Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, January 22, 2020 - steely nerves, being ourselves, shake-ups and break-ups as we move forward, healing through groups, getting things done

The Moon moved into industrious/ambitious Capricorn at midnight EST last night.

She trined (brakes off - did you jump out of bed ready to get going?!) Uranus at 4:59AM EST and will sextile (opportunity) Venus at 8:52PM EST.

The Moon is considered "in her fall" in Capricorn, since she is at home in Capricorn's polarity sign of Cancer, but if you have something going on that requires steely nerves and dogged determination - a Cappy Moon is your friend.

A good day to make things happen. Get 'er done folks.

The Sun, in Aquarius now and doing this week what Mercury did last week, is sextiling Chiron and squaring Uranus.

Maybe shining a light or energizing/culminating last week's surprise/wake-up call information or conversation. The sextile (opportunity for healing) is Aries/Aquarius so something here about independence/innovation - the ability to be ourselves, maybe stand up for ourselves or do it our own way. The square is Aquarius/Taurus so a shake-up/change (doesn't have to be a bad thing) that is somehow either liberating/innovating involving our resources/values/money/self-esteem.

And, of course, these are collective themes, and we have our personal house themes that will shape this a bit differently for each of us.

(A little example from last week in my own life - hubs and I were out to breakfast during Mercury's - communication, information - walk through this minefield.

I don't know what I was saying to him - chatting up the news or something, but he was looking at me for a long time and then said, "you really are ... a piece of work".

Now most of the time, knowing his Aries Moon/Aquarius Sun very well by now and being an Aquarius Sun myself, I might have responded with a "damn right" and gotten on with things,

but, partly because I was prepared to hear "you really are ... so beautiful" or something like this, even though I would have doubted his sincerity knowing my messy bun and mouth full of bagel, -  I was very hurt. 

Not drama-mama hurt, but actually hurt. And he felt it, too.

So, we had hubs feeling the liberation from what he valued and me feeling my own weirdness detaching me from what I valued. His words triggering all the times I haven't fit in for me and for him, via my reaction, his words triggering all the times he has 'opened mouth/inserted foot' and said something distancing. Somehow these words are still ringing in my ears ...)

Venus is moving toward her square to Mars - there is tension here, and probably the need for movement and decisions. Venus in Pisces doesn't really want anything. She is exalted/has it all in Pisces - this could make us a bit lazy, so I think the Mars square could be a good thing.

The Moon is dark/balsamic (desiring rest) as we build toward Friday's 'change-bringing' New Moon, but in Capricorn she is made to continue to push. 

If something is not moving forward with us in 2020 - and this upcoming New Moon square Uranus speaks of us needing to face this - we can use this energy to fuel whatever needs to be completed/wrapped up.

xo all

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Photo by the amazing Natalia Ciobanu

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