Today's Astrology Forecast | April 3, 2020 - staying positive, brave action, keep moving forward, new choices, attracted to planning, long void Moon

Our Leo Moon moves along unaspected for most of the day until she goes void with a trine to the Sun at 3:29PM EDT. This is positive - keep going forward. The Moon will be void until 5:18PM EDT TOMORROW.

This month's Waxing Trine - Moon in Leo, Sun in Aries - is about finding happiness/passion in where we are right now. This is about bravery/pride and standing up/initiating/feeling passion. The brakes are off something. Where is the silver lining. Find it.

Mercury meets Neptune (again). Information comes to light - and maybe, with Mars on his way to square Uranus - seems like it is totally from out of left field. But this is Pisces, so news/communications can be confusing, Even unintentionally or intentionally deceptive. What does your intuition tell you? Meditate. Pray. Talk to your ancestors - you carry their story forward - they are helping you.

(information being true/not true could be exemplified by the UK scientist whose devastating virus projection models were used by the WHO, the United States, etc - clearing up the fact these numbers were if "nothing was done" - he had projected 500,000 deaths in the U.K. and is now projecting 20,000 including 10,000 people he states would have likely died by year's end even without the virus - maybe we will never know if these 'doomsday" models were valid, and he has stated the downgrade comes from, yes, actions taken to prevent the spread of disease, but mostly the fact the virus is likely even more transmissible than they thought and so a greater number of people had already had it  - showing once again we need to all stay calm when they toss crazy numbers at us. Not because they are lying, although some people will have agendas here, but most likely because they just don't know. Mercury is in Pisces, just out of his retrograde and still walking old territory. Our brains are frying on the sidewalk. In another week when Mercury starts covering new ground, and in another two weeks, when Mercury gets into Aries the information will be much more accurate. In the meantime, we need to remain cool headed - fear will choke off our breath long before any virus.)

Mercury/Neptune wouldn't be a good time for a big leap, because we won't be seeing things as clearly as we will in another week or two, but it is an excellent time to work with our dreams/art/music.

This is also the day Venus moves into Gemini. Gemini Suns and Rising become more attractive. Both easy on the eye and more easily able to attract what they want. All of our Gemini houses become more attractive, too. With her upcoming retrograde, Venus is in Gemini for the long haul.

We are most attractive (use our Venus) through Gemini (our mind, words, flexibility, humor). It's a good time to be talking and communicating with lots of different people about lots of different things.

We are attracted to ideas/planning.

Venus in Gemini is about variety. In the mutable air sign (Gemini) the themes Venus rules - love, money, value, self-esteem, women, beauty - become more versatile. There are quickly more options available. There is also more duality - this is the space where our heart is saying one thing and our brain is saying something else.

We could suddenly recognize a mismatch between what we have and what we want. Or maybe what we thought we had (during Venus in resource-rich Taurus) could be up for grabs a bit.

It's a good time to set aside any existing constructs about what we like and what we don't like and stay open to new experiences, new people and new situations. This isn't the best energy to make an important decision (regarding our Gemini natal house theme or Venus ruled love, money, self-esteem, values, women or beauty) or commit to something permanently.

Keep in mind the drumbeats of Jupiter toward Pluto and the launch of another new cycle. One of the main reasons for all the tumultuous energy of 2020 is the starting and ending of so many long term cycles! This one brings us back to December 2007. 

With Jupiter (expansion) and Pluto (power) meeting tomorrow exactly opposing the United States natal Mercury (information), at the same time we have transiting Mercury on foggy/illusive/virus ruling Neptune - expect the press to be ALL OVER SOMETHING.

(people with natal Jupiter/Plutos will find this energy activated - cue the gazillionaires with this natal aspect like Bill Gates)

But, not everything will be true.

And that opposition likely indicates some back channel power-grabs that may or may not be visible.

xo all

photo by the talented RonnyEngelmann

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