Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of April 6th - a light on what is out of balance, relationship challenges, opportunities to heal, information/perspectives/the conversation changes, the revolution is coming ...

SATURDAY - Jupiter conjuncts Pluto (24 degrees Capricorn)
TUESDAY - Full Moon/Super Moon in Libra (18 degrees), Mars squares Uranus, Mercury sextiles Jupiter and Pluto
WEDNESDAY - Mercury squares Galactic Center, Mars sextile Chiron
FRIDAY - Venus sextiles Chiron and enters her shadow degrees for her upcoming retrograde
SATURDAY - Mercury into Aries
SUNDAY - Mercury squares the Nodes of Fate

We are living through challenging times as we shift from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. Many have been sent to their rooms for a much needed time out, others called to the 'front-line' and still others are challenged with illness or the illness of someone they love.

Collectively awakened to the importance of home and family and our inner world (that Cancer North Node!) and the need for big, structural changes to the work side of our lives, our outer world and ambitions/those bright, shiny rewards we have spent so much time chasing that don't look quite so shiny these days (that Capricorn South Node).

All of us charged with gently working through our FEAR. Unraveling lifetimes of "death anxiety", so the DNA codes we were born with and will need for this New Age can wake the hell up!

Even as Jupiter/Pluto's meeting on Saturday can amplify these "dark night of the soul" energies, Jupiter/Pluto also gives us the confidence and courage (and the kind of 'luck' available when these courage/confidence energies are accessed) to handle these extraordinarily transformational changes.

This is another BIG WEEK with multiple twists and turns.


We start the week with the powerhouse energies of the first of three (June, November) Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions this year.

I am not going to sugar-coat it - the planet of expansion (Jupiter) passing over the planet of death (Pluto), could make things more challenging (this conjunction happened during the second wave of the Spanish Flu, but this was during a World War when people were already stressed and weakened), BUT keep in mind this aspect is already waning (weakening/separating). It is strongest as it builds and when exact (Saturday night EDT) and we start this week with it already waning, so that is good. They will meet again HERE during their retrogrades over the summer, so we are going to come back to this point again. Something was missed. And then they will meet for a final time on the January Pluto/Saturn degree in November. Then they are done. This doesn't mean we will be where we are now until then, but it does tell us this is part of a longer story-line ...

For now check in on the news as you need to, but don't obsess with it. Keep in mind always with Jupiter his ability to make things seem bigger than they actually are ...

We have a Super Moon/Full Moon in partnership/balance/fairness focused Libra. The Moon is squaring the Cappy energies (that Jupiter/Pluto) and pulls our focus to how everything going on is impacting our relationships with other people, our sense of what is fair, our ability to maintain our balance.

Full Moon post to follow.

At the same time Mars (in future focused Aquarius now) moves into his square with Uranus - who is busy shaking up our money, resources, values, self-esteem. This is tension/frustration. Abrupt action. Breaks-ups. Breakdowns. Breakthroughs. Squares require adjustment. If we are making some abrupt/new move we are going to need to think about how this will impact our finances and resources.

(our last Full Moon was that huge Full Moon in Virgo conjunct Neptune, with Mercury stationing direct and Venus conjunct Uranus - this really PUSHED forward this "doomsday" chapter - HERE is the post about that - at least that Full Moon is in our rear-view mirror now!)


Mercury (at the end of Pisces now) is going to square the Galactic Center (our homing signal/center of creation/black hole in the middle of our Milky Way Galaxy). He/she is given an adjustment to the story; an edit to this chapter. And keep in mind Mercury was at the "time runs out/here is the death that was postponed" palaver back in January. AND he/she has been back and forth in Pisces, the sign that rules viruses - since February 3rd!

At the same time Mars (in future, group and tech focused Aquarius) sextiles (opportunity) healing Chiron. This takes the edge off the tension we had with those unexpected challenges with Uranus earlier in the week. New actions focused on the future are healing. We help ourselves by helping others. We are healing very old, very deep ancestral wounds by bravely moving into the future!


Venus (ruler of that Super Libra Full Moon and ruler of our relationships, love, money, our values, resources and self-esteem) starts walking the degrees in Gemini she will walk two more times. When she wraps up her retrograde and shadow period in August we will be back HERE. So, pay attention to what is happening now. What house does Gemini rule in your natal chart? What is the 'theme' of that house? We all have alot of work to do HERE.

She, like Mars yesterday, but from a different space in our chart, sextiles Chiron. More healing opportunities - this time through different choices, flexibility, loving something else, our local community, our siblings, humor, words, keeping things light. It is good news for us she has this sextile at the start of her shadow period!

We'll talk more about this in the dailies.

Now, it's Mercury's turn to finally bust a move as he swims out of Pisces and into Aries. BOOM. THIS MATTERS.

Remember she/he was part of January's Pluto/Saturn conjunction. She has been back and forth through virus-ruling Pisces for many weeks because of her retrograde (and remember Mercury is not only the messenger God but also the trickster God).

She has just squared the Galactic Center picking up a need to adjust her message.

So now in Aries - a cardinal sign demanding initiative/a fresh start - new information comes in. 

Our perspective shifts. 

A new spell is being woven with new words.  

As she moves into Aries and crosses the Aries point - something here is collectively/universally noticed.  

Our attention goes HERE.

New solutions. Fresh conversations. Words will be faster and more impulsively stated. Assertive language.

I am thinking and hoping, because the astrology points in multiple ways (to me) as Mercury being an important driver of this pandemic (and the death anxiety) we will reach an important pivot point at the end of this week/beginning of next week when Mercury enters Aries.

Mercury's story-line includes - his participation in January's Pluto/Saturn conjunction, his long journey since then through watery Pisces where he met Pisces ruler Neptune three times (the sign and planet that rules viruses, pandemics, foggy thinking and a space where we can lose all connection with outcomes), his rulership of Virgo - the sign of our health and that BIG Full Moon last month AND Mercury's rulership of communication, the transportation of everything from ideas/information to toilet paper and even to things like our little corona fellow. In Pisces, he isn't known for his sharp thinking. Ask a Mercury in Pisces person for some number related information and, unless they have some strong earth in their charts, you are more likely to hear about how they "feel" about the numbers/facts.

And that Cappy pile-up (and the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction) were and are opposing the United States natal Mercury (in emotional Cancer), so the United States news and information in particular has been especially slippery and de-stabilizing. We've been down the rabbit-hole with this one!

Finally Mercury (in fiery and impulsive Aries) squares the North and South Nodes. 

Big picture - we are in the process of incredible inner change. An emotional reset in order to build a brand-new world that works for all of us - and this includes the animals and the Earth. It looks like the changes are happening outside us/forced upon us - and they are, but only because the changes within us are calling them into activation. 

If we think of all the ways this "time runs out" thing could be playing out - we are probably having a best case scenario even though it feels like a worst-case scenario. With Uranus in Taurus - the ways we make money, the resources we have, our values - all of this is in line for major resets. This was already going to happen in very big and unexpected ways without this pandemic.

And keep in mind the way the energies worked out in January when we got a taste of them through Trump's impeachment/the Iran situation with the killing of the general and then Iran's follow-up bombing - things felt like life and death (in Trump's case felt like life and death to him) and some people did die, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. The situations kind of fizzled out, although they didn't exactly resolve and still kind of hang over our heads. In the case of the virus we had wily Mercury - never doubt the power of our closest planet - picking up that story-line and running with it, so let's see what happens when he gets out of the Pisces soup and into Aries at the end of this week.

And again we'll see what happens when Mars (because he lit the fuse when he got into Capricorn) untangles himself from Saturn and gets out of Aquarius in the middle of May.

There are many, many pivot points ahead for us, so don't make yourself crazy looking too far ahead right now.

The time-out caused by this "time runs out" pandemic (as horrific as the pandemic itself has been for some people and as much havoc as this is going to cause financially going forward), has been a great salve to planet Earth. Keep in mind Ceres (Mother Nature - that mama-bear) was at that palaver in January, too. Maybe some of these changes forced upon us - working at home, less travel, less consumerism, more electronic connections, etc - are some of what is needed to keep this many billion people (and maybe in a sense we are like a virus to the planet) alive and take care of our beautiful world, too. Momentary, fake fixes are not an option.

xo all

photo by the talented TheFoxAndTheRaven

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