The astrology of 2020 | part IV - major pivot points ahead, revolutionary prepwork, staying flexible, holding the light

I have put off looking too far ahead with everything that is happening and tried to just focus on the BIG picture. I sometimes think I should be looking/thinking ahead, but then feel my energy sucked into a great big void when I sit down to actually wrote about it.

We are being asked to embody a whole new program and it is going to take some time to download!

Our lives are like those little hourglasses spinning around on the screen.

It's not the best time to be looking. But let's look a little bit ahead anyway, keeping in mind you need to use your discernment because it is a time of looking within and who really knows how ineptly I could be viewing all this right now with my own stellium so activated .... :)

Anyhoo, here goes.

At the end of April, a HUGE shift will begin as Pluto stations retrograde. Normally Pluto's retrograde station isn't something we can personally feel (unless it is hitting an important point in our natal chart), but when the planet of death (and rebirth) starts backing up during a pandemic, I think that is going to mean something.

He stations retrograde squaring Mercury (in fiery Aries!) - suspicion, angry words, verbal manipulations and power plays - we are heading for something BIG here.

And just days before mercurial Mercury takes over the North Node!

APRIL 25TH - Pluto stations retrograde (death postponed, outer transformation becomes inner transformation, mess to be cleaned up before he stations direct in October) *
MAY 5TH - NORTH NODE INTO GEMINI, SOUTH NODE INTO SAGITTARIUS - this is also the trigger date for next month's first Eclipse
MAY 7TH - Full Moon in Scorpio (which will be ruled by that retrograde Pluto)
MAY 11TH - Saturn stations retrograde* (rules/limits relax, endings postponed)
MAY 13TH - Venus stations retrograde
MAY 14TH - Jupiter stations retrograde (expansion ends)
MAY 17TH - Pallas stations retrograde

By the middle of May, FIVE planets/bodies will be retrograde (!) including Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter - the energies that kicked this whole thing off - see January HERE

AND the North Node, our best path forward, will be out of Cancer (home, family, our inner life) and the South Node, what we we have stirred up to see what should stay and what we should leave behind, out of Capricorn (work, our outer life). 

So, by mid-May, this first phase of the pandemic will be shifting gears. And this shifting could involve alot of grinding, stops and starts, but should involve a backward momentum - death postponed, time to clean up the mess, rules relaxed, endings delayed.

(Just as I write this, hubs who is going to need a serious YouTube rehab when this is all over - for I have no idea what reason, but synchronistically shows me a video of a guy in a brand new, fancy race-boat backing away from the off-ramp into the water and suddenly putting the boat into forward motion and slamming back into the ramp. "I guess he has wrecked the bottom of his new boat", I say. "And his engine", he adds.)

Let's proceed with a slow and steady backing up plan here. Let's get turned around before we hit that throttle.

Now, because the medical establishment thinks this virus could 'return' in the fall/winter

(and the news media have saturated our consciousnesses with this, and keep in mind, they also think and the media reports the virus may be unaffected by weather and not disappear in the summer, so as to cover all their foggy bases, no doubt)

AND because the astrology could be said to support this - since we are talking about pivots/a slowdown coming through retrograde periods, it is possible this is just what will happen.

Sooner or later the retrograde planets will start moving direct again and we will be back where we were in the spring, although older and wiser.

Jupiter stations direct mid-September (bringing him back to mid-May), Saturn at the end of September (back to mid-May) and Pluto the beginning of October (back to the end of April).

So, by the time Jupiter meets Pluto for the third and final time, near 11/11/2020 (!) - and we have ALOT of other things going on around that time - we could be back in the soup. Again.

Of course, it is also possible, because, here in the United States, this date is one week after the U.S. election - we will not be back in the same soup, but an entirely different pot.

In the United States this is all happening in the United States second house (our money, values, self-esteem) and in opposition to our natal Mercury (so driven by health, Mercury being the ruler of Virgo the sign of our health and driven by the media/news/information, Mercury also being the ruler of Gemini, ruler of information and ideas not all of which are accurate or true), and is part of our upcoming American Revolution Part II (Pluto return 2022), so all bets are kind of off with this one.

Keep in mind, Plutonian transits - and we just had a collective doozy of a Plutonian transit - Pluto/Saturn - and are in the middle of another Plutonian transit, this second one a three-peat - Pluto/Jupiter (April, August and November) - are PERMANENT. 

There isn't a magic wand that will be waved and put us back where we were before. 

Pluto wipes away "back there" - it simply doesn't exist anymore.

This will mean different things to different people.

Whether we are going to rise from our death bed's sweaty sheets or lock the doors and take to our beds forever is entirely up to each of us.

This "permanent change" (and I am not talking about masks and 'social distancing' here) isn't a totally bad thing and, yes, we might have to stretch and reach for the things we can label as good for a awhile.

And if we do this we will find them because they are and will be EVERYWHERE.

We'll talk about this more as we move through this.


Now, this summer is going to have THREE eclipses, so there is alot of change and alot in flux throughout the summer. Eclipses have alot of staying power, work forward and backward and move through cycles.

Eclipses are cosmic course corrections. Things get eclipsed out or out of our way. We get a re-set. Things come to light or to a conclusion. There isn't much we can control about Eclipse energies.

Lunar Eclipse Full Moons (two of the three this summer) are a bit different than regular Full Moons because they are happening on the Moon's South Node - the Moon is full but its light is blocked by the earth's shadow. So although things are still concluding and 'coming to light' other stuff is hidden, too. Nothing is exactly as it seems. Sometimes we think we have failed and then something flips on us. Or we are patting ourselves on the back for a big win and the client calls with revisions that require many hours work. Sometimes much bigger, more important things are obscured in the shadows.

If we are looking for things to settle down - that probably isn't going to happen.

JUNE 5TH - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (15 degrees Sag) squaring Mars - I sometimes find Eclipse events happen pretty much exactly one month before or after the actual Eclipse date - so this takes us back to May 5th when the Nodes change signs, there could be a dramatic event then, and it takes us forward to July 5th which is that third-wheel Lunar Eclipse in the middle of Capricorn possibly giving this Eclipse extra oomph, so all three dates are POWERFUL indicators for change.
JUNE 18TH - Mercury stations retrograde (in Cancer right in the middle of the eclipses!)
JUNE 21ST - New Moon Solar Eclipse (1 degree Cancer, hours after Summer Solstice)
JUNE 23RD - Neptune stations retrograde
JUNE 25TH - Venus stations direct
JUNE 27th - Mars enters Aries - where he will be, due to his upcoming retrograde, FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR. And during which time he will square Pluto three times - August, October and December. Keep in mind that Pluto moves very slowly and is going to be within a couple degrees of his January position all year, so any contact with Pluto activates the Saturn/Pluto AND it activates the Jupiter/Pluto.
JUNE 30th -  Jupiter conjuncts Pluto (for the second time, this is the conjunction where they are both retrograde)
JULY 5TH - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (13 degrees Capricorn)

So, June, and into the first week or so of July, just looks like a WILD RIDE - almost anything can happen!

You can see there are just too many pivot points to make anything more than educated guesses about what will happen.We are just going to have to hang on loosely.

Just like we could see at the January 2020 eclipse that 'mama-bear standing all alone against the world' and we could see 'time running out' at the January Saturn/Pluto pow-wow, but we couldn't see the collision course of all of this resulting in this exact pandemic/time-out.

I am posting this as the Sun squares that Jupiter/Pluto and as Mercury meets with Chiron. This is tricky energy. And we are still in this 'waiting' space. Mercury/Chiron here is kind of like we have an idea of who we are and then we defend it on a mental level. And then here is life - this stellium at the end of Capricorn/beginning of Aquarius - pushing to change us. Demanding we interact with life on life's terms and not our own.

We are heading into a nodal shift to Gemini/Sagittarius - we want to be holding on very loosely to our ideals and our ideas. We have to be flexible. We have to trust (Jupiter!) that we have what we need for this time we are living through. We have to trust this will all work out in the end (because it will, this is assured - this doesn't mean we get to sit this one out and not participate though, this has clearly been brought home to all of us in the last month).

In the iChing - ARGUING follows waiting. And 'arguing for something' makes a much better beginning than it does an ending. We'll talk about that in tomorrow's post.

xo all

I have had a few people write me about conspiracy theories and about Bill Gates global agenda with vaccines that can be tracked inside our bodies (or ability to change the world through tech/science, depending on how you look at it and both are true probably), so I took a look at his chart and will do a full post about it. It is very interesting with mega-ties to these times. He has a natal Jupiter/Pluto conjunction - huge power potential here - and it exactly trines Neptune, so no limits. His natal Chiron is at 0 degrees Aquarius, Uranus is on his ascendant and his Nodes are Sagittarius/Gemini, so opposite the new Nodes we are heading into. A person with a natal Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in a year when we have three Jupiter Pluto conjunctions is going to be mega-activated. Mega-powerful. One problem I see ahead for Bill's plans - for good or ill - is that nodal opposition because Hillary had that when she looked like she was going to win and then didn't and that natal Chiron opposing his important Uranus - his Achille's heel at the important degree of 0 Aquarius, another uber activated degree, especially at the end of the year when Jupiter meets Saturn. On the other hand that could be his ace in the hole depending on what he does with it. We will take a better look! In the meantime try not to get too caught up in conspiracy theories - true or untrue we can't tell - and even if powerful nefarious forces are at work rest assured God/the Universe/love is stronger than any of them and knows what he/she is doing with all of this!

photo by the amazing Brooke Shaden

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