Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, January 27, 2020 - investing in our dreams, energy leaks and confusion, pushing without pushing, sensitivity, fighting ghosts, a focus on what is most meaningful

I haven't been doing the weeklies since I did a monthly for January which is HERE, but here are some of this week's aspects.

SUNDAY - Venus squares Mars
MONDAY - Venus conjuncts Neptune, Black Moon Lilith into Aries
TUESDAY - Mars squares Neptune
WEDNESDAY - Sun inconjunct North Node
FRIDAY - Ceres into Aquarius
SUNDAY - Venus sextile Pluto, First Quarter Moon in Taurus

We start the week - and this is in play until about Thursday - with Mars (in Sagittarius) squaring Neptune and Venus (they meet in Pisces at 16 degrees TODAY).

Venus is very active this week so relationship issues, money stuff, situations involving women, beauty, our values and self-esteem will be prominent. Neptune is also very active which can add magic, compassion, imagination, but also delusion, escapist tendencies, the blurring of boundaries.

We have antsy Mars charging through Sagittarius and (as us) figuring it out as he goes along. So now he runs into this Piscean square, and yes, it can bring tension and friction and confusion into this space that Mars wants to expand/explore, 

but on the flip-side, Mars is bringing initiative and action into our magical Piscean dream-space because Venus/Neptune in Pisces left to their own devices - would dream their lives away. 

Keep in mind Venus in Pisces is exalted. She has everything she wants here, so it might take a square from a fiery Mars in Sagittarius to get her, as us, moving - and we probably do need to be MOVING, because we aren't going to have all the planets full steam ahead for very long like we do right now, and the Moon is waxing (growing), too.

So, we have our beautiful annual meeting of Venus and Neptune - this is excellent energy to fall head over heels in love. Also to be swept off our feet and carried away by whatever catches our fancy now. Keep in mind if you feel a powerful attraction to something/someone it could very well dissipate as this transit unwinds itself, so don't run off to Vegas or spend a bundle of money just yet.

It can be hard to know what is real. We could be lied to, be lying to someone else (or to ourselves) or just think we are being lied to. There is confusion, misinformation, rumors.

Transiting planets aspecting each other in Pisces will draw our attention here (especially if they touch our natal planets or points or duplicate aspects we have in our natal chart), and we will have the Moon in Pisces, too, now -

BUT keep in mind your natal Pisces house has ALWAYS been the part of your chart where your boat isn't so tightly tethered to the dock. This isn't a rock-solid, stable area of life for you anyway. Venus, boosted by the tension of the Mars square, will bring our attention to any situations brewing here, but it's not like these energies are coming into a neat and orderly place and kicking up a mess.

Drugs and alcohol will have a heightened effect - I am sure even cold medicine, so be careful. Also our boundaries are thin and germs can spread very easily, so keep this in mind.

All this Pisces smoke and mirrors could feel defeating to Mars (as us) blasting through the middle of Sagittarius - maybe our energy/passion is diluted. We could feel drained. Confused. It could feel late in the game and it is late in a very challenging month and we could be tired

There is almost a kind of test here. Pushing won't work with all this Neptune. What do we want?

Also on Monday, Black Moon Lilith, finishing up a complete cycle through the zodiac, enters the first sign of Aries. BML is the radical (is being an independent female radical?) first wife of Adam - pre-Eve - the one who said adios muchacho and split (or was exiled from the garden for disobedience). Over the next few weeks, and maybe something today kicks this off as we begin this transit - we might find ourselves facing a situation where we have to assert ourselves and this assertion could feel uncomfortable or like we are doing/did it all wrong. Then maybe we say "well, I won't do that again" ... and then, of course, we find ourselves having to do exactly that, and not until we "get it right", but until we can do it without the discomfort. Until we understand that we aren't being selfish when we are being self-assertive. Other people will model this for us, too. If we have a fear of being in charge, but have a desire to do so, this might be the transit - over the next few weeks - when we move in this direction. And keep in mind Black Moon Lilith represents female energy that breaks the rules, so stories about this and repressed anger (at being rejected/left behind) that won't be able to be repressed anymore will be in the collective news ...and playing out in our own lives.

The Moon is in Pisces until Tuesday night and will sextile (opportunity) Jupiter in Capricorn on Monday night at 8:13PM EST.

I have Mars square Neptune in my natal chart and I know it can make us want to give up/keep us stuck in the emotions of the past/dilute our passion. But it can also give us the courage to serve a higher purpose/creativity. Keep your eyes (and your words) on the FUTURE. We could spend Mars/Neptune fighting ghosts and waste the beauty and compassion and love of Venus/Neptune this week.

Take advantage of the Aquarius Sun - use logic to see through the confusion. Aquarius rules groups. Where is your tribe? It's not just children who need a village.

Venus/Neptune is asking us to reconnect with our hearts and other people's hearts, too. To focus on what is meaningful to us. To feel the power in creative expression. That square to Mars can be used to energize the whole thing. Venus (our money, resources, values, self-esteem) is asking us to invest in our dreams (Neptune).

And bringing all this Pisces down to its most 3D mundane level we could be dealing with the theme of your Pisces natal house and water, leaks, meditation, music, art, wet weather, colds and flu, boundary issues, insects, hospitals, healing, spirituality, endings, the past, things/people that have been put away, things can slip away now so hold onto your wallet, etc - you get the idea.

Stay focused. Expect people to be more sensitive. The planets are all direct and the Moon is waxing. It's a time for action. The veils are very thin now. We can reach right in and pull out some MAGIC.

xo all

photo by the talented soppotea

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