Today's Astrology Forecast | Saturday, January 25, 2020 - setting our intentions, the future vs that death grip on what we have now or what we've lost, walking our talk, chilling out, getting some rest

The energy of the New Moon in Aquarius is pulling us forward. She will sextile Mars at 1:34PM EST and she goes void off a conjunction to Mercury at 2:06PM EST. The Moon will be void until 6:44PM EST on SUNDAY, so that gives us plenty of time to CHILL OUT. 

At the same time the Moon is talking to Mercury and Mars they are talking to each other in an opportunistic sextile - a day to walk (Mars) our talk (Mercury). Our words and our actions are in flow. With Mercury in Aquarius (logical, future-thinking) and Mars in Sagittarius (adventure, expansion, going out on a limb), and we talked about this in the New Moon post HERE, this is part of the energy of the next two weeks that is about us stretching into something NEW. 

Mercury is squaring Vesta.

So again, we need to stop talking/thinking about the past. We need to take a good look at that thing we are holding onto with a death grip because a focus on safety/security at all costs is really going to cost us in the long run!

Is what we have really that important that we need to go to such great lengths to preserve/protect it or would our energy, our money, our resources, our time - be better spent in another way? With Vesta in Taurus - the space in our chart that holds the really important stuff (the stuff we are literally designed in this lifetime to prioritize) - in Taurus, she, as us, can get so caught up in this holding on thing, we probably need a square to an Aquarius Mercury to stop and think if we really still need to do/have/to be this stuff anymore.

We might also get some news now that rattles our security. In detached Aquarius, Mercury allows us to take a step back (if we allow ourselves this space), but Vesta in Taurus is trying like hell to hold on. We don't want to be all "take this from my cold, dead fingers" because yes, Uranus, ruler of Aquarius is squaring the Sun and, maybe now or maybe when Mars gets here, will do, or has done, just that!

Use logic. The future ahead of us is so bright it would blind our eyes to see it now, so we can't.

Or use Venus because at the same time -

Venus (ruler of our resources, love, money, values and self-esteem) is sextiling Vesta.

So there is harmony/opportunity here and with Venus in Pisces the ability to feel beyond our current borders and 3D world. Connection. Love that is bigger than two people. Magical resources we can line up with. The ability to focus on what is pleasurable and beautiful. I know two people with Venus/Vesta exact sextiles and one works all the time and the other doesn't want anything to do with work, so we might find ourselves feeling one way or the other right now!

Saturday looks like a time to go out with friends, hang on the internet, chill, think and talk about the future, give some thought to what you are putting your time/resources into and what needs to change here. The skies are still dark. SET YOUR INTENTIONS BEFORE THE VOID MOON. Think seeds in the ground time. In Aquarius, your thoughts and your words are your seeds.

If that dark Moon in Cappy has exhausted you (it WAS exhausting), give yourself a break. Sunday is a day made for rest anyway and tomorrow's void Moon - which starts this afternoon - is just what we need. The North Node is still in Cancer - we have to prioritize self-care and nurturing. Chicken soup. A good movie. A day with some paints and a canvas. Move your body. Rest your body.

Whatever it takes.

xo all

photo by the talented RaphaelleM

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