Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, January 31, 2020 - opportunities through talks, meetings and communication, long void moon, expect the unexpected tonight and tomorrow morning, birthing our future

The Moon in Aries squares Pluto and Saturn in the early morning hours EST (power plays, safety concerns, tension/frustration with goals and authority, on the upside maybe we are pushed toward courageous action)

and then goes void at 10:10AM EST off a sextile (opportunity) with Mercury.

If you have something to communicate that requires courage/confidence or independent/rational thought this would be good energy. The Moon will be void until 7:28PM EST when she moves into Taurus (the sign of her exaltation). She will hook up with 'expect-the-unexpected' Uranus at 1:09AM EST.

Ceres moves into Aquarius today.

Due to her upcoming retrograde (in Pisces and Aquarius) she won't leave Aquarius for good until early November, so we (through Ceres) get a good long visit here. Ceres rules the planet, maternal issues, childhood issues, security issues. Ceres rules the seasons and carries the energy of "impermanence" - nature's promise of security through the death and rebirth cycle/the seasons of our life. Ceres in our natal chart indicates a space/theme of our life where much will lie outside our control. In Aquarius, nurturing becomes more even-handed and all-welcoming, but also more detached. Mom is not so much offering milk and cookies as rational advice and, well, maybe cookies, we all like cookies, but you get the idea.

Challenging cycle of life issues may get easier to deal with as we allow ourselves a little emotional, and maybe physical, distance from the situation. We could find nurturing coming through our groups/causes/the internet/technology. Ceres rules food and today's move into future-focused Aquarius could be a good time for a fresh eating plan.

Ceres long 2020 journey through Aquarius is helping us birth (Ceres) our future (Aquarius). Good for tech advances that benefit the planet. We'll talk about this more as we move through it.

To sum things up - the long void Moon today could make things wonky - don't get all stressed over stuff that will quickly blow over anyway or is outside your control. 

Communicate and connect early in the day - there are opportunities here. 

Use the rest of the day for routine work. Don't start anything brand new. Time gets stretchy. 

The Taurus Moon's conjunction with chaotic Uranus could brings some surprises tonight and into the weekend!

My sister is coming into town tomorrow - YAY! My plan is to get a February monthly up by Monday - fingers crossed.

- xo all

photo by the talented nylonjuvenile

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