Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, January 29, 2020 - not taking things too personally, new projects and initiatives, partnership agreements, cooperation, accepting someone else's support

The Moon moves into "let's get something started" and 'I want to be first" Aries at 6:51AM EST.

She will conjunct hurting/healing Chiron early in the day, so there could be a situation that triggers an old sensitivity around our identity/brand, so DON'T TAKE THINGS TOO PERSONALLY. The Moon is fast moving though and not given to too much sentimentality in Aries, and with no other aspects to pile on, we should sail right through this and the rest of the day. It could feel almost like a void Moon in that time gets stretchy and we can get alot done (not the 'nothing comes of it part though - things can come of what we do now!).

We are building toward the Aries Moon's sextile with the Aquarius Sun, so doing things our unique way, using innovation/technology and combining the energy/enthusiasm of the beginner with the intellect/advanced-thinking of the seasoned pro will create opportunities to move things along quickly.

In Aries, the Moon is nurtured through initiative, action, men. We will be feeling how things affect us personally and want to avoid being too selfish or too impulsive over the next couple days.
Mercury (in Aquarius, too) trines Juno at 21 degrees Libra. Good for freedom/innovation within our relationships and partnerships. Smart and forward-leaning alliances and conversations. Good for contracts and coming to an agreement. Mercury in Aquarius allows us to think out of the box and along with the Moon in fiery Aries move forward with whatever we have going on with a partner, client, someone we have hired, a co-worker, a group, something/someone on the internet, etc.

Maybe we are detaching just enough from an issue to be able to bring a situation into balance/cooperation.

Maybe we are ready to commit (we can maintain our individuality, too) and/or to accept someone else's support now.

Individually, and together, we can do this.

xo all

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