Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, January 9, 2020 - confronting our fears and insecurities, attention on home and family, partnership tension as imbalances are spotlighted, one last shot at something else

Now the Moon has changed gears, coming home to her own sign of Cancer, building toward tomorrow's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse when she reaches 20 degrees and opposes the Sun (and Mercury, Ceres, Saturn and Pluto!).

We are more sensitive with the Moon in Cancer. Nurtured through our focus on home and family/country and security.

Today, she will sextile (opportunity) a retrograde Uranus (change, the future, the group, the cause, technology, disruption) at 8:11 AM EST and later oppose Jupiter (feeling either really good or really not so good/amplification, maybe home and family vs work and the outer world) at 6:59PM EST.

A piece of our Full Moon puzzle reaches exactness as both the Sun and Mercury (their own conjunction will be exact tomorrow) square Juno in Libra. Here is frustration/pressure focused on our partnership/marriage/relationships/contracts. With both Mercury and the Sun in Capricorn - something could come to light/out into the open that causes tension/disagreement. Communications can be tense or focused around what is imbalanced.

Remember these aspects (other than the lunar) are not just in play for one day - relationships have been and will continue to be points of stress as we move through these changes.

If we have no support, if we are dragging around relationships/and old contracts that are past their 'use-by' date - we are going to feel like we are being eaten alive now and into 2020!

Things are really starting to tighten up here. With the Moon and Jupiter opposing each other from their perch on the North and South Nodes - we are at an important crossroads. The Moon is waxing so this is a time of action/expansion. Uranus's sextile with the Moon this morning is his last exact aspect before he stations direct tomorrow right after the Full Moon.

One final shot at something else. 

With all this Cappy, there is alot of pressure/depression here. Take care of yourself.

Back tonight with the Full Moon post!

xo all

photo by the talented aufzehngehen

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