The Astrology of January 2020 | the month this sh*t gets real (realer?, realest?)

We spent most of 2019 in energies building toward and preparing us for 2020 - which is a massively important year (and one that will end very differently than it starts for all of us).

We begin the year in the Eclipse spin cycle - in between two powerful Eclipses. And some of the most important stuff of 2020 hits us right out of the gate.

Let's unpack this baby - and when I say, "baby", maybe picture Godzilla squashed into a Samsonite ...  with King Kong and whatever that flying 3 headed thing was, in there somewhere, too.

We start the year with Mercury, Jupiter and the South Node TOGETHER - maybe we are thinking about what is OVER/the past/the good old days/nostalgia. Our thinking/ideas/the stories we are carrying that are weighing us down and holding us back (Mercury), the beliefs that keep us tethered to the past/to a sense of self righteousness/that are limiting our ability to grow and expand or have pulled us away from the truth (Jupiter) - we need to let this stuff go now.

JANUARY 2nd - Mercury conjunct Jupiter, First Quarter Moon (Aries) - BIG NEWS. Big thinking. Hopeful information (just keep in mind the Aries Moon's need to adjust - see below) that is serious and spoken/written with authority. In Capricorn - this will be "real" not pie-in-the-sky. We are aware of the limits/restrictions here, but there is still a reason to be optimistic. If you can't see the reason - look harder/wider. Make the call/take the call. Use sober AND positive language.

The Moon in Aries squares the Capricorn Sun giving us this month's waxing square. Now here is some obstacle with our New Moon story. The new vs the old. What we want to do vs what we have to do. A limit. Obligation. Our actions encounter resistance and yet we still must act. The Cappy Sun says "not so fast" Aries Moon, "maybe you haven't earned this thing just yet." Be brave. Keep moving.

JANUARY 3rd - Sun trine Vesta, Mercury conjunct South Node, Mars into Sagittarius - Mercury conjuncts the South Node (like the Sun did on Monday). News about the past. Maybe a contract/commitment is over.  A responsibility/job ends. A sibling/local community/transportation issue culminates.We can see how we need to let go of any negative thinking/old stories.

Mars flies out of sharp focused Scorpio and into big picture, sky's the limit, freedom loving and fiery Sagittarius. He's looking for action (and with the Moon in Aries answering to him and squaring the Sun - maybe he's even looking for a fight).

Mars in Sagittarius (through February 16, 2020) will have us looking for adventure over the next few weeks. Taking action that expands us. Pushed (in our search for the truth) to confront stuff that doesn't line up with our worldview so that our worldview can WIDEN. Sagittarius rules our big-picture beliefs which have a way of becoming actively more inclusive with Mars here.

Hopefully the truth changes us, rather than us changing the truth!

With Mars in Sagittarius - opportunity and expansion (Sagittarius) is generated through action, initiative and courage (Mars). Action (Mars) creates optimism/hope (Sagittarius).

Watch for too much impulsivity, the scattering of our energies/restlessness and too much preachiness during this transit.

The Sun (in Capricorn, where else?) trines Vesta (in Taurus, but no longer retrograde) - this is the third of three trines we have had this year, the last time on 11/22 - a light shines on something precious - maybe a resource, a value, money, the planet Earth, something we can 'take to the bank', a survival issue. Take this seriously. Focus on what is real.

What is an absolute bottom line security-issue must have/keep/get - focus on that. 

JANUARY 5th - Mars trine Chiron - something healing can fall right into our lap. We can move through what hurts and past those closed doors/karmic endings and releases because we KNOW there is something bigger/better ahead of us. Be brave. Believe in yourself. Our action, our initiative, our courage, our movement - is healing. THIS is how we take care of ourselves/stand up.

JANUARY 7th - Sun sextile Neptune - here is the Cappy/Pisces energy of "making the dream real", we had all last year. Maybe we have to sacrifice something to get something else. Creating within the rules/certain limits. There is OPPORTUNITY here/magic/help from the ancestors.

JANUARY 8th - Jupiter conjunct South Node, Mercury sextile Neptune - now Jupiter walks across the South Node. And keep in mind Mars in Sag is answering to Jupiter now, so amplifies the personal importance of this - we are letting go of old beliefs/hopes/judgement/self-righteousness thoughts and ideas that no longer serves us. This is karmic endings/releases. To work with this, because alot here will be outside our control - we have to let go, trust that life has our back here. We are creating space for something else. At the same time Mercury is sextiling Neptune - changing our thinking can be healing. How can any losses be a positive thing - focus on that.

Mercury sextile Neptune is subtle. This is good energy for storytelling - for using our imagination. Good for visionary ideas and language. Ideas are AVAILABLE for the right person - the person who can make them REAL - to pick them like apples in an autumn orchard. This is good for learning (Mercury) through osmosis (Neptune), so would be a good time to hang out with the smartest person you know. Compassionate (Neptune) language (Mercury) is helpful (sextile). Siblings may be illusive or confusing. But Mercury in Capricorn is giving a Neptunian dream a structure to work with. Again this whole thing is subtle, but available. Talk to other people. The opportunity comes as one thought/conversation/idea drifts into another.


JANUARY 10th - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, Uranus stations direct - I can't do justice to this in a paragraph, but I'll take a crack at it. Uranus stations direct - now here is where change can't be stopped. We are moving on/ahead/advancing. Making an important decision. Those changes in our natal Taurus house - where we like things to stay the same - as well as science/tech/the group/whatever needs to be modernized, won't be held back. There could be sudden changes. Now all the planets are direct and we have only a few weeks of this before we get almost nonstop retrogrades all through 2020. Time speeds up.

The Capricorn Sun opposes the Cancer Moon at 20 degrees Cancer (so, yes, pretty much exactly opposing the Capricorn pile-up!).

The Moon stands alone (maybe she really is made of cheese).

We are feeling how we are outnumbered/out-manned/out-gunned. We are feeling what is outside our control/what we are most afraid of.

Maybe our home/family/safety (theme of our natal Cancer house) feels threatened somehow.

The good news with this eclipse is a trine to magical/dreamy/compassionate Neptune. Here is our path through this. Pray. Meditate. Make art. Listen to music. Dream. We are connecting to bigger hands that have our back.

Our intuition/our ancestors are helping us through this. Listen.

JANUARY 12TH - Mercury conjunct Saturn, Mercury conjunct Pluto, Mercury conjunct Ceres, Ceres conjunct Pluto, Ceres conjunct Saturn, Saturn conjunct Pluto - all in Capricorn

This is the energy we have been building toward all throughout 2019.

Let's take a step back here and look at the Cappy big picture.

Capricorn is a patriarchal energy. Ruled by "daddy" Saturn - builder of time and rules and structure and careers and hierarchy. Nothing "real" gets built without Saturnian energy. His-story. "Corporations are people." The ways we make ourselves invulnerable. Our hard edges. Our survival instinct out in the world. 'Life is a battlefield". "It's a dog eat dog world." Our stiff upper lip. Our boot straps. The Capricorn energy is about stability, history, security. It's the sign of "father". And, with this mindset/with these beliefs, in order to survive, to order to keep his family/tribe alive, father (as us and through our leaders) has had to do a whole lot of stuff that isn't very warm and fuzzy.

In 2008, Pluto moved into Capricorn and got busy de-constructing all these Cappy bedrocks (the financial housing crisis kicked this off rather nicely). The people and structures that carry the greatest load of the old Saturn archetype have probably felt this most. Everything that isn't solid as a rock, and even some things that are, have fallen or are falling. Our big institutions are on shaky ground. Our heroes have fallen from their outgrown pedestals (as they are stripped to their humanity). Our safety net has holes large enough that even our winter backsides, holed up with hot chocolate and cider donuts, can slip through easily.

Now, Pluto is a slow moving energy. This de-construction/death and rebirth has been a slow process. A kind of LONG dark night of the soul.

Then, in December 2017, Saturn (having just crossed the Galactic Center, and the question to me was would he, as us, come home a new man or an embittered, old one trying to hold onto something that is slipping away) came home to Capricorn. He set about, as yes, collectively more the embittered old man, I am afraid, trying to hold onto what he - as the patriarchy, as us - had built.

He has been approaching his meeting with the Lord of the Underworld (Pluto) on his own home turf, ever since. So, whatever happens now it won't be something that hits us totally out of the blue. We have seen this coming.

OK, let's flash ahead to now; to mid-January 2020.

We have Mercury meeting Saturn. We must speak clearly and seriously, come to terms with reality, set firm boundaries, make a verbal or written commitment. We hear or we say NO.

Something is officially stated now. Maybe something is slowed down. Something hits a wall. If you are committing to something/signing on the dotted line this is going to be serious business.

Mercury meets Pluto. Thinking about death. Power/death is given a voice. Words can deliver a punch. Maybe even a knockout blow. Maybe the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

Mercury meets Ceres. This could be news about a mothering/Mother Earth situation or add to the strength of whatever news/words are making us feel like whatever is happening is out of our control. Maybe we are talking/thinking seriously about the planet/weather, etc.

(This is ALL serious, heavy stuff and I don't mean for it to sound all scary, but maybe sometimes we have to be scared to do what we need to do. Keep in mind Saturn rules karma and our karma reaches back into our past lives, and, through our DNA, into our ancestor's energies that we carry. Yes, we can be paying for things our Great Aunt Grace did, but we have also been benefiting from them.)

Ceres meets Saturn and Pluto. If you know your mythology Ceres and Pluto were enemies, although they did at a later date, after much suffering by Ceres (the maternal) and the planet, come to an agreement. Ceres is a complicated archetype. Ceres also connects to a kind of 'destructive hunger', food, nourishment, gluttony. Ceres, ruling life cycles, is often activated at a time of major life cycle changes, especially when we are trying to hold onto what is leaving. With Saturn/Pluto - this cycles/changes situation could feel forced upon us.

It could create a good bit of fear.

And we have Saturn meeting Pluto

(they last met in Capricorn over 500 years ago when Martin Luther challenged the rulership of the Catholic Church by nailing/or maybe mailing his 95 Theses to the door of Wittenberg Castle and sparking the Protestant Reformation).

They last opposed each other just weeks before 9/11/2001 and now we have the final conjunction. We have to be brave. With Jupiter, recently moved into Capricorn, we have to have faith.

How heavy any of this hits us personally will depend on our natal and progressed charts, but collectively this is a very important time in our history. We have been talking for the last couple years about cleaning up our mess, deaths postponed, stepping into our own authority/responsibility, etc.

Here is where time runs out.


JANUARY 13th - Sun conjunct Pluto, Venus into Pisces - now it's the Sun's turn to meet Pluto and this might not feel like a separate thing to the energy of the last couple days, but the Sun/Pluto shines a light on what is buried including complex relationship issues.

The truth comes to light. Our will (the Sun) unites with deep power (Pluto) or, if we are projecting this instead of owning it, we meet this power outside ourselves in the form of a potential slap-down/manipulation.

If something upsetting is going on - keep in mind, Pluto rules death and rebirth - and as the Sun moves off Pluto -


Venus moves into dreamy and emotional Pisces. Natal Pisces Sun people and Pisces rising people become more attractive now (how have we never noticed how blue your eyes are or how deep your voice?. All of us attract what we want by working through Pisces - our ability to show compassion, create beauty, honor feelings, stay emotionally open, use our imaginations. In Aquarius it was our differences that attracted people and situations to us, in Pisces it is our ability to believe and honor our commonality.

Venus is exalted in Pisces. She can work her magic here. She expands relationships, money and self-esteem. Opportunities increase. Resistance dissolves.

The tricky part of Venus in Pisces is we need to know what we want now. The lines between us and other people, between acceptance and avoidance, between our money and their money, between love and 'what was I thinking' - will blur.

In Pisces, things that look too good to be true usually almost always are. And what flows in can flow right back out again. But if we set boundaries - what is ok, what is not ok - and release our expectations that outcomes must go a specific way - this is wonderful energy for more beauty, love and money to move into our lives. The irony with Venus in Pisces is that although we can attract more love and money those things often will feel less important now.

JANUARY 15th - Venus sextile Uranus - here is something new/fresh/a breakthrough with love, money, our values, beauty, our self-esteem. New attractions create opportunities. We are merging with tech/the future. New people/liberation. Wanting something ELSE.

JANUARY 17th - Mercury sextile Chiron, Third Quarter Moon (Libra) - healing words, hearing what we need to hear, saying what someone else does, the hurting/healing conversation creates opportunities, healing sibling relationships, filling in the gaps in your education/learning. We hit the tension/frustration of the Third Quarter Moon (in Libra) - we are adjusting to partners/other people.

JANUARY 18th - Pallas enters Capricorn, Mercury square Uranus - ok, so now we have the wisdom/we see the patterning (maybe with Mercury/Uranus - a flash of genius) - we can make new strategies for our way through this Cappy limit/challenge. We are beginning to understand authority now/see the ego patterns. Our way through this. We can handle this. "The man" needs to shine, so we let him. Good for connecting with dad/authority, but there will be tension/frustration with any information/ideas too far "out there" right now. If our mind feels too erratic - take a breath, slow this puppy down.

JANUARY 20th - Venus trines the North Node, Sun into Aquarius - the Cappy vise-grip starts to wane here, the Sun begins his annual journey through Aquarius and gives us a chance to step back and look at the big picture. It energizes us to step outside the box and try something else. It allows us to put some space between us and that challenging, draining situation. As always with Aquarius all detachment/group involvement is helpful until it isn't. At the same time Venus (exalted in Pisces) trines the North Node (in Cancer) - we are creating a beautiful future where everyone has a home. Our attractions pull us forward. We are attracting our best and brightest future.

JANUARY 21st - Mercury inconjunct North Node - so here's the news/info that creates a rock and a hard place to that energized future. Serious information that must be taken into consideration. Our path forward needs an adjustment.

JANUARY 22nd - Sun sextile Chiron - the Sun is in Aquarius now, we are sensitive to humanity's plight/to what is best for the group/the future. There is something both hurting and healing here - the Sun is shining a light on this. We are healing through our relationship to the group. We are integrating our ability to stand on our two feet with other people.

JANUARY 23rd - Sun square Uranus - the Sun in Aquarius squares ruler Uranus - here is tension/frustration (maybe with yesterday's issues) - the need to be ourselves/feel liberated with whatever is 'seen' as best for the group. We are questioning the group, maybe, what's in it for me?

JANUARY 24th - New Moon in Aquarius - here is where 2020 really gets started. Fresh air. All the Cappy energy is still humming along in the background, but now it is background.

JANUARY 25th - Mercury (communication, conversations, ideas) sextiles Mars (action, initiative, anger) now.

Sextiles are handshakes, head nods and agreements. They represent opportunities. Our words (maybe angry words?) marry our actions and initiative.We walk our talk.We move toward what we want with new ideas and language. Ideas (Mercury) get us fired up (Mars).

When we speak with anger we are using our Mars (anger) to do Mercury's job (communication). This is like asking your auto mechanic to edit your blog post or your editor to fix your car.

With Mercury and Mars in such a comfy cuddle, maybe our impulsive or angry communications about our ideals works somehow? Remember though it never works to push against what we don't want. We just energize whatever we are pushing against. We always want to be speaking about what we do want.
This is excellent energy to TELL PEOPLE WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO. Sorry for screaming, but it feels kind of appropriate. Maybe this talking will help us actually carry through and do the thing we are thinking/talking about! This is good energy for people fired up by an ideal or purpose to bring together their words and actions to make a difference.

JANUARY 26th - Venus squares Mars - tension/frustration/the need to adjust between what we want and what we have to do to get what we want (I know it seems one step forward and one step back this month, but that's how it goes sometimes - we will get there!). Venus/Mars squares are passionate - and the good thing is Venus is forced out of her complacency, and in Pisces she can be plenty complacent! Discomfort pushes us to make changes here.

JANUARY 27th - Venus conjuncts Neptune - this is excellent energy to fall head over heels in love. Also to be swept off our feet and carried away by whatever catches our fancy now. This is a a magical energy for attracting (Venus) our dreams (Neptune).

Keep in mind with this happening in Pisces there is a good deal of idealization going on. Our rose colored glasses will have ordered their own rose colored glasses from Warby Parker ... and we will be wearing both pairs. Things can seem way better than they actually are. This energy could make us prone to daydreaming.

Drugs and alcohol will have a heightened effect - I am sure even cold medicine, so be careful. If you know someone prone to drifting off course via some kind of external intoxication maybe check in with them. Make sure they are ok. Don't take on their problems! But maybe just send a "thinking of you" text. Then they can call you if they need to touch base.

JANUARY 28th - Mars squares Neptune, Sun inconjunct North Node - maybe we are feeling drained, it's late in the month and late in the game and maybe we are tired. We can be distracted by almost anything right now, so what's it going to be? Netflix marathon or keep plugging away.

JANUARY 31st - Ceres into Aquarius - maybe we step back from that mothering situation or something outside our control. We get a little distance. Our eating/care of ourselves can become more erratic during this transit, so we might need to apply ourselves to stay on top of that. If we are most comfortable when we are not coddled or don't need to do any coddling, this transit will likely suit us just fine. We can mother the group and leave the individual people to fend for themselves. If the idea of this kind of 'hands off' makes us feel lonely or saddened we are going to have to get our cuddles from somewhere else for now.

Whew - OK, back in a couple days with a look beyond January and, of course, we will unpack this month in greater detail as we move through it and we will get through it!

It's going to be an amazing year setting up a truly amazing (and yes, challenging) decade!

And if you feel like you have already lived through this month's Eclipses and the Saturn/Pluto/Ceres conjunction last year - like I feel I did, you might be especially useful to other people going through it now. Maybe.

Keep in mind all this energy will end in Aquarius - and is part of the enlightenment process for those participating. The old frequencies have to drop away because for much of humanity they no longer even exist!

Will fear/limits stir us to action/adjustment or immobilize us?

xo all and Happy New Year!! Please excuse any typos, too tired to proofread.

photo by the talented ChrissieCool

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