Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer | Friday, January 10, 2020 - the mamabear vs city hall, important information comes to light, the pressure that makes diamonds, too much power in too few hands, the crossroads divides us

On Friday, January 10, 2020 at 2:21PM EST the Cancer Moon opposes the Capricorn Sun at 20 degrees giving us a Full Moon, happening so close to the Moon's nodes, makes this Full Moon a Lunar Eclipse.

Full Moons bring situations to a peak, a culmination, an ending or into the light.

It is, in our naturally occurring dance between the Moon and the Sun, a time of opposition.

Eclipses are cosmic course corrections. Things get eclipsed out or out of our way. We get a re-set.
Depending on your individual chart (if you have planets or points near 20 degrees of the cardinal signs this will be stronger for you) you may feel this Eclipse to a greater or lesser degree, but all of us get eclipsed.

The energy we carry for the collective - the energetic lineup when we drew our first breath - shifts.

We change and then we attract changing circumstances - and because there is no time and eclipses somehow work backwards, too - these changing circumstances can precede the actual eclipse!

The Moon is strong in her home sign of Cancer and this year opposing not only the Sun (like every Full Moon), but also Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, Ceres and Jupiter in rule oriented and icy cold Capricorn - it looks like the ways the world values work and ambition and competition and coming out on top could be a bit more than our Mama Bear can handle right now!

This is about the Cancer/Capricorn polarity AND the themes of our own natal Cancer/Capricorn houses. What house does Cancer rule in your natal chart - what is the theme of that house? What house does Capricorn rule and what is the theme of that house?

OK, so let's unpack the chart!

We have the Moon very strong in her home sign of Cancer (with the North Node). The Moon stands alone. Unsupported, so we could all be feeling some lack of support right now.

Cancer rules home, family, our roots, mother, mothering, our ancestry, real estate, country, patriotism, the root of the matter - our emotional security.

The wintry Cancer Full Moon is often called the Wolf Moon and it could certainly feel like the wolf, and he's brought his pack this year, is at the door!

We have the Sun conjunct Mercury, Saturn, Ceres and Pluto (and the South Node).

With the Sun conjunct Mercury - information comes to light. Expect an emotional reaction. With Ceres conjunct Mercury situations involving things outside our control or change of life/seasons of life issues could be highlighted. This could even be about a conversation with our mother or about mothers/mothering.

Saturn opposing the Moon is limits/authority/depression (I had transiting Saturn opposing my natal Moon last winter and it was very heavy - I was very grateful he didn't go retrograde there and give me a three-peat!). Pluto opposing the Moon is equally heavy - here is where we are forced to deal with deep/subconscious emotions including obsession, manipulation, control, power struggles and keep in mind these aspects are oppositions - so projected onto others/coming at us from the outside. With these two on their way to their exact conjunction on the 12th - are the power structures in our life and in the world being dismantled or are their crumbling pieces being cemented into place?

Ceres opposing the Moon could show up as emotional blocks, from us to others and from others to us. Maybe caused by too much to nurture. Or too much outside our control. Overwhelm. A world on fire. And we only have our one little hose ... and, look, it has a kink in it!

So, on the one hand we have all these planets combust/conjunct with the Sun, and on the other hand hanging out with icy cold Saturn and grim-reaper Pluto. If we are influenced by the company we are keeping, half the skies are hanging out with bullies and gangsters! Maybe we feel ourselves angrier/less giving/more "mean" spirited. Who are we keeping company with (also what are we looking at, reading and watching) and how is that influencing us now? This might be something to think about.

The Sun and Moon are squaring Juno, the partnership planet in relationship oriented Libra. This brings our attention via tension/frustration to imbalances within our relationships/commitments/contracts. Juno put up with alot of crap from Jupiter and always makes me think of the things we don't want to look at/what we squash into drawers and push under the rug to keep things looking tidier than it really is. If we are signing on the dotted line now, and some people will be, there could be something we feel is unfair built into the contract/commitment. Diplomacy/another review could be needed, and cooperation. With squares always the need to adjust. 

The Moon is trining Neptune, strong, too, in his home sign. This is waning (we are past this). So we are past the rose-colored glasses - the dream should be more grounded in reality at this point or it could have been discarded - or maybe we are still lost in the dream and just totally in over our head! Trines remove roadblocks. The brakes are off. Is this a good thing or isn't it? That depends on your situation. There is a way through this quagmire (the home, family, mother thingie) coming from your natal Pisces house and its theme. Collectively this is about - our imagination, prayer, meditation, forgiveness, help from the past, help from our ancestors, compassion, surrender, letting go, making art, making love, listening to music. Let go and let God. Please take a few deep breaths and send out prayers for peace and happiness ....

Uranus is standing very still in Taurus (and I am quite certain LEANING ON HIS HORN and gunning his engine by this point) preparing to turn direct just hours after the Full Moon (right after the Moon turns void). Once he stations we will have no retrograde planets. It will be full steam ahead. No second chances. No do-overs. The final train, or for Uranus maybe the final Tesla, leaves the station.

Venus is all alone in eccentric Aquarius, detached/outside the rules, maybe group-focused and feeling the stress of Aquarius ruler Uranus's strength at station.

Mars is moving through early Sagittarius, having missed last month's Sag party, and answering to an unhappy Jupiter, in Capricorn now and sitting on the South Node! He is used to going bigger and bolder in Sagittarius, but with Jupiter limited by Saturn, he needs to keep one foot on the ground and one eye on his reputation. With Mars sesquiquadrate our actions/choices at this time won't be totally comfortable. We could be impatient - anxious to get something/anything going or to make something/anything BIGGER!

Eris (chaos) is squaring the Full Moon from Aries - and note her square is still building to perfection. Didn't we have the shocker/monkey wrench already? The astro would point to this happening after the Full Moon. Don't want to say this and obviously since eclipses work backward, I could be misreading this, but, well, just saying it anyway.

At this Full Moon we could be feeling how we are outnumbered/out-manned/out-powered. Maybe our home/family/safety (theme of our natal Cancer house) feels threatened somehow.

All this Capricorn energy shows us imbalances with authority and authority figures - too much power in too few hands - and the way we use and have misused (and maybe even abandoned) our own authority.

There is a light thrown on what power can do and also on the finality of the choices we've already made or that were made for us.

We have all this PRESSURE.

I think the only thing we really have to fear here is new life being breathed into crumbling, old power structures as Saturn powers past Pluto in Saturn's home sign - not new in the sense of NEW (because this is all happening before Uranus stations direct), but new as in "same-old, same-falling apart", but still alive! Zombie World Part II - ugh!

Maybe the most amazing thing about this powerful Full Moon is that as big as it is, it will be overshadowed in just two days as Saturn meets Pluto (in the midst of all this Cappy energy) and we see if the power structures are crumbling - leading us to something more authentic/more nurturing - or if their power is being cemented?

(note Queen Elizabeth has a 22 degree Capricorn ascendant being strongly activated as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce their departure from all the pomp and tradition of royal life and make their way toward more authentic, more nurturing, and in many ways, yes, more vulnerable new lives - a perfect example of the best use of this Cancer Full Moon and the Neptune trine - letting go)

This weekend is the crossroads.

And the crossroads divides us.

Which path are we on now? The high road that will require open arms and an open heart and the ability to stay flexible and curious and admit when we are wrong and that we don't always know what we are doing, but are following our heart anyway or the low road where we are certain we are 'right' and the good old days were better and we just all need a stiffer upper lift and our boot straps. There isn't a right or wrong answer here, but our answers will divide us ....

Look at our brave mama bear Cancer Moon staring down the mighty and the powerful.

Let's not underestimate her.

And let's not underestimate ourselves either.

xo all

(I was one of tens of thousands of parents/grandparents at a vaccine rally in Trenton, NJ today protesting a proposed elimination of the religious exemption in our state. Since my sister-in-law lost a baby son two days after a vaccine that he had a terrible reaction to, we proceed with care in this area and the religious exemption is the only way we have left to avoid a vaccine that devastated our family. The rally was much larger than anyone anticipated. The legislators backed down and the Mama-bears won. It probably won't be vaccines that divide us in the months ahead, but it could be something like this .... )

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