Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, January 6, 2020 - the biggest astrology week of our lifetime begins, the eye of the storm, get done what needs to get done

Our Moon in Taurus squared Venus at 4:07AM ET (tension/frustration/need to adjust around wanting what we don't have or maybe between liberation/advancement and what we want to hold onto) then trined Saturn at 6:07AM EST before going void off a trine to Pluto at 7:07AM EST.

She will be void for most of the day - moving into multi-tasking and communicative Gemini at 9:11PM EST.

Those practical trines make today a good day to get alot of things accomplished. Work with what we have/are committed to. Good for working with authority and stepping into our own power and responsibility.

Time gets stretchy.

In Taurus, where the Moon is exalted she continues to perform during the void, but this would still not be the best day to start something brand new.

When the Moon moves into Gemini tonight - more options begin to open up. Be curious (we are practicing one of 2020's mantras!). Ask questions. Talk. Think. Write. Gemini is mutable air - stay flexible.

In Gemini, the Moon is going to oppose Mars (action, anger, warrior) and stuff starts to get more INTENSE.

This is when the biggest week in astrology in our lifetime really gets started ...

A heads up that no one really needs at this point because we would have to be living under a rock to not see this is a volatile world right now. We are in between two powerful eclipses, headed toward the meeting of Saturn and Pluto, with both our erratic planets, Uranus and Eris, preparing to station direct.

The world (and this is going out both in the collective and in our own lives and bodies) is literally and figuratively on fire.

A major evolutionary shift in humanity has been well under way for years (especially since the end of 2012) and now we are at a great turning point/end of the line - at both a personal and a collective level. Ready or not here is where we restructure our lives, our society and our world.

We are at a crossroads.

And the crossroads divides us.

With the astrology of these weeks in January indicating major events playing out now and the stage being set now for them to play out later, it will be important to keep our bodies nourished and hydrated. Get extra sleep. Pray/meditate. Exercise until you sweat. Get outdoors. Turn off the wifi when you go to sleep. Try some mindfulness exercises/or EFT. Somehow build some extra time into your day, so you don't feel any more rushed and hassled than you have to.

We need to keep a cool head and and an open heart.

I am not going to write a weekly - you can read the days ahead in the monthly HERE - the major events of mid-January may be felt the strongest THIS WEEK as they are building.

Back later today with more 2020 and we'll work our way through this.

Hang in there. We are building a new world. where everyone can survive/thrive, and yes, this will be built through the unraveling of the old hierarchical one. It may seem impossible. But it isn't only possible, the energies will all line up to support this. We just have to do our part and this is much, much more about keeping an open heart than a stiff upper lip. Hang on very loosely. We can do this.

xo all

photo by the talented nylonjuvenile

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