Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, January 30, 2020 - forward movement, go go go, one step at a time, avoiding restless legs, keeping a cool ahead, move your body, do it yourself

This day is all about the Aries Moon.

The Moon continues her monthly journey through Aries - sextiling the Aquarius Sun (this month's waxing sextile) at 9 degrees at 2:49AM EST, squaring Jupiter at 9:54AM EST and trining Aries ruler, Mars, at 8:49PM EST.

There is energy, initiative, forward motion and courage here, as well as the energy for simmering resentments to explode, if we don't give all this Aries/Mars something to do - so keep that in mind, too.

The Waxing Sextile through Aries/Aquarius encourages independent or pioneering action. Sextiles unfold gently. If you need something with lots of moving parts to get done, break it down into smaller steps and get started. If you need to take a big step, break it down into a series of smaller steps. Make your next best move. Don't think ahead to move thirty seven and why this isn't going to work. Just make your next best move.

The challenge (square) with Jupiter in Capricorn indicates some friction/tension with a goal or career/authority (or the theme of your personal natal Cappy house). Fire squares are passionate/sometimes angry and Jupiter can make us want to do too much/too soon or bite off too big a chunk. The best use of this Jupiter is courage/optimism. Again keep going. Don't look too far ahead right now and get caught up in the dis-empowering "what ifs" - KNOW there are better days ahead for all of us. Because there are. Faith is our friend, folks.

The best news for that Jupiter square will be the Moon's building trine to Aries ruler Mars. This is roadblock removal IF we take action. We can't just sit around with this energy or we will be miserable and antsy and maybe looking for a fight. 

Again get moving. What is your next step? The Moon is growing and your plans should be, too.

If you don't know what to do, that's ok, just DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. Get yourself into the vibe of pleasure - there is alot today's skies can do with that!

Move your body and change your life.

xo all

photo by the talented RaphaelleM

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