out.

A good day for independent action.

xo all

photo by the talented NotBlackEnough

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