Today's Astrology Forecast | January 17, 2020 - addressing imbalances with work/goals/authority, avoiding verbal vomit, resource issues, unexpected news, unexpected emotions

Sorry I forgot to schedule this post for this morning!

The Moon in Libra squared Saturn and Pluto while we slept and then goes void off a square to the Cappy Sun this morning (7:58AM EST).

So, here we are already at the lunar month's Third Quarter Square (!) - tension/frustration, maybe challenges, between balance, fairness, our relationships, maybe a client, someone we hire or maybe even a competitor and the rules, limits, work, our goals, authority, responsibilities. Maybe something just isn't fair. An imbalance needs to be addressed.

Work issues, goals, long-term decisions, our responsibilities. Maybe compromises with other people are needed now.

The Moon is void until 1:20 PM when she deep dives into Scorpio.

Now we are nurtured by getting to the bottom of things, solving puzzles, merging, looking under the hood - our attention/focus could turn to Scorpian themes over the next couple days - the money/resources we have merged with other people ie loans, taxes, inheritances, spouse's income, etc and physical mergers - sex, fertility, life and death issues, power, control - anything we don't really want to talk/think about!

The Scorpio Moon will square Mercury at 4:36PM EST and then oppose Uranus at 5:55PM EST - so expect some unexpected news and changes. Things can get stressful.

Something to keep in mind - because now we have the Moon (an emotional, water Moon now) involved in yesterday's Mercury/Uranus/Chiron stuff - we really want to check ourselves if we are shocking just to shock and we really need to have a process we can use for times when the sh*t hits the fan and we need to detox our emotions without spewing them all over other people.

Here is what we talked about yesterday:

"Now, almost as soon as Mercury gets into Aquarius she starts squaring Uranus (in Taurus). This could bring SURPRISING NEWS - maybe around what we value, our resources, our money, our values or self-esteem. He will quickly move into an opportunistic sextile with Chiron- so there is something healing here, too.

With this square to Uranus our own language could be chaotic and out of character if we aren't feeling heard or maybe someone is coming at us from this space of challenged self-esteem. Lean into innovative ideas if it feels right, but don't be shocking just to be shocking."

Stay open to new ideas and keep in mind we are operating at a level we have never operated at before. So let's be more gentle with each other. Take care of yourself - which means knowing the needs of your natal Moon!

The energy is just all over the place today - build in some extra time for yourself. The Moon's aspects are much easier tomorrow.

xo all

photo by the talented Tanja Moss

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