Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, January 23, 2020 - surprises, endings, past the death, a silver lining

The Balsamic Moon continues her journey through Capricorn - the sign of her detriment - sextiling Neptune at 7:19AM EST (dreams grounded in reality, visionary goals) and then meets up with Pluto (7:18PM EST) and Saturn (9:08PM EST).

This is the first time in over 500 years the Moon will cross Pluto and then Saturn in Capricorn - we are past the "death", not only physically, but emotionally now. We got to the place in the game where we (our ancestors/past lives) have died and died and died before, and now, like an avatar in a video game, we are on the next level. This applies somewhere to our life in the "mundane" world.

What have we had to let go of?

We have the dark Moon crossing these "karmic ending" energies today - while the Sun squares Uranus (shaking loose what is desirous of liberation/fast change) and we start to move toward the Aquarius New Moon tomorrow which will bring, over the next couple weeks - fresh air and fresh starts and the beginning of a radically innovative chapter.

The Sun (in Aquarius) squares Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) at 2 degrees.

Change is empowered here. Fast change can leave us feeling disoriented, especially with our dark, besieged Moon - no soft space to fall. Squares indicate tension/frustration, so whether we are the one making the change or it feels like it is coming at us from the outside - it seems our back is against the wall with this. Over time we might be able to see that with this change - a weight is being lifted from us. It could feel heavy now though, especially if we are still holding on to the things that used to stabilize us/make us feel secure that are no longer working/no longer there.

At the same time we have an amazing silver-lining - sextile - between Venus (in Pisces) and Jupiter (in Capricorn) at 11 degrees - as Venus moves toward her meeting with Neptune on Monday.

Here is the real-world expansion of our Piscean imagination/the dream/the big thing we really want that sits beyond the thing we think we want. Again this supports the Saturn/Neptune good stuff - the solid manifestation of the dream. We'll talk about this more in the New Moon post tonight - Jupiter will require we stretch/go out on a limb/have faith, Cappy will require some sweat equity/patience/responsibility, Venus will want whatever we are creating to be beautiful and wanted and Pisces will require connection/imagination/love. We have the support of everything we have ever done and everyone who has come before us here.

There is something bigger/better right over there - but new to this level (like when we get to a new level of a video game and we have to run around a bit and get acclimated) we might not know exactly what we are doing or where we are going just yet.

Doors that need to close, before other doors can open, are going to close.

And if we are hanging onto something that needs to go - keeping that door open, maybe ... just in case - we might create a situation like when we open both front car doors at the same time on a windy day and everything gets blown around or important stuff blows out the door (actually this could just be me in my messy car) because that new door IS opening. We can't hold it closed if we try.

Do what you have to do. Big girl pants are on. That poster about being kind to other people because everyone is fighting their own battle (or something like that) applies now.

Have faith. These mountains are moving folks. The skies are dark. We can't see what we are doing, so take a breath.

xo all - back with the New Moon post

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